Police State in the Economic Crisis

What have we learned from the economic crisis? That we live in the the tightening web of a police state. That contingencies for this period have been put in place since the Clinton era. We kno that between Bill Maher, Arianna Huffington and Paul Krugman, the liberals continue to get it wrong. We kno that liberal politicians lack the resolve to put away the GOP, because that means liquidating their relationship to finance bankers who manipulated us into this crisis.

The liberal reactionary police state leaves us to ponder such philosophical questions as Eliot Spitzer. He was run out of office on ethics violations last year. So did the former governor and attorney general of New York spill the beans on the Federal Reserve because he got deposed or was he discredited in office to preempt his expose of the Fed? Spitzer recently said that the Federal Reserve is a “Ponzi scheme” that created “bubble after bubble” in the US economy and needs to be held accountable for its actions. Nobody can really say Spitzer is lying, but for millions of fence sitters, the ethics violations put him in a trick bag.

Another casualty of the financial crisis, hundreds of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) set up thru Fiserv lost over $1 billion from just three Ponzi schemes. One law professor said that tapping into IRAs “would be almost like running your Ponzi scheme through the police department.” Simple enuf, since the police remain busy arresting black Harvard professors for breaking into their own homes.

Police state, bitches. As in the arrest of  Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. As in the conviction and imprisonment of NPDUM organizer Ajamu Bandele. Or the execution of Oscar Grant on a BART platform. Police state, operating in a tightening web of economic foils and snags, designed to take down African people.

Some people shouldn’t even be able to own homes, let alone nice ones in blended communities. Because as the skyrocketing mortgage fraud pushes a new trend towards abandoned cities and homeless families the need for police increases. With only three percent of the world population and twenty-five percent of its prison population, the United States has anticipated the period of social turmoil headed our way.

Indeed, the Oreo prez blinks, wavers, swerves in a racist game of chicken, one gut check away from at least letting us think he thinks for himself. Skippy Gates, whose mission to “de-ghettoize black studies”, left himself as the only black scholar working on his project. But black folks kno why we came to his side when the pigs jumped him, and we will do it again. African people must no longer support neo-colonialism, yet we will always fight against racist, bloodsucking Imperialism.

Police state in the for-profit System. People get the opportunity to sue when it messes up your lives. That is supposed to provide a modicum of satisfaction. In a perfectly flawed System that eradicates our existence as social beings, suing cannot even be considered a form of reparative justice. You need to rise up. The ruling class knows that. You just aint copping to it. Wake up, people.


Pt. II: Africa, Obama and AFRICOM

US President Barack Obama recently made a visit to Ghana. In his first official trip to Africa, he left a strong impression on the world. An analysis of his remarks and policies regarding Africa itself is in order.

We have Obama’s most hard hitting remarks: Africa should stop blaming colonialism for its problems; Africa should stop relying on foreign aid and do for self. We also have Obama’s policy, a continuation of Bush era militarism in the form of AFRICOM, the US Africa Military Command. This policy presents the most severe plan related to structural readjustment.

Of course a direct link to structural readjustment and AFRICOM cannot be suggested without understanding the economic challenges faced by African states. The relationship of these states to capital has alienated them from the masses. Nigeria and Kenya, for instance, have felt snubbed because Obama by-passed them. At the same time, these countries have governments whih have failed to move their societies forward in a way that reflects the best use of their own natural and social resources.

This is not to say that Africa has to develop along Western industrial methods. However, it does mean that certain infrastructure deficiencies from health care to water purification and agriculture have gone neglected. This contradiction prevails in nearly all African states.

Nkrumah is very instructive on this period. When he described neo-colonialism as the last stage of Imperialism, his critique was mainly confined to conditions in our Motherland. Yet we now have to apply that analysis to the United States and its relationship to the world. The current president was elected because of his mantra of “change”. Increasingly, we see Obama as rescuing all the most odious forms of US political culture: militarism, international finance, and expansionism. Which means he represents just a mere changing of the guard.

AFRICOM is a plan to place military bases in Africa. Now Obama has already made comments about US policy, in comparison to Cuba. In those comments he compared Cuba favorably, noting that Latin American leaders have stated that while the primary form of aid they receive from the United States is weapons shipments, they really could not survive without the medical aid and physicians that Cuba has sent them over the years. Obama expressed his intention on changing that imbalance.

Africa, being a destitute region, has its share of problems. Parasitic worms plague people; women daily walk miles to carry drinking and cooking water home to their families; war, rape and AIDS have intensified during the post-colonial era. It does not seem as tho AFRICOM can provide any answers for African people.

Some folks might point this out as a form of selective memory but, clearly, the black prez suffers from Politically Acquired Ideological Deficiency Syndrome (PAIDS) as do many of his African counterparts.

The strategic importance of AFRICOM to the US does not concern the people of Africa, except to the extent that it will be imposed upon them. As an African born in America, my black consciousness is primary. It means more to me to see the rise of our people at home than the continuation of a durable Imperialism. The US continues to produce strong expressions of racism in media, in culture, economics and in politics. Police murders of blacks have become outrageous since the Obama election. Obama was elected because people, white and Latino and black, have become disgusted with the policies in American political life. Yet he has miserably failed to take any strident steps and turns away from this. His rhetoric often says one thing, as in the words he spoke to the Organization of American States, tho the policy continues to maintain the historical status quo.

Indeed, even his rhetoric often belies his genuine stance. Following his Ghana visit, Obama met with AIPAC (American-Israel Political Action Committee). Brother president did not tell them to stop blaming the Holocaust for their problems (?) nor did he suggest that Israel cease relying upon US foreign aid — which amounts to over half the US foreign aid budget — and do for itself. Still, that is what he said while in Ghana. Obama said Africans must stop blaming colonialism and begin to depend upon their own devices, even while pushing AFRICOM. His statements in Ghana are reminiscent of last year’s Fathers Day speech, wherein he castigated absentee fathers in the black community, while ignoring conditions like unemployment which cause social disintegration and black family instability.

While the US GDP is about $13 trillion, the current military budget is $969 billion. The US maintains 737 bases around the world. It seeks to ring bases around Africa (AFRICOM) to guarantee access to oil. By 2015, it is estimated the US will receive 25% of its oil imports from Africa, which has already become the main supplier to the United States. Other strategic resources that AFRICOM will defend include coltan, gold, platinum, diamonds, timber, agriculture, political allies and labor.
African does not need foreign troops on its soil. While Obama says stop blaming colonialism, he forgets how the former colonial powers have behaved in the post-colonial period. This involves the overthrow of Nkrumah, Azikwe, Tolbert and others. During this period, history records the overthrow and physical liquidation of Patrice Lumumba for the long-term destabilization of Congo for Imperialist interests. Agents killed Cabral, Neto and Mondlane in newly independent Portuguese colonies, severely the path of development for Guinea-Bissau, Angola and Mozambique, respectively. Apartheid South Africa waged war against neighboring countries and its black population right up thru the Nineties, routinely invading Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Angola.

The US has had its own sordid background in Africa, hunting down Somali President Mohammed El Aidid and flying vicious sorties over Mogadishu neighborhoods. The US has sent gunships to Liberia and Sierra Leone. CIA agents have played a role in many coups in Africa. The US benefits from the destabilization of DRC, backing the occupiers of Eastern DRC, Uganda’s Yoweri Musaveni and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame. The effects of a US military presence are already obvious to anyone with a critical eye.

The solution for Africa’s problems is not AFRICOM. It is not foreign aid. It is in what Kwame Nkrumah stated and so tirelessly worked towards, the unification of Africa under a singular socialist state. That is not on the agenda for the majority of African leaders, who seek to maintain their despotic grips on power to control fiefdoms for Imperialism. Such leaders maintain the status quo, with Africa remaining a begging bowl ravaged by guinea worm, schistosomiasis, AIDS, war, malnutrition, rape, and ignorance. Cheik Anta Diop, John Henrik Clarke and other great historians had great suggestions for redeeming our Motherland from the chokehold of capitalism. We have to accept their advice to free our people.

When Obama attended the OAS conference a few months ago, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gave him a book, Eduardo Galeano’s prosaic, polemic tour de force, The Open Veins of Latin America. Had Obama read it, that would signify the beginning of real change in the United States White House.

AFRICOM, Peace and Obama

Pushing AFRICOM while preaching that war is a millstone around Africa’s neck, US Prez Barack Obama made a historic journey to Ghana this past friday. Among Obama’s controversial statements, he also said that Africa should stop blaming colonialism for her problems. Obama, black on the outside, imperialist on the inside, arrived in Africa like somewhat of a conquering hero handing down his edicts to the disheveled subjects of his realm.

Tho destabilized, Africa is a community more than a continent; our historic Motherland represents for us a nation, tho fragmented. It is the unfulfilled aspiration of African people to become internationally united and to break the unprincipled relationships that Imperialism has imposed upon us.

Jubilation seems to rise across the African continent as the first black president of the United States made a visit to Ghana. A bout of jealousy tempered this jubilation as Kenyans and Nigerians expressed their feelings of having been snubbed. At the same time, the broad masses of Africans remain emotionally detached from the Obama visit. However, they cannot remain politically detached, because Obama’s visit brings the worst kind of news for every day toiling people.

According to Patrick Morris, Chief Executive Officer of Gold Star Resources Corp. (TSX-V; GXX; OTC Bulletin Board: GXXFF; http://www.goldstarresources.com), “The U.S. Department of Energy has already confirmed that the United States will be importing over 770 million barrels of African oil annually by the year 2020. The U.S. National Intelligence Council is projecting that 25 percent of U.S. oil imports will come from West Africa by 2015 compared to 15% today. My own professional experience tells me that the political stability of Ghana’s government, a credible democratic political party system, and a positive investment environment all favor closer ties to Ghanaians by the Obama White House.”

Oil production has stagnated the economies of countries like the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and others. While those countries are cash rich, they have little infrastructure development and rely almost entirely upon imports for everything from low-tech to hi-tech to basic food stuff and even water. This is what is known as monoculture, the development of a single cash intensive resource as a sector burdened with sustaining an entire national economy.

With Africa now becoming the number one exporter of oil exports tot he US, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) becomes increasingly important for this country to stave off or monopolize competition from China, India and the EU.

Monoculture branded the slavery of Africa, from that of the colonial/slave system to the post-colonial era. Neo-colonialist micro-states provide nothing except raw material to the West, at the expense of IMF/World Bank debt and a massive brain drain. What Africans on both sides of the Atlantic fail to understand is that neo-colonialism in the greatest seat of power on earth is still Imperialism.

Flogging the Willie Lynches

Defeat Neo-Colonial Ideology!

An African patriot, a brother from the DR Congo, recently stated on his Facebook page that he had just crossed the James River (Virginia), where Willie Lynch supposedly delivered his infamous speech. This young brother, a steeled freedom fighter for the Congolese African people, has obviously been exposed to the mythology of the black middle class. Willie Lynch never delivered any speeches in Virginia on how whip crackers need to manage their slaves. Yet he did not kno this, and mistook the urban legend as fact.

Needless to say, this myth has been made famous by people like Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to name a few. Today, it is often used to explain the “self-inflicted” disasters within the ghetto, the African colony inside the United States.

The ghetto, as a colony or neo-colony, whichever you prefer, is a destabilized zone. Capitalism destabilizes class forces across the social spectrum.

This is the character of Capitalism. It destablizes the producing classes as a matter of policy, by creating dependency. At the same time, Capitalism destabilizes the middle class (petty bourgeoisie) because that class resides between the ruling class (capitalist class, or bourgeoisie) and the producing classes. African people produce everything society needs for its existence. We do not need the bourgeoisie or its managerial base, the middle class, but currently we maintain this relationship.

The Capitalist class is also currently experiencing widespread destabilization because of the currency manipulation by the international finance sector, the ones who have come out on top economically and politically. Before we panic at what has happened to the Big Three, the banks, and other business entities, we must see corporations as mere tools for concentrating capital (money) in the hands of as few as possible.

Of course, this accumulation of capital assets (land, mines, slaves, machinery, factories and money) began with two horrific, genocidal crimes, the Transatlantic African Captivity (the Maafa) and European settlements in North America (Turtle Island) and elsewhere. This became the origin of capitalist wealth as well as that of destabilization.

The Willie Lynch Speech reflects back to this period (1712, allegedly). Prof Manu Ampim has thoroly debunked Willie Lynch. He has showed how it is out of context with history, as well as submitting sources which lead Africans out of the self-absorbed fascination with their colonial identity and towards a genuine history of struggle.

Jelani Cobb and others have also debunked the Willie Lynch Speech as well. Willie Lynch is an urban myth. It came out of prolly the Seventies and was a middle class reaction to the Black Liberation Movement of the Sixties. Willie Lynch is just an excuse for people to hold onto the old ways Malcolm X, the Panthers and others have worked so tirelessly to vanquish.

There is no better antidote to the colonial mentality, if we may buy into Frantz Fanon, than a firm grasp of history, your accomplishments, the battles we have fought and the causes we have raised.

So the black middle class has no analysis of the financial meltdown and no scientific analysis of class relationships. Without an analysis of economics, how can Farrakhan or Jesse or Sharpton provide leadership? Farrakhan, for one, totally ignores the economic conditions inside our community, except for citing the mantra, “do for self”. Jesse and Sharpton cannot use Willie Lynch to define capitalism, unemployment, regentrification nor any other ill afflicting African people.

The black petty bourgeoisie as a whole cannot solve its own problems. Despite all their education, statistically, they trail white workers in stacking long-term assets such as real estate and retirement funds. Petty bourgeois ideas are inadequate for the purposes of an oppressed nationality. Neo-colonialism is an inadequate exchange for the liberation and unity of African people. Inadequate! The ideology of neo-colonialism keeps us locked in an unprincipled relationship to Capitalism, a relationship which needs to be broken.

Politically Acquired Ideological Deficiency Syndrome (PAIDS) is the way AZAPO Cde Mongezi Sifika Nkomo has described the black middle class. That is a more accurate description and definition than Willie Lynch Syndrome. Here is how PAIDS is described:

…Politically Acquired Ideological Deficiency Syndrome (PAIDS) …
A negro does not believe any other system will ever exist in our lifetimes.
A negro will never work for the Revolution.
A negro may try to convince you that capitalism is forever, that it cannot be destroyed, and that nothing better can possibly exist+
Negroes will work for Imperialism under any circumstances, and will work against the liberation movement in one way or another.

….PAIDS is the trouble with negroes.

Once people understand how alien is the profit-motive for African people, nay, all people, they will aim to break with Capitalism. The working class does not make any profit on its labor; that is impossible. Otherwise, there cannot be profits for the capitalist classes to distribute amongst themselves.

Thus, the question for African people is who shall we follow, our ne(gr)o-colonial leadership, or the revolutionaries who have striven against the Capitalist system? Those of us in the belly of the Beast must make a decision, whether to remain within the System and be digested and excreted thru its bowels or to forge resolute unity and come out thru its heart!

The Bottom Line About the Economy

Now the latest hype about the global economic situation involves the debate about what has caused it rather than what is actually taking place. Working class people must exercise some critical thinking, because this ruse intends to keep them in the dark. Since black folks are linked into the global economy just like anybody else, we need to get our heads out of the soaps and churches and anywhere else that does not help us gain clarity and substance on this issue.

The economists are inventing red herrings like the “global savings glut”. This is nonsense. Who believes that money can be earned thru saving? In terms of working class folks, it makes little sense to save, since inflation eats up savings. The annual 3% inflation rate results in only a 1% yearly savings on your money, if banked. Outside of the industrialized countries, there is no return because inflation is much steeper. If you are a middle class person trying to save, your higher education is not paying off.

Not only that, but the Savings & Loans crisis of the Eighties and Nineties definitely scared the US public away from savings and stampeded them towards more sophisticated types of swindles, such as retirement plans based upon 401k and KEOGHs. Just because an activity is approved by Congress, and filled with volumes of small type that only a lawyer can understand, does not make it honest. No black worker has any business playing the stock market without knowing the dollar value of one point on the DJIA or having $250k to throw away in a money-manager fund. ‘Investment’ means only fools leverage all their assets on a gamble.

So if the economists were discussing stock-based retirement funds as a form of savings, consider that misinformation. The New York Review of Books and PEN World Voices presented a symposium on the world economic crisis at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 30. At that time, the idea was proposed that savings had driven down interests rates when, in fact, the Fed and the European Common Bank (ECB) themselves dictate interest rates. Not only that, North America and Europe in no way represent the globe.

It is important to repudiate any notion which dismisses the theory that the ruling class manipulated the financial system for their own benefit. The theory proposed by the symposium flies in the face of every scandal from Enron to Bernie Madoff. It contradicts the events which demanded welfare (bail outs?) for the banks.

Folks must not be duped by the highly esteemed panelists at that event, former senator Bill Bradley, Niall Ferguson, Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, George Soros, and Robin Wells, and Jeff Madrick as moderator. Not one of them has an analysis which serves the interests of the millions of people who form the basis of the US domestic economy; not one of them even speaks the language of every day people.

When the banks pressed the Fed to raise interest rates, this became the primary trigger for the financial meltdown. While most folks think of the banks as finance institutions, the bank is a tool for making money. It is an instrument for concentrating money. Concentrated money becomes capital. Working class people lack capital. They sell their labor for a wage. Capitalists do not earn wages. They make money not thru labor or savings but by skimming value from what labor produces.

If ten laborers in a gold mine work together to extract one ton of gold daily which has a value of $900 per ounce, not one of them makes $900 per day, or even half of that. Even if their combined labor only extracts ten pounds of gold a day, who gets the money? The workers do not earn enuf to save. The value of the gold gets concentrated at the top of the chain, by people who trade paper with a value printed upon it, in exchange for the real value that has been extracted from the mine. This practice prevails thru out the bloodsucking capitalist system, where a few people live exorbitantly upon the backs of five billion working people worldwide.

This paper money has a value assigned to it. This value can be manipulated easier than anything else. After all, the paper has no real value! Today, one dollar may be as strong as yesterday’s ten dollar bill; tomorrow, that same one dollar note may be devalued so that it is only worth five cents. Entire societies remain at risk as a worker in this type of system.

So the monies the panelists claimed were tied up in savings actually were being poured into a volatile market, the stock market, another place ruled by paper tigers. Over the last thirty years, real wages failed to keep pace with inflation and the cost of living. Working people lacked the ability to save. However, amid the fears that Social Security would dry up before they could retire, they put a few hard earned extra dollars into stock-based retirement funds. Human relations managers and other company officials pulled their workers off assembly lines to sell them pyramid and ponzi schemes called a KEOGH or IRA or 401k Plan. These talks sounded something like the average MLM hustle, where the guy at the top of the chain makes all the money and the suckers who bought into it are left holding the bag. That is precisely what happened in instances such as MCI-Worldcom, Tyco, Enron, and others all the way thru the  Madoff scandal. These were all multi-billion dollar scams.

Now, this symposium happened in April. Do not forget, several weeks earlier, pretty much the same crew had called for the goverrnment to nationalize the banks. Their analysis continues shifting, while the causes for this period of voodoo economics involve financial manipulation, pure and simple. Prior to the curveball idea about interest rates being dictated by savings, the pundits said that the financial crunch happened because people were living on debt, another shattered theory.

People were indeed living on debt, yet that is not the reason for the crisis. People were forced to live on debt because wages did not keep pace with rising costs. Remember the old adage: “When creditors enforce collections, that results in market corrections.” So for folks living in debt, their very existence has become manipulated by those who control wages and prices. Stay tuned to the media, because within the next few weeks they will cook up a new rationale for the problems they continue heaping on the backs of poor and working people.

Father Gerard Jean-Juste

28 MAY 2009

Reverend Gerard Jean-Juste, a tireless advocate for justice for Haitians in Haiti and the U.S., passed away Wednesday, May 27, 2009.




Paraphrased from Social Edge:
Gérard Jean-Juste, a human rights activist and priest from Haiti, helped refugees fleeing persecution under the Duvalier regime in Miami in the ’70s, then returned to Haiti in 1990 to become pastor in Tiplas Kazo.

As a result of his activism, he was imprisoned for months at a time without access to due process of the law.

In this three-minute interview with Global X, Fr. Gérard Jean-Juste explained how he made the decision to start “une cantine” (a soup kitchen) in Haiti. A young boy, part of a family of ten children (“the father was dead, the mother was very ill”) went to him to complain that he was hungry.

“It was like a cry in my heart. I had to perform a miracle.”

He did.


Haitian Lawyers Association

Press Release

May 27, 2009


We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Father Gerard Jean-Juste, a man of integrity and courage, who by his grace, his generosity, his compassion, and his love has touched the lives of millions, regardless of color, class, race, and national origin. Indeed, he was a staunch advocate for civil rights, equality, racial and economic justice. His clarion call for freedom, democracy, justice, and equality in our mother land— Haiti has reverberated in all corners of the Haitian Diaspora.

He was so much more than those images that are emblazoned in our minds. By his example, he has brightened our lives and has reinforced our unflinching commitment to promote the common good, cherish our common humanity, and protect the universal values of mankind.

This man has devoted all his life to the cause of the poor, the powerless, and the voiceless. He strived to do good, seek justice, and foster change in a world where injustice, poverty, racial discrimination, and inequality dominate many governments and institutions around the globe. Now that he is no longer with us, may his legacy serve as a moral compass to us all as we continue our journey in this world. Although his passing will inevitably cause deep sadness and anguish, it is somewhat comforting to know that his legacy will endure for generations to come.

The Haitian Lawyers Association including its members, staff, and affiliates express their deepest sympathy to his family and friends. We urge you to keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers in this time of sorrow. As much as we lament his passing, it helps to remember that his journey in this world has been one of great accomplishments and success. Certainly, he earned the right to be in the pantheon of reverential men. Thus, his passing, though heartbreaking, is also a celebration of the life of a “great one”. His passing affords us an opportunity to reflect as a community about the socioeconomic problems that have plagued our communities and mother land for decades. Let’s follow his foot-steps to meet our true destiny as a people, the Haitian People. Let’s embrace his legacy as our moral compass when dealing with one another. Let’s open our hearts to his teachings of brotherhood and fraternity. Finally, let’s us work together and reject division and discord to fulfill his vision.

UNPROTECTED: Haitian priest Father Gerard Jean-Juste protests the 2003
U.S.-backed coup in Haiti.
PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – APRIL 30: Father Gerard Jean-Juste
holds up a fruit at Saint Clare’s church rectory April 30, 2008
in Port au Prince, Haiti. The church, headed by
Father Gerard Jean-Juste served about 1,000 people a day.

For those of us who speak, read, and understand Kreyol, the following is a message from Dr. Jean-Bertrand Aristide. It can be heard audibly as well at


Reveran Pè Gérard Jean Juste
Triyonfe sou lanmò

Pè Jean Juste triyonfe
Paske nan pòt lanmò a,
Sèl paspò e sèl viza
Ki konte se LANMOU.

E se la! Wi , wi, se la!
Se la, nan pòt lanmò a
Nou tout gen pou pase.
Se la, sèl paspò e sèl viza
Ki konte se LANMOU.

Se la, nan vil Jerizalèm,
Anndan jaden Jetsemani,
Arestasyon Jezu te fèt
Nan blakawout lahèn.

Se la, nan Petyon Vil,
Anndan legliz Sen Pyè,
Arestasyon Pè Djeri te fèt
Nan menm blakawout la.

Se la, sou tèt tèt mòn kalvè,
Tout bouji lanmou te etenn
Pou mechan yo sakrifye Jezu.

Se la, nan kacho prizon lakay,
Yo te deja sakrifye Pè Jean Juste
Sou lotèl kidnapinn 29 fevriye a.

Se la, akoz lanmou ki nan kè l,
Jezu te ofri tout san ki nan kò l
Pou wouze tout jaden delivrans.

Se la, nan swiv Jezu ke l renmen,
Pè Jean Juste ofri dènye gout san pa l
Pou Ayiti tounen yon tè delivrans.

Se la, nou ka dekouvri aklè
Pa gen pi gwo prèv lanmou
Pase lè ou sakrifye lavi ou
Pou moun ou renmen yo.

Se la tou nou dekouvri
Mouchwa konsolasyon
Pou siye dlo nan je moun
Ki renmen Frè nou an.

Onè pou ou, Pè Jean Juste!
Respè pou ou, Frè nou Djeri!
W ap toujou ret byen vivan
Nan lespri moun ki renmen w.
Se la ou triyonfe sou lanmò !

Plis nou rale zetwal konpliman
Pou ofri w kouwòn rekonesans,
Plis nap kontinye toujou sonje:

Se la, nan pòt lanmò a
Nou tout gen pou pase.
Se la, sèl paspò e sèl viza
Ki konte se LANMOU.

Dr Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Pretoria, 28 -05- 2009



Firoze Manji

Pambazuka News

25 May is Africa Liberation Day. What a day to learn the terrible news
that one of the leading proponents of Africa’s liberation – Tajudeen
Abdul Raheem – should be so tragically lost in a senseless car
accident in Nairobi. Messages have been pouring in from across the
world as we all fail to hold back our tears at this loss.

Tajudeen led Justice Africa’s work with the African Union since its
early days. He combined this with his role as General Secretary of the
Pan-African Movement, chairperson of the Centre for Democracy and
Development, the Pan-African Development Education and Advocacy
Programme, and was a fighter in the struggle to get the UN’s
Millennium Development Campaign to support meaningful programmes.
There was hardly a pan African initiative that took place without
Tajudeen’s inimitable presence, support, humour and perceptive
political perspectives. Quite how he managed to combine all of this
with writing his weekly ‘Pan African Postcard’ that were published
regularly in Pambazuka News and in several newspapers including The
Monitor (Uganda), Weekly Trust (Nigeria), The African (Tanzania),
Nairobi Star (Kenya) and the Weekly Herald (Zimbabwe), has always been
a mystery to us. You could always rely on Tajudeen to draw our
attention to the most significant aspects of the latest political
event in Africa – just as you could rely on him to provide guidance
and encouragement during hard times, restoring in us the courage for
the longer struggles ahead for emancipation of the continent.

Tajudeen’s departure leaves a massive hole in all our lives. We all
need to grieve the loss of this giant of a man. But if his life is to
mean anything, we must follow his call in the signature line of his
every email – ‘Don’t agonise, Organise!’

As part of our tribute to Tajudeen, comrade, brother and fighter of
Pan-Africanism, Pambazuka News invites you to send messages of
condolence and tributes, please send these to edi@pambazuka.org or
comment online at http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/features/56535

Also see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8067260.stm

African Liberation Day 09: UP AND RUNNING

A few folks, discussing an African Liberation Day in Pittsburgh for the 23rd, raised the point that the time for elevating Reparations seems to be ripe, particularly with the government giving away billions, if not trillions to the finance sector. One brother said the giveaway plan for the banks will eventually total $13 trillion. In a country of 300 million, that comes out to more than  $400k per individual. If there are like 40 million Africans, then that equals over $3 million each. 


Fat chance that will happen. It goes to sho, tho, that the money is there for black people to get what our ancestors have earned. What Reparations means in terms of the black community relates to social justice, starting a new chapter in US social relations, building clout for our people nationally and internationally, plus transforming the conditions inside our community which have been defined by our oppressed ties to white political power.


Talk about getting back up and running, for us, Reparations is the ticket.


The problems surrounding this have their basis in the money system. We have to be sure of that. For instance, while inflation will not eat away at the monies concentrated in the banking system, the banks control how inflation will effect liquidity as it is diluted within the broad masses of people. They cannot permit folks to reap maximum benefits from the capitalist system. That defeats the concept and role of capitalism, which is to concentrate wealth and not to dilute it.


Furthermore, the resentment which such a plan will inspire amongst the reactionary white working class seems problematic. However, this is the same class which seems to think it is a capitalist class. It is wed to the degenerate illogic of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and other spin doctors who hope to undermine an already weak economic system with one that approximates a fascist dictatorship.


In such a scenario, white workers will only find themselves boxed in as they became in Portugal, Spain and South Africa. That is a losing proposition for a class which has no fighting spirit and a reactionary grip on reality.


Frantz Fanon discussed how the colonized working class expresses its rage thru horizontal violence before the struggle against the oppressor begins in earnest. That is where we are today in the African community. Not only in the US but around the world. The African working class has to understand its own interests.


Now while convincing people to take up arms against Imperialism is not something to be discussed on a blog, the idea of channeling black rage into constructive and creative expressions demands a place in our dialog. Because black rage is anti-colonial, black rage is anti-imperialist. It opposes neo-colonialism even if it assumes a distinct form of apparent collaboration with the Imperialist system itself. It is subconscious rage, without applied intellect, yet a response to the repressed conditions of in our community.


African Liberation Day this year will present the African liberation movements in a way which Little Haiti has never before seen. Last year the historical trend set in motion by giants like Nkrumah, Dedan Kimathi, Amilcar Cabral and others, was repudiated and scandalized. This year, it will be redeemed, and all its components elevated to their proper status. PAMBERI NE CHIMURENGA: Forward the Black Revolution!

Dawud Akbar: Peoples Psychologist Passes in Pittsburgh

Just for the record, I knew Brother Dawud as well. It is amazing that a man behind bars under the most oppressive conditions, on death row, remains in such close touch with what is going on outside those walls of concrete and steel bars. FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL! LONG LIVE MUMIA!!

[col. writ. 4/29/09] (c) ’09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

For the Black community of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania, this is a time of quiet mourning.

For it marks the unexpected passing of Dawud Akbar, a man who made his home there. Since leaving school in the early 1970’s, Akbar built a life of service and caring in Pittsburgh, not just as a psychologist, but as a community organizer, teacher and mentor for many.

Born January 6, 1949 in Harlem, New York, he witnessed the murder of his mother at the tender age of 8 years. When he went to college at Morehouse, in Atlanta, GA, he met and was deeply inspired by the renowned Black psychologist, Dr. Na’im Akbar, who so inspired him that he took the name Akbar, and converted to Islam.

He earned a Masters degree at the University of Pittsburgh in 1973, and with his wife, Sama’iyah, built a life and family in his adopted city. He founded the Nzingha Institute, and helped to bring the Maafa ritual to hundreds of Pittsburgers annually. The local practice was a ceremony where the history of African captivity, transport and freedom struggles in the Americas was remembered and ritualized.

Given the trauma of his childhood, he worked with young people to try to give them a sense of their place in the larger community. He wrote several books on social and familial health and harmony. He worked long and hard to serve the many needs of his community, and even three heart attacks didn’t stop him. Recently, he suffered a debilitating cerebral hematoma. Dawud Akbar was 60 years old.

–(c) ’09 maj


The Power of Truth is Final

— Free Mumia!

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Neo-Colonialism in the Racist US Police State

In this period of Obama-ite neo-colonialism, our colonial experience as Africans reminds us that we have previously traveled this road. To qualify this as a colonial experience clarifies the fact that African history does not begin with slavery or any relationship with Europeans. Therefore, any statements or feelings that the presidency of Barack Obama is in any way history-making or even “the end of racism” grossly misrepresents reality. It smears our role as a people in the vast interwoven social fabric that produces history thru COLLECTIVE DEVELOPMENT AND INTERACTION.

So some racist ideologues continue to say that “your own people sold you into slavery”, and if it weren’t for slavery we could not enjoy freedom, etc. These views, all too often backed up by negro preachers and politicians at some level or another, derive directly from colonialist self-justification rather than any message that will liberate our people from the bondage of colonialism and Imperialism.

True, the seeds of ne(gr)o-colonialism took root when the first slatees received handfuls of beads in exchange for capturing their fellow Africans and selling them to white slavers. Hence, the guilt of neo-colonialism – beyond being an emotional game but embedded in a criminal activity – requires that the crooks engaged in this enterprise maintain their grip on the minds of a people sold out and eviscerated. In hand with slavery, neo-colonialism justifies Imperialism and obstructs our community from elevating critical issues like reparations, prisons, the war-of-drugs, health-care, and so forth.

It must be said that Obama is a neo-colonialist who speaks very differently from any prior US president. Obama seems to support the unions; he points out how Cuba’s relates to Latin America by sending physicians, while the US has historically sent weapons. If Obama wants to place a human face upon Imperialism, that will fail in the long run. He cannot dismiss any of the deep-seated hostility of a racist system, which presses down upon our community.

Thru out our colonial experience, those wielding power whose faces remain indistinguishable from ours have typically remained unable or unwilling to diminish the State monopoly on violence. Obama has yet to discuss critical issues relating to the State’s conduct in its operations, policies, and undue weight of forces on the black community. The apparent diluting effect of Obama-ite neo-colonialism, on the concentrated class question better known as racism, so far has failed to dilute anti-black police State repression.

For this reason, Africans must recognize the realities of Imperialism. The State continues to display naked aggression against the black community. Arizona’s Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio recently expressed his admiration of the Ku Klux Klan in a broadcast interview. This same official imposes the worst work camp conditions on detainees, and recently fired NBA law and order slatee Shaquille O’Neal.

Former US congressman turned Oakland mayor, Ron Dellums attempted to intervene in a demonstration protesting the recent police murder of Oscar Grant. Officers involved in the execution of Grant, a New Year’s Day reveler, in full view of scores of people on a BART platform, had remained at large. The State dragged its feet, despite more than ample footage captured by camera phone users, plus eyewitness accounts. For some reason, Dellums obviously believed that protests were uncalled for and people should never take to the street. Well, the demo turned int a rebellion when the mayor disappeared and the pigs moved in to arrest San Francisco Bay View activist/reporter JR Valrey.

Following that day’s uprising, the State finally arrested the trigger man, tho his two accomplices – who accessorized the crime by confiscating camera phones – have not been charged. Meanwhile, Valrey continues to fight charges for participating in a demonstration.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, another journalist, has spent 26 years on Pennsylvania’s death row for a wrongful murder conviction. He steadfastly continues to write about the plight of poor and disorganized working people. The State refuses to not only recognize his innocence, it refuses to review exculpatory testimony from witnesses, and ignores established legal precedents where Mumia’s rights have been violated.

One of two orgiastic statues on the Pennsylvania State Assembly

One of two orgiastic statues on the Pennsylvania State Assembly

Indeed, across Pennsylvania more political prisoners waste away in prison than in any other state. Maroon Shoatz has been on 23-hour lockdown since 1991. The MOVE Eight cannot receive a fair and lenient parole hearing for a crime that they did not commit.

A group of human rights activists traveled to Harrisburg on April 22 to discuss with state lawmakers the conditions that prisoners face inside the state prison system. These people complained of sons, friends and contacts who were on 23 hour lockdown, had urine and other contaminants in their food, denied medical attention, and subjected to other horrendous problems. Some of the lawmakers or their aides seemed concerned, while a few appeared nonplussed. In any event, the struggle for prisoner rights will not stop there, let alone the struggle for those wrongly convicted to serve as fodder for the Imperialist system.

These are the conditions which real freedom fighters face, and our community must not wait for anybody else to speak for these oppressed sisters and brothers. Four percent of the world population, the US accounts for 25% of all prisoners worldwide. Of that number, fully two-thirds are colonized workers, being Latino and African. Together, these two groups make up one-fourth of the US population. FBI crime states have consistently stated that crimes are committed fairly evenly across populations, meaning that white commit the same crimes at the same rate as anybody else, which means that white prisoners should out-number blacks or Latinos by eight-to-one. But they do not because law enforcement and the prison system are based upon colonialism and racism.

While any number of somebodies still need to justify the State by pleading for balance when conditions demand mass uprisings, that blind lady with the sword and scales comes from mythology. Our mistress for justice is Mama Assata Shakur, living in exile in revolutionary Cuba with a $1 million bounty on her head by this same injustice system.

Cuba, the embargoed country which sends doctors to Latin America while America sends guns. Cuba, a land where people took up arms and joined the fight against apartheid South Africa ten thousand miles away, while America deepens African oppression. Negroes want to become doctors and politicians not to help their own people but to help capitalism. Yet African people need revolutionary physicians, revolutionary politicians and journalists, and revolutionary thinkers and doers who will help liberate our people. We must not believe in neo-colonialism no matter how well it works; we must pick up on revolution.

Happy Birthday Greetings to MAJ from Subcommandante Marcos

via:  Greg Ruggiero


Hi All–

I thought you would like this birthday letter written to Mumia ten years ago by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos spokesperson for the clandestine Mexican insurgent group, the Zapatistas. The original letter was written in Spanish. Both the English and Spanish versions were first published here in the books “Our Word is Our Weapon, Selected Writings of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos” and “Nuestra Arma es Nuestra Palabra.”

La lucha sigue!

va un abrazo desde Brooklyn,


Greg Ruggiero | Editor | City Lights Books | www.citylights.com


Letter To Mumia Abu-Jamal

April 24, 1999

For: Mumia Abu-Jamal, American Union

From: Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, Mexico

Mr. Mumia:

I am writing to you in the name of the men, women, children and elderly of the Zapatista National Liberation Army in order to congratulate you on April 24, your birthday.

Perhaps you have heard of us. We are Mexican, mostly indigenous, and we took up arms on January 1, 1994 demanding a voice, a face and a name for the forgotten of the earth.

Since then, the Mexican government has made war on us, pursues and harasses us seeking our death, our disappearance and our absolute silence. The reason? These lands are rich with oil, uranium and precious lumber. The government wants them for the great transnational companies. We want them for all Mexicans. The government sees our lands as a business. We see our history written in these lands. In order to defend our right (and that of all Mexicans) to live with liberty, democracy, justice and dignity we became an army and took on a name, a voice and face.

Perhaps you wonder how we know of you, about your birthday, and why it is that we extend this long bridge which goes from the mountains of the Mexican Southeast to the prison of Pennsylvania where you are incarcerated unjustly. Many good people from many parts of the world have spoken of you, through them we have learned how you were ambushed by the North American police in December of 1981, of the lies which they constructed in the procedures against you, and of your death sentence in 1982. We learned about your birthday through the international mobilizations which, under the name of “Millions for Mumia,” are being prepared this April 24.

It is harder to explain this bridge which this letter extends, it is more complicated. I could tell you that, for the powerful of Mexico and the government, to be indigenous, or to look indigenous, is reason for disdain, abhorrence, distrust and hatred. The racism which now floods the palaces of power in Mexico goes to the extreme of carrying out a war of extermination and genocide against millions of indigenous. I am sure that you will find similarities with what power in the United States does with the so-called “people of color” (African-American, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Asians, North American Indians and any other peoples who do not have the insipid color of money).

We are also “people of color” (the same color as our brothers who have Mexican blood and live and struggle in the American Union). Our color is “brown,” the color of the earth, the color from which we take our history, our strength, our wisdom and our hope. But in order to struggle we add the color black to our brown. We use black ski-masks to show our faces, only then can we be seen and heard. Following the advice of an indigenous Mayan elder, who explained to us the meaning of the color black, we chose this color.

Old Don Antonio, this wise elder, died in these rebel Zapatista lands in March of 1994, a victim of tuberculosis which gnawed away at his lungs and his breath. Old Don Antonio used to tell us that from black came light and from there came the stars which light up the sky around the world. He recounted a story of a long time ago (in the times when time was not measured), when the first gods were given the task of giving birth to the world. In one of their meetings they understood that the world needed to have life and movement, and to have life and movement, light was necessary. Then they thought of making the sun in order that the days move and so that there would be day and night and time for struggling and time for making love, and the world would go walking with the days and nights. The gods had their meeting and made this agreement in front of a large fire, and they knew it was necessary that one of them be sacrificed by throwing himself into the fire and himself become fire and fly into the sky. The gods thought that the sun’s work was the most important, so they chose the most beautiful god so that he would fly into the fire and become the sun. But he was afraid. Then the smallest god, the one who was black, said he was not afraid and he threw himself into the fire and became the sun. Then the world had light and movement, and there was time for struggle and time for love, and while it was day the bodies worked to make the world and while it was night the bodies made love and sparkles filled the darkness.

This is what Old Don Antonio told us and that is why we use black ski masks. So we are of the color brown and of the color black. But we are also the color yellow, because the first people who walked these lands were made of corn so they would be true. And we are also red because this is the call of blood which has dignity, and we are also blue because we are the sky in which we fly, and green for the mountain which is our house and our strength. And we are white because we are paper so that tomorrow can write its story.

So we are 7 colors because there were 7 first gods who birthed the world.

This is what Old Don Antonio said long ago and now I tell you this story so that you may understand the reason for this bridge of paper and ink which I send to you all the way from the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

And also so that you may understand that with this bridge go greetings and embraces for Leonard Peltier (who is in the prison at Leavenworth, Kansas), and for the more than 100 political prisoners in the USA who are the victims of injustice, stupidity and authoritarianism.

And with this letter-bridge walks as well a greeting for the Dine (the Navajo), who fight in Big Mountain, Arizona against the violations of their traditional Dine religious practices.” They struggle against those who favor large businesses instead of respect for the religious freedom of Indian peoples, against those who want to destroy sacred grounds and ceremonial sites (as is the case of Peabody Western Coal Company which, without reason, wants to take the lands and the land rights, and the history which belong to the Dine and their future generations.)

But this letter-bridge has more than just stories of resistance against North American injustice. In the extreme south of our continent, in Chile, the indigenous Mapuche women in the Pewenche Center of Alto Bio-Bio confront stupidity. Bertha and Nicolasa Quintreman are accused of “mistreating” members of the armed forces of the Chilean government. There you have it.  An armed military unit with rifles, sticks, and tear-gas, protected by bulletproof vests, helmets and shields, accuse two indigenous women of “mistreatment.” But Bertha is 74 years old and Nicolasa is 60. How is it possible that two elderly people confronted a “heroic” group of heavily-armed military? Because they are Mapuche. The story is the same as that of the Dine brothers and sisters of Arizona—it repeats itself throughout the Americas. A company—ENDESA—wants the Mapuches’ land, and in spite of the law which protects the indigenous, the government is on the side of the companies. The Mapuche students have pointed out that the government and the company with the military intelligence made a “study” of the Mapuche communities and concluded that the Mapuche could not think, defend themselves, resist, or build a better future for themselves. Apparently, the study was wrong.

Now it occurs to me that, perhaps the powerful in North America carried out a similar “military intelligence” study (frankly, this is a contradiction, because those of us who are military are not intelligent, if we were we would not be military) about the case of the Dine in Arizona, about Leonard Peltier, about other political prisoners, about yourself, Mr. Mumia.

Perhaps they made this study and came to the conclusion that they might be able to violate justice and reason, to assault history and lose the truth, and that no one would say anything. The Dine Indians would stand by and watch the destruction of the most sacred of their history, Leonard Peltier would be alone, and you, Mister Mumia, would be silenced. ( I remember your own words: “They not only want my death, they want my silence.”)

But the studies were wrong. Happy mistake? The Dine resist against those who would kill their memory, Leonard Peltier is accompanied by all those who demand his liberty, and you sir, today you speak and shout with all the voices which celebrate your birthday as all birthdays should be celebrated, by struggling.

Mr. Mumia:

We have nothing big to give you as a gift for your birthday. It is poor and little, but all of us send you an abrazo—an embrace.

We hope that when you gain your freedom you will come to visit us. Then we will give you a birthday party, even if it isn’t April 24, it will be an unbirthday party. There will be music, dance and talk, which are the means by which men and women of all colors understand and know one another, and build bridges over which they walk together, towards history, towards tomorrow.

Happy Birthday!

Vale. We greet you and may justice and truth find their place.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

Mexico, April of 1999

P.S. I read somewhere that you are a father and a grandfather. So I am sending you a gift for your children and grandchildren. It is a little wooden car with Zapatistas dressed in black ski-masks.

Tell your children and grandchildren that it is a gift the Zapatistas have sent you. You can explain to them that there are people of all colors everywhere, just like you, who want justice, liberty and democracy for people of all colors.

Letter To the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, USA

April of 1999

For: Mr. Tom Ridge

Governor of Pennsylvania

United States, North America

From : Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos


To the Magistrate and Governor

Dear sirs:

I write to you in the name of the men, women, children and elderly of the EZLN. Most of us are indigenous Mexicans and we struggle for liberty, democracy and justice.

The purpose of the following letter is to demand justice in the case of Mr. Mumia Abu-Jamal, condemned unjustly to the death penalty in 1982. As you know, the judicial process against Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal was plagued with lies and irregularities: the police who accuse him lied about a supposed confession of his, one of the witnesses has changed testimony and declared that he was forced to lie or face prison, the ballistic evidence has proved it was impossible that Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal fired the weapon which killed the policeman. This should be enough evidence for a new trial, but even this recourse has been denied to Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal. If the Judicial system of Pennsylvania and the governor are certain of the guilt of Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal, they should not fear a new trial which adheres to the truth.

I do not ask clemency, pardon, nor mercy from you for Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal. I demand justice, something which I believe is within your powers. No one within the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania or governor Tom Ridge has anything to lose. A new trial can bring the truth forward, and justice, supposedly, is all that should matter.

That is all. From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast,

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

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Stop the Police State Execution of

Healthcare in the Capitalist Arena

The Foul Legacy of Profit-Making

Healthcare is one of the most important issues in US political and social culture. Tho a catastrophic condition will not likely strike most individuals during their working lives, for those who themselves or family members have crucial health problems  the matter of healthcare poses a concern.

Hospitals and nursing homes practices often leave many in the lurch. Profit making for healthcare institutions means that the bottom line means more than the old adage, “The customer is always right.” In this industry, people’s bodies have become commodities, and even if the quality of service is high, that nearly always depends on level of insurance as well as the condition for which they receive treatment.

For the most part, hospital workers remain overworked and underpaid. Short-staffing means that the institutions have nurses and aids serving more beds than is optimal. In some cases, the hospitals and nursing homes may even take more drastic measures.

In Pittsburgh, workers at two different healthcare systems recently filed lawsuits with the Department of Labor because they did not get paid for hours they worked. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and West Penn Allegheny Health System (WPAHS) must appear in court as defendants of cases where they cheated workers out of pay:

“Court documents reveal employees of the hospitals deducted half-hour meal breaks out of their paychecks even if they worked through their meal times. The legal action filed also alleges employees were not paid for work performed before and after scheduled shifts and not paid for required training. Any employer who fails to pay employees for hours worked and does not allow for breaks as required by federal guidelines is in violation of U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) http://www.dol.gov wage laws. On Monday, a federal lawsuit for two former Pittsburgh Mercy Health System nurses was filed by their employment attorneys. The documents filed in court state the nurses were not paid for training and work they performed during meal breaks over a three-year period.” (Justice News Flash)

In a country where doctors typically graduate from medical $100,000 in debt, the finance world dominates even in education and medicine. Pressure to make high salaries and establish a practice ties them into a complex web filled with medical suppliers, pharmaceuticals, keeping apace with scientific advances, and their relationships with employers, patients and staff. Compare this with statistics that say doctors live an average of 55 years; profit making does not afford them time to care for their own health and fulfillment.

If one of the wealthiest segments of the population cannot find time to care for its own health, health professionals themselves, what does this say for the rest of us?

Even tho the average worker does not understand how the system of capitalism bases itself on their oppression and exploitation, nevertheless the level of dissatisfaction with the capitalist system continues to mount. With the present economic meltdown weighing heavily upon workers, the middle class and business, no workable alternatives for “weaning” people off of capitalism have become popular. People talk about weaning this country away from foreign oil, however the discussion about the evil of capitalism have yet to become serious.

For this discussion to become serious, the Left has to be courageous. Black Power advocates have to sharpen their line and push the Left. We must take on this role since the problems in our communities are sharper and deeper than in the white community. Imperialist exploitation and oppression concentrates on colonized peoples.

When the wealthiest sectors of the communities receive government giveaways, we have to push the Reparations question. When we see government merging with corporate finance institutions, we must form dual and competing political power. When the unemployment lines swell at the rate of 50,000 lost jobs per month, the time for shutting down capitalism thru strikes and plant takeovers is overdue.

What effective agitational components can we bring to unions and workers, to the churches and masjids, to community centers, small businesses and athletic associations? These are questions begging to be answered, if only the Left will first ask them. All power to the people, and Black Power to the Black Community!

Reparations in the Land of the Giants?

Obama Policy: Imperialism thru Democracy

Black workers, we who sell our labor to make a living, travail under special circumstances in capitalist America. We have the highest rates of unemployment, imprisonment, chronic health issues. On the other hand, we have the lowest rates for home ownership, capital formation, retirement security, and higher education.

The current economic crisis is marked by increasing unemployment, to the tune of 50,000 jobs lost per month. The government giveaway to the financial giants amounts to plus $1.5 trillion over the last three years. This includes “massive liquidity injections” to Wall Street bankers and the European Central Bank since 2006.

Now with all this money floating around, no mention of reparations can be made. No mention of helping the African community get back on its feet. The goliath of Imperialism has stomped the heart out of niggers thru out this country.

Just one point of clarity; before there were African slaves in the Americas, before colonialism and Imperialism, niggers never existed. A nigger is a slave who hopes for a peaceful coexistence within the Imperialist, racist system. If you go the extra mile to justify the racist cause like, maybe, Stanley Crouch or Tarik Nelson, then you’re a bootlicking nigger.

Niggers ought to kno, there is no peaceful coexistence with Imperialism. The Soviet Union was white, and thought Socialism could coexist peacefully in the world alongside Imperialism. That proved to be untrue. And Africans cannot buy into the myth that this racist country will allow them to prosper, to get a piece of the dream, and live in peace with racists next door, down the street, around the corner and on your job. Africans must begin to understand how the system of collaboration diverts our unity with the Caribbean and Africa for a myth no more real than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or a white deity which arose to remove your sins. Imperialism forced that nonsense upon black folks’ minds, and mentally weak niggers refuse to remove those mental chains.

So, the last few weeks have presented a somewhat quiescent period despite the growing economic crisis. People seem to yearn for that crummy stimulus check in the mail. It has literally caused most critics to shut their yapping traps. Makes one wonder what kind of check niggers would settle for if we can elevate the whole Reparations issue?

George W Bush gave out stimulus checks as well, in his first term, as a reason to celebrate his presidency. That is like King David giving every man in his kingdom a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread. Then again, David was a giant killer. While the jazz artists call Pittsburgh (my home town) “Land of the Giant Killers,” Bush 43, being from Texas, came from the land of the giants. Which is why he could bogart his way into office and behave as if all us little people need to enjoy our roles as unconscious grist for the mill of Imperialism.

So far, we haven’t seen much separation between Barack Obama and Bush 43. Obama isn’t going to address the Reparations question, and so-called black leaders do not want to rock his presidential boat.

Now the white media, with its ugly, twisted rhetoric, attacks Obama on all fronts. The media did not oppose the Bush war at any juncture in its development. It did not counter the blood thirsty lies spread by Colin Powell, in his role at the United Nations as US Secretary of State. This is not just a matter of interpreting or misinterpreting satellite data, as Powell would have us believe. It involved a campaign of slander and lies aimed at the IAEA, Hans Blix, and other internationally certified authorities on Iraq’s capacity to wage war.

Obama, having made promises he obviously never intended to keep, extended the deadline for withdrawing troops from Iraq. Some will be there indefinitely, locked in step with the Rumsfeld Doctrine, “that we will be there a hundred years, if we have to.”

From the land of the giant killers, the slings are being primed.

One media goliath has have slandered the anti-war establishment as “Democratic voters who ached to see America defeated in ‘Bush’s War’”. The giant killers are not Democratic Party voters.

Besides, the US cannot be defeated in Iraq because of several factors. Superior military force always prevails over any highly disorganized and subjective anti-occupation movement. Religion worked fastidiously against Iraqi nationalism. The Brits instigated sectarian violence between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims by surreptitiously bombing the Golden Mosque. This deflected all efforts away from the occupation, the internecine conflict exacerbated by the CIA/Al Qaida anarchist Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.

Now the weak, neo-colonial micro-state struggles to survive in the face of an eventual pull out. The lessons we take from Iraq apply to this period in history.

In Iraq, the Arab world’s only industrialized nation-state, Imperialism completely shattered that country’s economic infrastructure thru twelve years of genocidal economic sanctions prior to the second US invasion, aka the Third Gulf War. The bloodsucking media has the nerve to imply that those who voted for the Obama policy of Imperialism thru Democracy actually wanted to see the US be militarily defeated in Iraq!

Today, the US economic crisis threatens to shatter the lives, jobs and communities of tens of millions of people. With over one trillion dollars already being doled out to investment banks, the giants are killing us. The black community is suffering its own war, a war where far too few of us have ever fought back, a war where those having sanctions and prisons imposed upon them are all too happy to believe the enemy is the friend.

To say, Iraq survived twelve years of sanctions then suffered another devastating military attack by the US and its allies. Now the US working class must likewise take a hit by the same giant interests, international finance capitalism. The most marginalized players, the black workers will bear the brunt of this “crisis” around the world. So black workers must begin to see themselves as giant killers.

We cannot afford to wait for a US military defeat in Iraq or Afghanistan, while the spineless white left says that plant takeovers and uprisings are “ultra-left”. However, workers cannot remain content with bearing the burden of capitalist economic crises. Black workers, who suffer chronic unemployment, chronic debt and health issues, and all the other baggage that anyone assumes goes with being avowed insurgents, are not maroons, rebels or even passive enemies of Imperialism.

In order to become free, black workers must make the decision to be the conscious enemies of capitalism. Black workers, the little guys, must become giant killers. You want Reparations, my People, STAND UP!! Stand up, People. To hell with Obama, he is no black savior. Only the People united will never be defeated.

Luis Posada Carriles, US Guest, International Terrorist

Havana.  April 9, 2009

Posada accused in relation to the attacks in Havana

Jean-Guy Allard

IN a surprising change of strategy, Washington district attorneys responsible for the case against Luis Posada Carriles have increased the number of charges brought against the international terrorist in El Paso, Texas, with respect to false statements in relation to the campaign of attacks that he unleashed in Havana in 1997.

According to the AP, Posada is now charged with having lied about his involvement “in seeking individuals to carry out attacks in Cuba.” More specifically, the district attorneys specified that he failed to tell the truth about having asked Salvadorian mercenary Raúl Cruz León to take explosives to the island for attacks designed to damaging tourist activity.

One of the acts of terrorism perpetrated by Cruz León, contracted by Posada in El Salvador, resulted in the death of Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo. Posada has admitted to his involvement in these crimes in interviews published in the United States.

With a lengthy record in terrorism, including the mid-flight destruction of a Cuban civilian aircraft that caused the death of all 73 people on board, Posada now faces 11 charges, once again appearing before Federal Judge Kathleen Cardone, who previously released him.

The change of strategy on the part of the district attorneys, headed by John W. Van Lonkhuyzen, who belong to the Anti-Terrorist Section of the Justice Department – now directed by Eric Holder – would seems to correspond to a review of the case given repeated extradition applications by the Venezuelan government, in the run up to the Americas Summit, where the issue will inevitably be raised.

However, the District Attorney’s Office has limited itself to additional charges perjury and obstruction against the most famous terrorist in the hemisphere, who worked for the CIA for more than 25 years, besides having served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The new charges will be filed today in the El Paso Court, in a hearing where Posada will supposedly have to be present.

The killer torturer, who is of Cuban origin but was naturalized in Venezuela, has been at liberty since May 2007, after the same judge, Kathleen Cardone, rejected the immigration charges brought by the Justice Department of former U.S. president George W. Bush. That ruling was overturned by the New Orleans 5th Circuit Court of Appeal, which ordered a retrial.

Translated by Granma International

Smoked Pigs in the Police State

Here in Pittsburgh, just this past Saturday a right-wing gun nut opened fire and smoked three pigs. You probably heard about it. And you might not agree with the way I am laying it down. But this is my piece, and I write what I like.

When the cops smoke one of us, we’re all supposed to think it’s all copasetic, like a brain freeze from a smoothie. That ain’t wassup. The pigs have gotten away with far too much murder and violence over the past for black folk to ever be all groovy ‘n stuff with ‘em, especially with so many of them flowing into town for funerals. Nope. Just ain’t feeling this media build up for three pigs.

Whenever who gets ready to post their little comments defending the cops, whatever you have to say, however you have to say it, your feelings and defensive lil jibes, I heard it all before so many times sounds like it’s coming out of a can. Network and cable outlets speak for you, and so we are fighting to find our own voice, being boxed out and shut down by Imperialism.

So back in the Nineties, the pigs smoked a brother named Jackson in the Armstrong Tunnels. The tunnel is a twisting, narrow tube that is difficult to turn around in on a bicycle. Bro Jackson drove a Thunderbird or a Toronado, some kinda scruggle buggy. Anyway, the cop who killed him had shot the brother several times in the back of the head; cover story (alibi) was Brother Jackson had sped across the Tenth Street Bridge on three flat tires, entered the tube at a high rate of speed, spun his car around, rammed the pigs, spun it around again, and got his cap peeled before he could wreak anymore havoc. Cops – 1, The Ghetto – 0.

In Uniontown, fifty miles or so outside of the ‘Burgh, two state police shot an unarmed, joy-riding 12-year-old in the back, murdering him. Some cracker at my work stated that the kid shouldn’t have been running. I wonder what kind of kid doesn’t run when they get into mischief? Anyway, a half-baked prosecution effort resulted in the pigs’ exoneration. One of the pigs, the trigger man, just recently got convicted for murdering his girlfriend‘s hubby. Homocide, life in the street, and not the Hollywood version.

Here is something from a leaflet, turned into a thread, distributed in July 2002:

Recently, a nine-year-old African (American) boy in McKees Rocks fell under a vicious attack by a racist local law enforcement team. In a story which made national headlines, it so happened that in response to racist conditioning instilled by its trainer, a police dog broke away from a scuffle between the police handler and a white suspect and charged half a block down the street to violently assault young Brandon Livingston as he played at his family home.

Police train dogs in methods of police work and therefore treat them as police. This dog and the police handler have a record of intimidating and attacking people in Black neighborhoods and homes. The handler unleashed his dog in a residential area; typical police conditioning made this animal vicious, unpredictable and prone to unprovoked attack against passive individuals and even harmless children.

Not long following this unprovoked assault on a child, local police began racist, Nazi-style hate attacks against Boro Councilwoman Wanda Dixon for her strong stand in defense of her community and constituents. Uniformed racist police officers have verbally attacked Ms. Dixon through a steady stream of terroristic threats, official oppression, and ethnic intimidation, and have generally behaved like thugs to contain this brave Black woman and democratically elected official.

Like it or not, black folks in this country live under a Police State. The police State is not merely the police themselves but the systems of laws, courts and prisons that criminalize social activity and political dissent. The Patriot Act, the Omnibus Crime Law and the Homeland Securities Act form components of Police State repression. We must fight against that because the Police State oppresses colonized working people and gives privilege to others. This Police State becomes more necessary as the State increasingly merges with international finance, a turn in society which indicates a major step towards creating fascism.

In the Bay Area, the pigs ran up in KPFA to beat and brutalize a pregnant Nadra Foster last August, at the radio station’s provocation. KPFA/Pacifica produces “Democracy Now”.

Then, police attacked demonstrators who protested the summary execution-style murder of Oscar Grant on a BART platform in full view of dozens of witnesses. It required a rebellion to force authorities to merely arrest the police trigger man in the incident, altho his colleagues accessorized the crime by confiscating video evidence from phones and other devices owned by observant passers-by: POLICE STATE.

SF Bayview reporter and street rights advocate JR Valrey was arrested and charged with arson. The same thing happened to Young Chairman Fred Hampton 16 years ago in Chicago, where he received an 18-year sentence for a crime that did not exist, during the nationwide Rodney King Rebellions. Now JR is being attacked in the East Bay Express by an armchair reporter who smeared JR as an agent provocateur. Hell, our whole movement may be agents provocateur, if we apply Benjamin Taylor’s pedestrian idiot logic. Which makes the pigs, who gun down 12-year-olds and youths like Oscar Grant, heroes.

The routine exoneration of pigs for heinous murders and brutality against our community, alongside the media demonization of activists and organizers like JR Valrey, polarizes society and sets the stage for wholesale slaughter. Genocide is built on conditions which have been arising in this country. So, our people rise up because we will never wait for and rely upon courtroom justice alone. Keep rising up. Get organized. Revolution comes from REVOLTS, and not from that old worn out circular logic of Imperialism.

Mumia Abu-Jamal in the Struggle

Mumia Abu-Jamal is a valiant journalist who has been on death row since 1981. He is the world’s most famous political prisoner in a country which accepts people fleeing political persecution from many nations. However, Mumia has languished in prison all these many years because of the racist double standard in the US legal system. He was persecuted because, as a former Black Panther Party minister of information (Philadelphia), he persistently covered the MOVE organization, which was itself at odds with the State.

Today, this morning, 8 April 2009, I received word via email that Mumia had been found dead in his cell. This is just days following the US Supreme Court’s denial of his right to appeal based on the Batson v Kentucky precedent. Batson says that potential jurors cannot be eliminated from serving based upon peremptory challenges issued by the prosecutor. Yet the court refused to recognize its own decision, on what basis I don’t kno.

So it was reported that Mumia Abu-Jamal had been found dead in his cell, told to Janet Africa by a prison guard. Here is the text of the missive:




So I called right away and got ahold of the superintendent’s receptionist. I demanded that MAJ be allowed to phone his supporters and let them kno he is alright. Then I emailed about 300 people and groups in my lists from two accounts. I posted the text on Facebook. That was crucial! I was upset. I had two of my woman friends call. They got the word out as well. Don’t mess with the sisters! Don’t mess with em, they don’t play!

Anyway, I was chatting with about four people when the word came in Mumia was doing fine. *Sigh! What a relief. Mumia was doing as well as can be expected for anyone sitting on death row for the last 28 years. The avalanche of phone calls from around the world forced the prison to give him an immediate phone call to someone not on his list, but that party faithfully relayed his message to the right people. That is unprecedented. I am still fired up! Because it shows the power of the People. Peace amongst comrades, y’all. WAR on Babylon!!

Mara Salvatruchas Trece (MS-13)

Overlap: Drug Gangs and Geo-Politics

Mara Salvatruchas Trece (MS-13) is a violent drug network that has filtrated from Centroamerica up thru Mexico and into the United States. MS-13 comprises blowback from the CIA-counterinsurgency terror network — organized during the Eighties to repress the revolutionary movements — operating in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. They have been blamed for countless acts of horrific violence, including indiscriminate attacks against other colonized peoples, particularly Africans.

In order to understand their linkages to international narco-terrorism, you have to pose MS-13 against the backdrop of the CIA Guns-for-Drugs operations, sanctioned and financed by the National Security Administration. Also known as CIA Iran-Contra during the Reagan Administration, Guns-for-Drugs was overseen by Oliver North, and run out of the White House.

The Israelis managed a big cut in the action, traced to the vast numbers of Uzis and foreign manufacture weapons on the streets here and elsewhere. Associated with the volatile cocaine traffic that flooded the US starting in the 80s, the bullet-riddled body of an Israeli Mossad officer turned up in car trunk when US armed forces invaded Panama in 1989.

Under the Carter Administration, the CIA was assigned to arm and train Al Qaida in Afghanistan to face down the Soviet occupation. CIA/Al Qaida encouraged opium cultivation to finance the pre-Taliban mujahiddeen, which formed the bulk of the anti-Soviet fighters. As then-NSA advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski directed this strategy, subsequently taken over by North, during Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Reagan aimed to halt the rising leftist trend in “America’s backyard” thru the most violent counterinsurgency methods in recent history. Centroamerica’s main operatives behind US policy included Nicaragua’s Contras, Panamanian ruler Manuel Noriega (whom the US later deposed and imprisoned), the Guatemalan government. Right-wing death squads operated with impunity in El Salvador during that era, massacring 100,000 students, workers, peasants and even nuns. These vicious activities had political backing from Congress, which led a toothless investigation of CIA Iran-Contra, for the illegal mining of Nicaragua’s harbor. Columbia, Bolivia and Peru became enmeshed in violent struggles between communist rebels versus reactionary governments. Imperialist drug kingpins press ganged peasants into intense coca production, which eventually hit our streets as cocaine.

A sidebar, Nicaragua and El Salvador at that time sustained the world’s second highest amputation rates, following closely behind Angola and Mozambique. In all four cases, militarized gangs — funded and trained by Imperialist forces — used machetes and other edged implements to terrorize, dismember, maim and murder people by the thousands.

Undeniably connected with this time, drug money laundered thru Cayman Islands or US savings and loans institutions accounted for billions of dollars in illegal proceeds, which ultimately contributed to the collapse of 747 S&Ls like Whitewater, BCCI, and others. This is only one of many leading edges of the reactionary right-wing agenda in American politics.

MS-13 arose as the heir apparent of the Centroamericano pro-imperialist death squads and drug gangs. Parasitic excrescences backing this web of intrigue include reactionary financiers, presently looting the worldwide working class, and imposing a regime of terror across the globe.

We can connect the dots to make comparisons with CIA-trained Al Qaida, spreading its bloodsucking influence thru out Asia. Alongside Al Qaida, include the US-backed military regimes of Paul Kagame and Yoweri Musaveni presently aiming to annex DRC, the interhamwe in DRC, the Saudi-funded janjaweed in Darfur, and other similar pro-imperialist and sub-imperialist terror formations. The common thread running thru these factions involves profit-making via militarized violence, counterinsurgency, and neo-colonialism. Illuminating MS-13 makes one more case for the revolutionary transformation of Imperialism’s genocidal class system.

MS-13, like all drug gangs, poses a serious threat to the stability of working class communities. Their indiscriminate targeting of black people must meet stiff resistance. Yet it makes little sense to stampede peoples minds with scattershot information that provides primitive context, liberal-reactionary content, and race nationalist underpinnings. Our community must become organized not just for simple self-defense. That cannot survive as a successful strategy within any scenario. We have to organize by building scientific socialism, that is, revolutionary communities of resistance, a maroon society.

New Approaches to Old Questions

Dialectics Simplified

If we sum up capitalism as detrimental to society, and that a new society must emerge to benefit people instead exploit and oppress them, strategies must be developed to help people make the transformation. So since the principle of concentration defines capitalism, any dual and contending social system bases itself upon dilution.

Should capitalism concentrate wealth in as few hands as possible, then our social system must dilute it to benefit as many folks as possible. Where power has become concentrated, there must be methods and strategies for distributing power. If capitalism concentrates the class question, we must thoroly dilute class relations. If politics is economics concentrated, then a diluted political process must replace it. The tyranny of the few can overthrown for a society where all members have an equal stake.

To end this tyranny by the oligarchs, at least a handful of strategies can be proposed in answer to concentrated wealth and power. The time has come for society to seriously examine alternatives to capitalism.

Banks arose for the selfish act of concentrating wealth, so collectives and co-operatives can be built by workers to begin wealth distribution. By contrast, workers collectives exist as political units where people live and work in unity. A revolutionary party is a form of political collective, with democratic structures based upon the principle of volunteerism. Unions are supposed to function like collectives. The organizational structure of community centers, co-ops and other formations may operated along the lines of a collective.

The political component of any collective must have as its objective wealth dilution, plus the consolidation of all its members under revolutionary discipline.

A co-operative operates differently than a collective. Members of a co-operative do not have a formal tie to it, in many cases. The co-operative exists to serve as an outlet for merchants to sell their wares or for workers to have collective buying power. Childcare collectives for working mothers have been very successful. A collective may help individuals locate jobs or education or other services. co-ops have a more limited function than collectives, being organized most often around specific economic needs.

All membership in a co-operative or collective is voluntary and democratic. Rules are decided and those who refuse to follow them may face expulsion.

Community control of policing may be operated along the lines of a co-operative oversight body. This concept, of which the Black Panther Party was its most strident advocate, arose to dilute the political force which imposed itself upon the colonized black community.

Militaries, police forces, private security firms and other forces of armed men exist for the concentration of power. Concentrated power exists because a small class needs to exercise control over the masses. Workers  need no armed managers to force them to produce; but that is what society is coming to, with the growing economic crisis. Concentrated wealth and power represents the greatest threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everybody except the international financiers.

Diluting power by redistributing it thru society strips away the effects of systematic oppression, political repression, in reality. The mere fact that concentrated political power resides in the hands of an exclusive minority means that repression exists. Not just the potential for repression, but actual repression exists in all capitalist societies with standing armies and police forces. People currently refuse to rise up because they fear the murderous power of the State. This power can be deployed for whatever reason and at which ever time the power structure chooses. Society does not have to be in an uprising for this to happen.

Fascism maintained its grip on Argentina, Paraguay and Chile long after the revolutionary sectors had been subdued. Concentrated power has always violently expressed itself in colonial and neo-colonial zones. Without concentrated power, repression cannot take place. Concentrated power is, simply, repression itself.

How do people dilute political power, that is, how to strip it from the control of a bloodsucking, capitalist two-party system? This same two-party system has led the world economy directly to this seething crisis point. So by imposing term limits the masses can erode this power and the influence of the corporate financiers who back them. Build upon the outrage against the current Congress and other politicos. Demand term limits; even build work for a referendum.

This must be done. This way, new work can break ground for revolutionaries in the Left.

Dialectics is like mathematics: identify the problem, define, then solve for the correct answer. When the terms or problem appears complex, simplify it by breaking it down into sections. Identify, define and solve for each section, then apply the appropriate functions joining those sections together and solve for the entire problem.

For Imperialism, neo-colonialism provides the workaround for the concentrated class question but we have to recognize neo-colonialism as a redundant and moribund structure. What those outside the formal colonies call racism, what the white Left refers to as “superexploitation”, colonialism appears to have been vanquished. However, colonialism has merely acquired the face of the colonized, as Frantz Fanon explained in “Black Skins, White Mask”. The struggle to identify with the colonizer leads to an oppressive relationship over the colonized.

Organizers must attack the concentrated class question at its root. Which means splitting racist white workers by winning progressive and revolutionary white workers over to the anti-colonialist/anti-imperialist struggle. It means deepening the political education process. It means giving these workers the opportunity to blend with Africans, Chicanos and other colonized nationalities so that Internationalism may have a concrete shape.

A great deal of work lay ahead, and the answers cannot be formulated by any one person or group. Yet a push in the right direction is necessary. We need all the components of society to make this transformation. In this time of crisis, we have a little space to accomplish this work, but the urgency of the hour must be impressed upon everybody interested in finding a solution.

Power to the People!
Pamberi ne Chimurenga!

“The Obama Deception,” Alex Jones

Beloved sisters and brothers of Humanity across this now ravaged Earth, I wasn’t even going to comment on the most recent parasitic “financial meltdown” garbage, AIG taking federal “bailout” money and paying huge bonuses to executive officers and upper managers. For me, the difficult aspect of doing this economic breakdown is not putting it in simple words for the masses, but getting a grip on what is happening so that it can be broken down. Because I am not by training an economist nor an intellectual by any means. I am a working class brother, myself, and it is my duty to translate the news and misinformation of the capitalist system into a form upon which people can ACT! I will do this until my dying breath, in the hope that you will SEIZE THE TIME, and put an end to Imperialism once and for all.

And yet you still don’t seem to grasp it, that we have so little time left. This period is characterized by intensified, rapine CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH in as few hands as possible. There is no “financial meltdown” or economic crisis except as manipulated by the robber barons of the financial system. It is crass manipulation which will IMMOLATE us all if not for a mass uprising against the ruling class.

The critical thing to understand is that only working class people can change this situation. Working class people make up a strategic sector of the population. Only two strategic sectors exist, that is, only two classes can determine the objective course of history. The ruling class, a small group that weilds power out of proportion to its numbers, has this ability. Workers, because of several factors, are the other class.

Other classes, particularly the petty bourgeoisie, or middle class, lack the ability to objectively alter the course of history. They lack power, wealth and numbers. For them to gain power, they must manipulate society’s actual producers, the workers, in order to displace the present rulers and wield power in their stead.

The ruling class does not need numerical strength to determine the course of history. They have power and wealth which allows them to call all the shots. However, this power and wealth derives from concentrating resources into as few hands as possible, and this situation exists because society cedes that as their right. People have to understand that rights are abstractions; rights exist based upon what society recognizes as moral or just or merely the way it is because the law says so. In a democracy, this abstraction cannot have any force if people strike against it. Once society begins to turn away from the notion of PRIVATE PROPERTY as a right, that will begin to erode the power which a tiny, bloodsucking minority wields over the vast numbers of humanity.

As unemployment expands and people’s comfort zone shrinks, the outrage which remains bottled up must not stay contained as it had during the years when wages shrunk and living expenses grew. Because INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CAPITALISM must end. It is the system which has produced every problem known to the modern world. The vast interwoven social fabric which stretches across the globe cannot allow its fate to rely upon the decisions of a handful of jaded movers and shakers.

The working classes produce everything society needs for its maintenance. It produces medicine, food, housing, weapons, factories, mines, wealth and power that it has the ability to wield in its own interests by its own hands. However, it surrenders everything it produces for the pleasure of the ruling class. EVERYTHING!! The workers and other producers give up every iota of wealth and power to the capitalists, who turn it all against the workers who created this fabulous society themselves. EVERYTHING!

The bourgeoisie produce wars over resources to turn one group of workers against another, to enslave a nation so that the bourgeoisie may themselves enjoy the power they exercise thru the spectacle of bloodshed and horrendous destruction. The bourgeoisie produce nothing except exploitation and oppression. It is impossible for them to produce a single thing of material significance.

In fact, the bourgeoisie substitute paper value for real value. They substitute worthless paper for the things that workers produce in the factories, mines, fields and anywhere else workers replenish and subdue the earth for the life of society.


Paper for the gold you dig, the diamonds get forked over for paper money; the farmer gives up his crops for a debt owed to the bank. ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!! Has society gone mad? Yes, this is the beginning of the madness which brought us to this point in history. We are in a new period, where society will have to decide which way to turn. Your very existence is on the line.


Return to the Source

For millennia, children laughed and played while adults hunted and fished and farmed a land where shiny pieces of dirt lay on the ground and in riverbeds washed down from mountains and volcanoes thru aeons of geological activity.

People lived there thru out the ages and decorated themselves with these shiny pieces of dirt. These rocks, stones, minerals and ores lay plentiful across the landscape.

People advanced thru different ages from clans of hunter-gatherers thru to bronze-age tribes who domesticated cattle, on to iron-age nation-builders who raised empires and razed older societies.

Then capitalism arrived from the outside. It enslaved people under the banner of colonialism, which attempted to erase their old ways of life. Capitalism carried off millions to another hemisphere, where the people worked and died in mines and on plantations to enrich masters who broke their backs. They built a new society on their backs, a society which despised them even as it lusted for their labor.

Back home, they were made to tear down their own civilization and use the wealth of their land to export to palaces and mansions far away. They could not even dream of how their back-breaking struggles produced exotic luxuries for the bloodsucking pirates, who invented private property and reduced land and power to deeds and writs on mere pieces of paper.

In the land where paper was invented, it had never before been used to oppress people.

Shiny piece of dirt, a diamond. --Image from Wikipedia

"Shiny piece of dirt, a diamond." --Image from Wikipedia

Suddenly, shiny pieces of dirt, which had little intrinsic value, became priceless. The dirt that people walked upon, the dirt where children played, now became important in ways that people had never before imagined. They became enslaved for shiny pieces of dirt; they died mining it, sifting thru common soil to separate out the shiny green or red or blue or clear pieces. After awhile, they were given paper in exchange for the dirt. But for centuries, they only received a few stripes from the lash.

Now, they are given the gun. They are given bullets and machetes in exchange for the shiny pieces of dirt. In the faraway land where their sisters and brothers were kidnapped and enslaved, people wear the shiny pieces of dirt, paid for in blood by relatives in the Motherland. The lost orphans call it bling. But bling is just a shiny piece of dirt that once lay on the ground and while they pay for it with worthless paper, the hole dug for that shiny rock now becomes the grave for six million precious lives lost for the sake of worthless paper, worthless bling, and worthless power.

Petty Bourgeoisie in Crisis and Conflict

PAIDS and the Black Middle Class

…Politically Acquired Ideological Deficiency Syndrome (PAIDS) …
A negro does not believe any other system will ever exist in our lifetimes.
A negro will never work for the Revolution.
A negro may try to convince you that capitalism is forever, that it cannot be destroyed, and that nothing better can possibly exist+
Negroes will work for Imperialism under any circumstances, and will work against the liberation movement in one way or another.

….PAIDS is the trouble with negroes

One chief problem with the analyses that cross our daily travels is they almost invariably fail to see the big picture. These attempted breakdowns of events in society, and to black folks in particular, resemble the five blind men who fondled an elephant. One felt the trunk and thought it a snake; another felt the leg, believing it was a tree; the third felt the ear and assumed it was a fan; still another touched its tusks, saying it was a spear. Finally, the last stepped in the elephant’s dookey, and thought it was a mud slide.

Like the blind men, few of us have a comprehensive breakdown of what we are dealing with in this bloodsucking capitalist system. Up to our necks in dookey, we think it’s just a mud puddle. Yet the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Hence, to understand the whole reveals the raison d’etre of its parts, their reason for being.

Probably the biggest failure to understand this derives from the black middle class. Two books, The Black Bourgeoisie by E. Franklin Frazier and The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual by Harold Cruse, explain more to black Americans than the sum of all other works on the genre combined. These two giant exponents of revolutionary analysis give us the best look into the heart of the black middle class and its failure to provide effective leadership. They define the black petty bourgeoisie as a class in crisis, frustrated by its linkage to capitalism and the black working class community which gives it legitimacy. Remove its ideological leadership over the masses of African people, and its relationship to capitalism becomes useless.

The duality of black middle class consciousness, that is, the divided mindset based upon servility to Imperialism and leadership over the black colony, produces a confusing mishmash of ideas and ideologies that cannot help our community move ahead.

Dual consciousness has its basis in the class contradiction. It is, as Malcolm X pointed out, at once identifying with the slave master while striving to represent “a positive image” to the slave. Simultaneously, these “positive images” lack substance. Images all lack substance. An image is a picture, a statue, a representation of something real or imagined. For that reason, the NAACP annually produces its Image Awards. Black magazines and newspapers continually talk about presenting positive images. Mentoring is a method for fostering images. What happens, tho, when the image proves to be false or corrupt or superficial, as all too often proves the case?

Today’s youth culture has come to believe in the images on the dollar bill, images which can be exchanged for something of real value, even if the images themselves prove superficial. The youth have little use for leaders, anymore, because the rhetoric of the black middle class has too many deficiencies and not enuf depth. This class fails to link capitalism with parasitism on the black community. It fails to organize effectively and inadequately supports revolutionary sectors in the black colony, even while racism obviously enjoys legitimacy in capitalist society. The black middle class seems only interested in its own comfort, promotion and exclusivity in the midst of a holocaust taking place in Haiti, the Congo and right here.

In some cases, the black middle class forms the frontline in the war against the black community and its working class soldiers.

It is the middle class that helped arrest, jail, convict and imprison Jamil Al Amin in Atlanta. It is the middle class waging war against Mukasa Dada. The black middle class opposed the anti-apartheid divestment campaign on HBCU campuses across the country. The black middle class in league with Imperialism produced the backwards culture of gangsta rap, and reactionaries like Stanley Crouch and Juan Williams. It produced Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, Michael Steele and other enemies of the black community. This reveals the essence of Politically Acquired Ideological Deficiency Syndrome. Because the black middle class lacks an anti-imperialist analysis, because it poses itself as the leadership of the black masses, it remains uncritical of sell outs because PAIDS means getting over and selling out in some way or another.

So the inadequate analyses of the civil rights era left our community bereft of genuine leadership, especially following the US government war against revolutionary movements. Ideas got coopted. Mukasa Ricks started the momentum for the slogan “Black Power”, even tho it had earlier beginnings with Malcolm X and Robert F. Williams. Then, the slogan got quickly transformed to mean something else, “green power, money,” as Floyd McKissick redefined it. Fred Hampton’s Rainbow Coalition, meant to build solidarity for the Black Panthers in their work thru out the black colony, became something else when Jesse Jackson took over the concept. So in this way, crucial elements of our most rapidly growing and most relevant trends became watered down and reformed to better suit the needs of capitalism.

Today, instead of a scientific class analysis of racist confrontation, folks get deluded by a color theory. That is like fighting fire with fire, instead of fighting it with water. Because Imperialism uses a color theory to build and maintain the racist conflict. Theories about Ham, about “survival of the fittest”, about Aryan supremacy and all sorts of nonsense populate the white community and the best the black middle class can do is create more myths. We need a scientific analysis that will remain consistent despite changing conditions, and will provide us with a basis for building  communities of resistance. You cannot build a community of resistance when working for a career. That career can be inside a capitalist corporation or it can be a career making speeches and writing books that do nothing for our advancement.

We have to understand that Imperialism faces a crisis. During this period, the shot callers do not want to see social upheaval turn this country inside out. So they have diluted the racist system by having you focus on a part instead of the whole. They have elevated the status of Imperialism’s neo-colonial program. And one negro in the whites house with PAIDS, who has pulled the US out of the World Conference Against Racism, playing a role similar to Colin Powell’s 2001 act, cannot possibly recognize nor articulate the contradictions facing black people in America or around this planet. We have to begin fighting back against Imperialism.

The time is now to demand Reparations. We must make the demand while the government is doling out $800 billion to bloodsucking financial institutions. We must say we need a program to get our communities on their feet. We must demand this money to help our people not just in this country but thru out the Caribbean and Africa. Working class Africans cannot afford to come down with PAIDS. We have to build our own communities. We have the skills. History only requires our unity and resolve.

Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan

Celebrating Life Now

By Tarikh Tehuti Bandele
After watching Gil Noble’s excellent piece highlighting the master teacher that is Dr. Yosef ben Yochannan, i started to think about some things. Too often, we celebrate the life and struggle of people when they have made their transition. Also sparking these thoughts were my listening to WBAI/Pacifica Radio over the last few days. As many of you know, this past February 21st was the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Minister Malcolm X. And many of WBAI’s broadcasters were ‘celebrating’ this day, February 21, by remembering Malcolm, dicussing his philosophy, and playing many of his speeches, interviews, and debates.

Let me add here that i don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong with doing this. At the same time, however, i feel that, as a community, we must honor, celebrate and acknowledge those who have struggled for Afrikan liberation while they are here. History teaches us that, for the most part, Minister Malcolm was a pariah among many of his own people. Not more than two weeks before he was assassinated, Gil Noble says that his wife noticed Malcolm walking down the street in Harlem. Noble’s wife said Malcolm was completely alone. Now that is interesting. Indeed, a new, more appreciative generation has dicovered him and held him up as a sincere freedom fighter. But, the question that begs to be answered is “where were his people then, when he was alive?”

Dr Yosef ben Jochannan in action

Dr Yosef ben Jochannan in action

Dr. Ben (as we have come to acknowledge him) is one of my master teachers, one at whose feet i have sat at for the last twenty-one years. Much of what i know was either taught to me by him or was learned after being inspired by him. He is the egyptologist’s egyptologist. He has uncompromisingly dedicated his life to the correct and accurate retelling of the history of Afrika in general, and Kemet in specific. While he has many detractors and skeptics, no one can deny this dedication. No one can deny his love of Afrika, his love of Her people, and his adoration of the truth.

I will admit, Dr. Ben could ruffle some feathers with his scathing denunciation of “western religions” and their tendency to co-opt Afrikan spiritual systems, without giving due credit to the source. I once remember a discussion I had with a progressive sister. And when i cited one of Dr. Ben’s books in the discussion, her facial expression immediately changed. Inquiring why that had happened and what issue(s) (if any) did she have with Dr. Ben, the only thing she could raise was the print style of his books. Playing the role of psychologist, i finally got the sister to admit that her problem with him was the truths he revealed about Islam and it’s connection to Afrikan spiritual systems.

Zealouts need not apply. With Dr. Ben, you will either appreciate his lessons or assail him and them. So, if you are one of those that believe that your religion can do no wrong, steer clear. If, on the other hand, you are willing to approach this beautiful master teacher with an open mind, by all means, drop to one knee and soak in all that he has to offer you.

I love you, Dr. Ben. You have been instrumental in shaping and forming the love for and determination i have for Afrikan liberation. You have taught me (like you have taught hundreds of thousands more)so much by your selfless example. I adore your wit, your candidness, your humor, and your refusal to accept lies and hypocrisy as truth. And like Garvey, do not worry Great Tiger: you have left many, many cubs in the bush. And those cubs have left cubs. And those cubs are leaving cubs.

Alafia Ndugu!

Now Get Up.

Tarikh Tehuti Bandele.



“God Never Dies, Therefore I Cannot Die!”

WHO CONTROLS YOU: Breaking down the mythmakers

“Illuminati”, or ‘the Trouble with Negroes?’

In the African community, the round table discussions on the Illuminati convey typical misconceptions which portray the elephant as too big to slay. In a piece of info that has been rehashed thousands of times, Prof Griff (below) tells us the Illuminati are supposed to be twelve families/corporations that control the world. However, straight from the onset this view is rife with holes. Which does not mean that twelve families do not control the world! But that is not the primary problem we face as Africans, nor does the “analysis” of the Illuminati tell us what the main problem in society is with them people.

Because if the solution is in melanin, those of us who have melanin need do nothing, our skin color will take over. Which is not to say that I am not proud to be Black, but THAT is a state of mind and not so much a natural essence. Feeding into Griff’s circular illogic can only deepen the pathology for Africans and anybody else who wants to be liberated from Imperialism. Not only that, Griff sums up by posing a number of goofball, half-baked questions that lead us even further away from solutions:





Based on these assumptions, we see that the class theory of racist confrontation offers the correct approach towards understanding our relationship to Europe, America and to Africa. The color theory lacks a dialectical, multifaceted attack on the daily problems facing African people anywhere. It might fix the problem for a preacher or a lecturer or a hip hop artist who has something to sell. But the color theory has no problem-solving capacity for blacks laboring under the gun in DR Congo, for the slums in Soweto, for the families oppressed by the oil companies in the Niger Delta. It cannot help Africans in Somalia where white power accuses them of piracy whilst dumping nuclear, chemical and household waste off their coasts. The color theory will not combat AIDS/HIV. Melanin, a chemical within the skin that has fascinating properties, will not automatically fix that problem. We, as human beings, cannot reduce our experience to the properties of any particular substance, biological or otherwise. Our complexities and composition are so much more than that. So how the hell do the color theory advocates think up this nonsense, as if anyone other than a psychiatrist should care to kno.

Them Illuminati bloodsuckers, first of all, are not illuminated nor enlightened and we who are struggling to transform our conditions have absolutely no business referring to them that way. So we must break down the mystification process, which by calling them the “Illuminati” only contributes towards portraying this herd of beasts as too big and too ferocious to slay, and encourages us to accept slavery because that is our place. Griff’s indignation about the pope touches upon this, tho it doesn’t transform our consciousness in a revolutionary way.

In fact, we have little business approaching any question of exploitation and oppression without a class analysis. The class analysis of the Vietnamese helped them defeat both French and US imperialism. It was the class analysis of FRELIMO in Mozambique and PAIGC in Guinea-Bissau which helped Africans defeat Portuguese colonialism. The founder of revolutionary Pan Africanism,  Kwame Nkrumah, left us a class analysis. Every successful anti-colonial, anti-imperialist movement of the Twentieth Century had a class analysis based upon dialectics, Internationalism, and building a community of resistance. (For more on revolutionaries and their movements, see “THREE!”) If Griff has accomplished more than those human beings have in fighting against the white power system, then I will gladly adopt his theory and use it to liberate 900 million Africans thru out the Americas and our beloved Motherland. If not, Professor Griff needs to check his pimp game at the curb!

Hence, what is the problem with the analysis that attributes power to the Illuminati?  We do not get to see Prof Griff say that the capitalist system is wrong. Info that you cannot use has no use. Capitalism is based upon the concentration of wealth and power into as few hands as possible. So that is the second error in this analysis, after Griff immediately begins mystifying this group of parasites by telling us how the Pope’s insignia adds up to some absurd number of the devil (666). Steve Bantu Biko once stated that the mind of the oppressed is the most formidable weapon in the hands of the oppressor, and Griff leads us directly back into the hands of the Imperialists by addressing some fable about a future woven from nearly two thousand years ago and applying it to a religious officer.

If we understand capitalism as a class system and break it down, we kno the pope is a capitalist. The US prez is a capitalist, the bankers are capitalists, the politicians are capitalists, the industrialists are capitalists. Therefore the civil institutions like churches, community centers, and other formations are generally capitalist, particularly if they receive large monies from capitalist donors. So the pope is a bloodsucking capitalist, yes, Professor Griff.

People instinctively kno the Imperialists’ most important formation includes the State, presently a public system that exists to maintain POWER for private interests. The modern capitalist State operates along several parameters, that is, guidelines that remain in place as long as emergency measures are not required. Democracy, for instance, gives people consent over their oppression and exploitation. They can always be blamed for the government that they choose, despite the fact that the capitalist political system offers them no alternatives. Yet once the State is removed, that is, any group of bodies powerful enuf to topple the State by revolution or reaction will themselves be in charge of society and no Illuminati, Pope or other entity will be able to stand if that group in power so chooses.

Because modern society is a vast interwoven social fabric that stretches across the globe. Our genuine alternatives begin by building collectives. A collective exists as a non-capitalist social formation. It competes with capitalism and is not typically integrated into it. It stresses the importance of people instead of capital. People are not social capital, they are not resources, they are people. Humanity. This is how we understand each other thru the concept of humanness, or Ubuntu.

Now the so-called Illuminati control capitalism, a system based upon the private accumulation of collectively-produced wealth. The Illuminati represent a syndicate that stands above other capitalist formations and aims to control them. Most people do not even understand how these respectable gangsters operate their syndicates, cartels, trusts and monopolies for private power and control. But they are capitalists, and nothing else.

In this respect they do not differ from, say, Louis Farrakhan or Russell Simmons or “the first black president of the free world”. The difference here is the amount of power and control they possess. As Musaveni and Paul Kagame acquire increasing power, Imperialism admits them to the club. Still, tho, such negroes remain simply well-paid yet abject flunkies for Imperialism.

Therefore we may ascertain that the problem with negroes concerns their relationship to the African liberation struggle. This difference separates a negro from a black man or woman. You cannot tell by the outside appearance. You cannot tell thru a conversation. You can only discern the difference thru the outcomes we produce within struggle. Politically Acquired Ideological Defiency Syndrome (PAIDS) leads us to believe everything except the correct theory in our quest for liberation.

A negro has PAIDS and serves Imperialism. A negro does not believe any other system will ever exist in our lifetimes. On that basis, a negro will never work for the Revolution. A negro may try to convince you that capitalism is forever, that it cannot be destroyed, and that nothing better can possibly exist: PAIDS. Therefore, negroes will work for Imperialism under any circumstances, and will work against the liberation movement in one way or another. They will show us how wealth is important, how it is important to have money and bling; and perhaps feed our resentment of white people because they have more amounts of money and bling. Yet, because of PAIDS, a negro cannot possibly be for revolution, for the end of capitalism.

PAIDS is the trouble with negroes, with negro thinking that lacks a class analysis, and the trouble with any leader who starves the whole tribe rather than slaying the behemoth, because some of us may die in the struggle. But for revolutionaries from Jamal Al Amin and Mumia Abu-Jamal to Amilcar Cabral and Tookie Williams, it is a price worth paying to feed a people starving for liberation. So you have PAIDS, or are you a revolutionary thinker and organizer? That is the question.


Iskandar Langalibalele

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Ali, you have to check out the documentary “Zeitgeist”. It gives a more comprehensive, scientific breakdown of the “Illuminati” and its relationship to banking and the ongoing capitalist economic crises.

One of the things which concerns me is “actionable” information/intelligence. My email gets flooded with this type of info, but I don’t kno a single somebody who in onto this tip who is working to build a revolution. F’instance, there is no agitational component. What does Prof Griff suggest we do? What does anybody talking about the Illuminati suggest? That is the $800 billion question. Not the Jews. Not the Illuminati. Not the Bohemian Club. All these forces behave as parts of a broad ensemble working in concert to maintain a system of ownership and control that you may learn about in any basic Marxist type political education process.

For every problem there is supposed to be a solution, and people who are not solution-oriented cannot possibly build a movement based upon international African unity or any form of anti-imperialism. I say this repeatedly because of the volume of indiscriminate fact-based literature that fills my email. A math problem must be posed in such a way as to yield a solution. Same with astronomy, chemistry, sociology, psychology. So we have to ask how do we DEMYSTIFY the Illuminati; the type of info supplied by Prof Griff does not do that. In fact, it seems to make them bigger than life.

Can we solve any problem by featuring it as bigger than life, or do we stop calling these people the “Illuminati” and give them a name that defines them scientifically in their relationship to the resto of society: the bourgeoisie, the capitalists, the Imperialists. For me, the Illuminati do not exist as a class but a subgroup within a class, like a club. We aint talking about no fucking clubs, we are talking about a SYSTEM! The Imperialists run a system; the capitalists run a system and there is no Illuminati system. That is only bullshit to take the focus off of CAPITALISM! The bourgeoisie (capitalists) exists and poses a problem for us that we can only solve thru the revolutionary process.

As I kno you are an anarchist, you prolly don’t buy any of this. Anarchism is not a scientific theory; it is based in the petty bourgeoisie; it is a theory based upon principles that are not revolutionary or scientific. Anarchists do not have democratic-centralism nor criticism/self-criticism; you have anarchism. Anarchists do not submit to political unity, a party line, solidarity and coalition building; they submit only to anarchism. It is an ineffective method of organization because it is ANARCHISM. Hence, your understanding is petty bourgeois, middle class; anarchism is derivative of a class that mediates the contradiction between the bourgeoisie and the workers; the middle class ameliorates this struggle, it defuses this struggle, and therefore cannot concoct a single permanent answer to the problem that Imperialism poses for the vast majority of the masses. I say this not to insult you, but from a dialectical historical viewpoint. There will never ever be an anarchist revolution. Anarchy is not revolution; it is anarchy.


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Ali K A

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Here is something very powerful. Check it out.. Scroll down and check out everything.

Ali Khalid

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From: Professor Griff <7thoctave@gmail.com>

Date: Sunday, February 15, 2009, 5:35 AM

Note: VICARIUS FILII DEI – “Vicar of Son of God” (Title of the Pope)


I-1……………….. I-1………………….E-0



R-0……………… I-0


U or V-5



112 plus(+) 53 plus(+) 501 equals(=) “666”

The Pope is known to previously have used and displayed these exact words on his ill-gotten crown. He then rapidly removed these words when the people caught on to the hidden symbolic meaning of the words.

* * * End of Note * * *


Vatican of Rome, Italy



____________ _________ _________ ______|__ _________ _________ _________ ______

| | | | | | |

Illuminati | Council on Foreign Relations | International Bankers | The Mafia |

| | | |

The Club of Rome The Opus Dei The Masons New Age Movement

Extra Food For Thought:

1. “The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The Pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest individual in the twentieth century. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars.”

(“The Vatican Billions” by Avro Manhattan)

2. The POPE can abolish any law in the United States. (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol.1 53-54) 25. A 1040 form is for tribute paid to Britain. (IRS Publication 6209); see also Public Law 88-243 and 88-244 (December 1963).

3. The POPE claims to own the entire planet through the laws of conquest and discovery. (Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493). With these same “Wicked” Papal Bulls, the POPE has ordered the inhumane genocide and enslavement of millions of people.

4. The Pope’s laws are obligatory on everyone. (Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix., c. vii., n. 4. Prati, 1844)(Syllabus, prop 28, 29, 44). The POPE has delusionally declared that he is the “Vicar of Christ” on this Natural Earth.

5. The POPE’s recent visit to the White House signified the re-newing of Bush’s faith to Catholic and the loyal allegiance and supportive alignment with and to the Vatican and the “New World Order” Agenda.

6. The present 2008-2009 so-called Financial Crisis (which will lead to a calculated Recession/Depressio n) is also a fabricated lie and untruth. This Economic Meltdown has been cleverly orchestrated and strategically manipulated by the International Bankers of this World. The rich is about to get richer, the middle class is on their way to becoming poor, and the poor is on their way to being turned into Green Eggs and Ham (Soilent Green).

“Economic Crisis have been produced by us for the goyim (slaves) by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation. “ – Protocols of Zion –20

7. On December 23, 1913-The U.S. Congress, late at night with only a small cadre of supporters present, passed the “Un-Constitutional” Federal Reserve Act, surrendering the creation and management of the nation’s currency into the hands of a cartel of a private group of mostly foreign “International” Bankers. It only took 20 years to bankrupt the nation and the people of The United States. In the year 1933, the United States went into a public debt insolvency – better known as Bankruptcy.

8. The Federal Reserve is not Federal. They are no more FEDERAL than Federal Express Inc. On May 23, 1933, U.S. Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges against the board of governors of the Federal Reserve Banking System, The Comptroller of the currency and the Secretary of the United States for acts of ConspiracyFraudUnlawful Conversion, and Treason along with articles of impeachment being referred to the judiciary committee. The Federal Reserve was allowed in on the American People by a U.S. Senator named Nelson Aldrich who was supposedly bribed to make it all happen. This Traitorous/Treasono us “U.S. Senator” is said to have been a “Rothschild” Agent.

9. The bulk of ownership of the Federal Reserve System is held by certain International Banking Interests. The names of these International Banking Interests are:











10. The family name Rothschild is adopted from two (2) German words “ROTH” and “SCHILD” which means “RED SHIELD”. Amschel Mayer Bauer Sr. was a Zionist Goldsmith. Over the door of his shop in Germany, he placed as his shop sign of business a RED SHIELD. The Zionists in Eastern Europe, who belonged to the revolutionary movement based on terrorism, had also adopted the Red Flag as their emblem because it represents “Red Blood”. Mayer Rothschild’s real name is Amschel Mayer Bauer, Jr. but later adopted the name “ROTHSCHILD” .

11. In the approximate year of 1770, a syndicate of International Bankers led by Mayer Rothschild started the “Illuminati“, a SATANIC Cult designed to subvert society. According to Edith Starr Miller, the Rothschild syndicate included so-called Jewish/Zionist finaciers such as Daniel Itzig, Friedlander, the Goldsmids and Moses Mocatta (Search and Reference a book entitled “Occult Theocracy” p. 184). According to Miller, the goals of the Illuminati (Communism and the New World Order) were the destruction of Christianity, Monarchies, Nation-States, the abolition of family ties and marriage by means of promoting homosexuality and promiscuity; the end of inheritance and private property; and the suppression of any collective identity in the spurious name of “Universal Human Brotherhood” (for example: “Diversity”) – p. 185 of the same book “Occult Theocracy”.

Questions for Thought?












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Asante sana

A Black World Revolution


Awhile back, I stopped reading Sons of Africa because there was too much useless info filtering in there. It’s a great site, and there is quite a bit of important news and updates which come in, yet there is a great deal of irrelevant nonsense, too. Much of the informative stuff I can get on sites with fewer posts. As for discussion, Hands Off Assata (Assata Shakur Forums)  is the best place with a black working class feel. There, people mix it up in lively discussions around any number of topics, and there are different areas where you can find the type of discussion which best suits you. But SOA, like any Yahoo group including mine (URC Discuss), doesn’t have a feature which allows moderators to file posts under different headings.

Now, people cannot focus on the main points of our struggle so as to form a strategy when they believe they are outflanked, out organized and out gunned. And for this reason, due to the variety of wild ideas in the name of Pan Africanism, the discussion in our community has become as diluted as it has from substance abuse or neo-colonialism or any other cause. One claimant to Pan Africanism on SOA, one Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala, justified introducing a rabid neo-nazi onto the board by alleging in effect that he will join with anybody to elevate his cause. We have to remember this is a polemical struggle involving actionable ideas, history and movements.

On the other hand, those of us who think along strategic lines — rather than subscribing to the panic theory, the hopeless theory, the otherworldly theory, and anything else which makes the mind putty in the hands of the oppressor, to paraphrase Steve Bantu Biko — we may better recognize the pressure points in Imperialism and what WE must do to turn pressure points into cracks, cracks into fissures, and fissures into the ruin of white power. Black Panther Party Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton said ‘we don’t fight racism with racism anymore than we fight fire with fire; we fight racism with Solidarity,’ by recruiting the staunchest anti-racist elements of the white community. And we don’t fight racism by joining with the most bloodsucking, marginal supporters of Imperialism.

So believing in the wrong knowledge is useless. Knowledge can exist without anybody having to buy into it, and we can invent ideas and theories which render exactly no service to our cause. While Santa Claus doesn’t exist, people make him real because they tell their kids there is a Santa and then their kids demand stuff at Christmas time and then parents run around like headless chickens serving a notion they planted in a child’s mind. We must calm our minds, breathe deeply, and try to look at the question as a cola nut, with a shell that protects a kernel. The kernel is what we are after because the shell is useless to us, unless we are playing Three Card Monty. We need knowledge that will render a service to our cause and the nonsense about the US being a corporation, the laws on martial decrees and citizenship, the archaic 3/5ths of a man rule and the one-drop law, the Illuminati and other passe issues are not going to liberate a single African in the Americas or in the Motherland.

One of Fanons great works

One of Fanon's great works

In all these Chicken Little discussions, — which are found almost everywhere, from the barbershop to the bar and up in the churches and on the street corners — nobody has any idea about what can be done. Nobody wants to know what can be done. Its like Frances Cress-Welsing’s Color Theory of Racial Confrontation, whereby she identifies a problem (like she is the first black person to identify racism!) and then proposes no solution to the problem. Obviously, moving away from white folks is the clear solution, given her premise. But she is no Back-to-Africa advocate. So what does she propose? Psychotherapy! Guess what? If Frantz Fanon, who was a psychotherapist, had suggested psychotherapy for Algeria instead of a liberation war, Algerians would either have killed him as a collaborator or else took his advice and still be a French colony. So much for that revisionist game Three Card Monty.

The black middle class, being the class of collaborators and traitors, does not kno what it takes to build a revolution or to even make qualitative change for our community. Not every black middle class individual is a traitor. But as a class, that is its historical role. It traded in nationalism for mobility, collaboration for integration. It exists solely thru its neo-colonial relationship to international finance capital, Imperialism. In Atlanta, the Mecca of the black middle class, a war is being waged against the historical roots of the Black Power Movement. Willie Mukasa Ricks, founder of the slogan Black Power, has been assaulted, jailed and banned from Morehouse campus. Jamil Al Amin, SNCC coordinator and former Black Panther, has been imprisoned. These repressive developments are due more to the initiative of the black middle class (on behalf of Imperialism) than to any other source.

These questions without answers, that is, without solutions that can be applied as a strategy for our liberation, derive in whole from the black middle class. In fact, the question posed by the black middle class and joined by its natural ally, the lumpen proletariat (the parasite within the working class) has only deepened our oppression.

Therefore, when we discuss the contradictions within our community we see giants in the African liberation struggle having to compete with mental midgets. People prefer to read Dr York’s opinions on Africa rather than Cheik Anta Diop, John Henrik Clarke and Walter Rodney. Our community gets offered Khalid Muhammad and Malik Shabazz’s fake panthers, in substitution to Huey P, Bobby Seale, Fred Hampton and George Jackson. Folks are no longer able to make the distinction between revolutionary theory versus harebrained half-baked idle talk. This has been a petty bourgeois trend ever since Floyd McKissick stole Willie Ricks’ slogan and cried, “Black power means green power, money!”

Here, you have freedom fighters who have built up reputations, careers and movements. These martyrs have liberated minds and bodies, while on the other hand you have limelight seekers, slick talkers and masters of Three Card Monty. The New Black Panther Party doesn’t even reproduce the theory of Huey P or George Jackson or Fred Hampton. The NBPP does not understand revolutionary theory. It has no grasp of democratic-centralism, criticism/self-criticism, revolutionary class theory, the leadership role of women, community programs, the Little Red Book or anything the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense committed itself towards implementing. The FBI labeled Huey P’s organization “the greatest internal threat to the security of the United States.” Those Black Panthers were jailed, imprisoned, exiled and assassinated for their groundbreaking work. The NBPP stole their name and doesn’t even pay them lip service. On this count, the NBPP is not Pan Africanist, not revolutionary, and not a freedom fighting organization. In the sense that the Panthers read Nkrumah, Fanon, and Amilcar Cabral, they were Pan Africanists. So what is the NBPP?

Monument to Amilcar Cabral

Monument to Amilcar Cabral

We are engaged in a polemical struggle, combatting a crisis in thinking. Why would anybody propagate a theory which has no potential to liberate our people? We have to understand background info is used for agitational purposes. Citizenship — based on the one drop rule, based on the Dred Scott Decision, based on the Emancipation Proclamation — is nothing but background information that we use as an agitational point. We do not develop theories around background info. It is factual, that is enuf. We build theories around our current conditions, things which effect our everyday lives, and the things which tell us what is important inform us who we are speaking with.

Unemployment, homelessness, the prison system, drugs and violence, the war against our community. That is critically important to the black working class. Other things, ephemeral at times, remain of varying importance to the middle class. My struggle is immediate, right here and now. It is in my face. It does not appear to me in the form of a document, a writ, a speech, a conversation. My struggle is the struggle for survival, the struggle to change my conditions, the struggle to rise above my conditions and bring along those who have suffered with me. Not just my family, but my community. My struggle is immediate and glaring. I do not need anybody to define it for me. It is the struggle of my neighbor to feed himself, to clothe himself. It is the struggle of my stepdaughter to get thru school without being sexually assaulted, to excel at her studies, and to transform her world and her community. Nobody needs to go into an extensive expose on black citizenship or the Illuminati to do that. Black workers still have our feet firmly planted on god’s good earth turned sour under Imperialism. Peace.

Black Workers in the Financial Rip Off Game

Bail Out or Hand Out: White Supremacy in Crisis

The basic misconception about the so-called financial meltdown is that an overextended credit regime caused the problem. This simplification dumbs down the public response to what is really taking place. To understand this, we can ask a few questions. Like, why are retail prices on big ticket items such as plasma televisions, Cadillacs, etc. falling? In a crisis, prices are expected to rise due to inflation, yet the dollar has become stronger. Then, why are the banks, the highest level of business organization, claiming to be in trouble, when we see financial institutions all over the country either buying up assets or being bought. What is happening to the labor movement, and why hasn’t it taken the offensive defending the interests of working people?

To comprehend the “financial meltdown”, we must understand the history of those who engineered it. While the so-called crisis began in the Eighties, the tone for its demolishing effects was set in the Bush 43 administration. This trend was set with the rewarding of no-bid contracts to defense industry specialists, and a Washington political clique run by cronyism and the Texas mafia.

People must accept the view there is no real “bail out” of the finance industry. It is a government hand out so that the big capitalists can concentrate liquidity and thereby control the world economy. By concentrating liquidity, (remember, “Cash is king”) they strengthen the dollar’s purchasing power because it has become scarce. This has a weakening effect on other currencies. If there were a financial meltdown, inflation would have hit the dollar bill. But the American consumer is not being afflicted by inflation. In fact, prices on many consumer goods have plummeted. The dollar has become very strong in the wake of the so-called meltdown. So we can dismiss the idea of a crisis deriving from “overextended credit” as a culprit. So the economists and other financial experts who discuss the problem as deriving from a stressed out credit regime are deceiving the masses.

The extensive credit regime emerged because a process was needed to give workers the illusion of having attained middle class status. This went hand-in-hand with a strategy to weaken the labor movement, which had made the working class strong and kept the neo-conservative trend a marginal, at best, political movement.

Credit permitted people who had only dreamt of ever owning a home the ability to finally have that aspiration within their grasp. It allowed poor people to buy cars; credit extended folks an opportunity to buy furniture, education, electronics and other comforts of life. Credit also invented a new redline. The redline was originally the line drawn up during redistricting, which political parties had used to gerrymander black districts, thereby diluting black political power. Another form of the gerrymander was at-large elections that did not recognize districts. These practices effectively prevented black representation in public office. Redlining also became a practice, outlawed during the Seventies yet rarely enforced, which the banks used to deny loans to blacks and other colonized workers.

The adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) became the new redline. The ARM is a piece of work used to rip off consumers in the housing market. When credit rates hovered between 4.5% and 5.5%, black folks who had been shut out of the housing market due to any number of circumstances, did not have access to normal credit instruments. The ARM appeared to be a turning point in creating a friendly relationship between banks and the black community. However, the problem with the ARM is that after a period of time, say four to seven years, a prevailing high interest rate would lock in and become the defining feature of the mortgage package. So an ARM originally purchased at 5.5% in 1995 may rise to an 11% rate in 2000. That jeopardized many homeowners.

One historical and fundamental reason why Africans, why we black folks, had been shut out of the housing market was because a racist government agency known as Housing and Urban Development (HUD) tied up houses in black neighborhoods and refused to sell them for forty years. This effectively prevented a positive trend from transpiring, as the numerous community residents who had tried to buy those houses and rehab their own neighborhoods over that period were stopped cold. When the housing bubble hit, HUD sold these houses to deep pocket developers. So the government counterinsurgency against the black community collaborated with finance in a Sixties Era agency, reputedly formed to assist urban areas, to set up this current situation. These practices guaranteed than unemployment, drugs, health issues, crime and other problems would remain concentrated in the black community. So without government acquiescence in this and other areas, the credit regime could not have been imposed.

During this self-same forty year period, illegal redlining simultaneously prevailed without effective enforcement. However, a few other points must be stressed to give a more complete picture of the role credit has played. This has been explained in previous essays. The pundits have lied about credit having been overextended, thereby causing the so-called financial meltdown. Credit became a trend following the Savings and Loans scandals of the Eighties and early Nineties. Today, many banks supposedly are surviving thru drug money laundering and other illegal activities. Yet that was the cause of the S&L crisis, wherein over 600 institutions went out of business and the FDIC covered their savings. Not one person was prosecuted. No major investigations were started, revealing another case of government collaboration with the finance sector. What did happen, a huge amount of liquidity (cash) became concentrated in the hands of movers and shakers in the financial sector. Remember, concentration of wealth for private ownership and control is the major feature of capitalism.

Following the S&L scandals, another scam arose to rob the working classes. This was the stock-based retirement plan. Now, investment portfolios are not made for the working class. They do not exist for the middle class, for the most part. Anyone watching a PGA tournament can get an idea what investment capital looks like: $250k to spend in the money market. Otherwise don’t pick up the phone.

But to get their hands on lots of easy money to build million dollar portfolios, investment bankers brought in human resource managers and other people to sell workers on stock-based retirement plans. These plans, conveniently packaged in the form of 401ks, KEOGHs and IRAs, might be worth $50 to $200 per month per worker. Hence, multiply that by the number of workers who bit, and it became a tidy bit of change. Add to that retirement packages put together by unions, guilds and other bodies, and the financiers were getting totals in the tens of millions every month. So when organizations like Enron, MCI-Worldcom, Tyco, and others went under, they dragged all those stock-based retirement plans with them. For instance, the Pennsylvania Teachers Retirement Fund lost $55 million in Enron alone.

Workers’ money placed in stock-based plans is money taken out of circulation. That is money which a worker will never see, will never spend, and amounts to nothing more than a gift to the rich. That money is not being used on anything which benefits the working class; in fact, that money is being concentrated in the hands of a class at war with the working class. Since cash had begun to dry up, it became necessary to extend credit to further concentrate ever more liquidity into the hands of the bourgeoisie. The credit system was expanded so that all Americans had access to credit who wanted it. This forced people in hoc to the bank to work at a pace that actually deprived them of the very things which makes life worth living; statistically, people in this country work harder at longer hours and for more days in the year than in any other industrialized nation. The people who value freedom so preciously have given it up to the credit system.

The analysis of the nation’s economic “pundits” seems to be the prevailing opinion without any significant challenge from either the Left or the unions, even while unemployment rises and wages are being cut. We have to challenge the notion that a financial meltdown has hit the banks. We have to show how the financial institutions have created one scenario after another to concentrate greater amounts of capital in their hands. It is important to expose that the dollar is strong because the financiers have hoarded it; they have locked up liquidity and made it tough for the masses of people. Yet they are not suffering, and the system of credit is just another regime imposed upon a duped working class.

We also have to break white working collaboration with the ruling class. The white worker no longer has any stake in the concentrated class question, aka racism. When the white worker commits national suicide and unites with the workers of the world, that will bring about the end of capitalism. Yet black and Latino workers in the US do not have time to wait for that break thru. We have to deepen our solidarity, work together to build an internationalist movement, and fight against Imperialism. Say no the the bail outs! Defend the rights of our African and Latino communities! Power to the People!

Nabudere: Helping Understand Our Condition

A Worldwide Crisis Based on Imperialism

Pambazuka News published an excellent article, “The Global Crisis of Capitalism and Its Impact,” by Professor Dani Nabudere, executive director of the Afrikan Study Centre in the Netherlands. In it, he discusses how the abstraction known as paper money, plus other financial instruments such as derivatives and futures, “have lost any relationship to the ‘fundamentals’ in the material production of the world economy.”

As in virtually every opinion coming out these days on the so-called financial meltdown, Nabudere’s work remains devoid of statistical data to back up his claims. This criticism also must strike at all opinions on the subject that I have developed as well. However, that does not mean such views derive from metaphysics, because ample facts on the history leading to this period have been well documented in newspapers, financial journals, criminal and civil courts, international treaties like NAFTA, and thru the policies of such bourgeois institutions as the Trilateral Commission, IMF/World Bank, and the World Economic Forum.

Structural readjustment based on Africa’s relationship to international finance capitalism, Imperialism, continues to impose social upheaval thru out the Motherland. Former food staples such as maize, soy and sugar are now being grown for biofuel, triggering widespread food crises. Genetically altered crops are unfit for human consumption, and seed crops have become proprietary to stop self-reliance in its tracks. Sanctions against weak states like Zimbabwe severely undermine the population’s ability to eke out a living. This is the essence of social destabilization as a consequence of Imperialism’s globalized economy.

Whatever chaos goes on in Africa likewise gets duplicated in the US black community, altho at a more manageable level for the State. Black folks have lost more homes due to an inflationary rise in adjustable rate mortgages, the banks’ racist answer to the banned redline. Where armies press gang people into mines to pirate raw material at cut rate prices for companies in places like DR Congo, the US provides one million black prisoners as cheap labor for the industrial sector here. Police repression has not only increased since last November’s election, it has become bolder and outlandish, and with not one word of reform mentioned in the legislative corridors of this nation’s city councils, state assemblies, or Congress.

To make the point succinct, most minds are not in major dispute of the facts what has transpired over the last thirty or forty years. Few folks on the left disagree on the major economic and political trends. Nevertheless, all these facts do not make for an ounce of truth. That is, the facts in themselves demand an interpretation which serves the best interests of the masses, and gives them an ability to act decisively. This seems to be where most revolutionary theories diverge.

Nabudere’s article is an important piece inasmuch that it details many stages which brought us to this period. He talks about the collapse of the gold standard and the “over extension of credit”. This analysis of the credit “problem” continues to be seen as a major contributing factor for contradictions in capitalism. Nabudere accurately asserts the following:

…the US is increasingly unable to repay debts it has accumulated in its Treasury Bonds and Bills, in which the rest of the world have placed their reserves. Most African countries have millions of dollars in these US Treasury bills, which are held as the countries’ ‘reserves.’ China, India and Japan have trillions deposited in these ‘T’ bills and bonds This means that should the world economy collapse under pressure of ‘loose money’ wanting to be given a value (which they do not have) so that the holders of that ‘money’ can preserve their wealth, those holdings in US Treasury bills (or US debt to the rest of the world) will be lost forcing many weak economies to collapse along with it.

To credit Nabudere for his clear and lucid explanation I have labored, under my limited expertise, to demonstrate that paper money has essentially no value, that it represents value as objectively as any elected official represents democracy, and that when people get it thru their heads how the abstraction benefits only a handful of private owners and bosses the people will understand precisely how capitalism exploits them.

Still, the credit issue remains one that most people attribute as the primary contradiction, rather than seeing the crisis as a primary feature of capitalism itself. For instance, the US economy experienced economic crises more often than stability in the 1800s, my apologies for not documenting the source. In fact, until Roosevelt no effective management of the economy existed. While Wilson invented the modern business model, the economy as a whole required decades to stabilize. The credit regime does not appear to be the fundamental problem here; rather it seems to be a lack of liquidity due to the rich having concentrated even greater wealth into their hands over the last thirty years.

Mental_floss documents six crises which predates the current global one. The Irish potato famine caused widespread starvation in that country because of monoculture. On hyperinflation, compared with Zimbabwe — a microstate which does not even have an industrial sector — in November 1923 in Germany, one US dollar equaled 4.2 billion marks, and even daily staples had to be purchased with wheelbarrows of cash. On the Great Depression, founder of the Chicago School, Milton Friedman later stated that liquidity had been frozen; in any event, by 1932 the economy contracted by 31%, and 13 people million became jobless, a quarter of the workforce. Before the 70s oil crisis, Mental_floss says that Saudi crude cost $1 per barrel to pump out of the sand, but it rose to $10 per barrel following the Yom Kippur War, due to an Arab League embargo. (Why they haven’t embargoed following the recent Israeli strikes on Gaza is an enigma.) Then, in the curious case of the Asian flu, the collapse of the Southeast Asian “tiger” economies of Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia and South Korea was due in part to financial speculation on their currencies in the interconnected global economy. Finally, Mental_floss touches on the then-bright star of the IMF, Argentina, which underwent runaway inflation in 1992 and going on to default on $140 billion in debt in December 2001.

Showing these crises do not seem to justify the position that I have taken. But they show that capitalism is a system filled with crises. It shows that capitalism is unstable, that it creates instability, and that is the character of any system built upon exploitation and oppression. At any rate, whether the illiquid situation has foundered upon overextended credits or an increased concentration of wealth at the top, or a combination of factors, the masses must become organized around their own political self-determination and collective self-reliance.

Anticipating this period, I wrote “A Dying Imperialism” in early 2007. In that essay, I made these observations:

Recognizing Imperialism’s weak links and how it shifts focus away from pressure provides both strategic and tactical objectivity for revolutionary organizing. Of course, economies remain strong within the Imperialist centers themselves; the United States continues unchallenged as the top industrial sector on the planet. But with relative class peace within the US, a critical problem in social relations is unavoidable. The ecological crises combined with mounting competition for monopoly control of strategic resources, especially petroleum, highlight the basic anarchy in bourgeois relations. Also, America’s domestic colonies, the Ghetto and the Barrio, still struggle valiantly against the bourgeois class peace. Furthermore, the parasitic, multi-national occupation of Iraq presents a long-term disaster for the coalition leaders, the utmost striking failure in international policy. While America seeks military domination as part of its New World Order, that strategy only compounds antagonisms between this country, its competitors, and anti-Imperialist states.

The great professor Nabudere, who has international acclaim as a Pan Africanist thinker, offers a strong critique of capitalism. He says that it is erroneous to conclude that capitalism has the ability to reinvent itself. He condemns the “financial oligarchy” in its efforts to have the State take over their worthless credit instruments and have the producing classes bear their own burdens.

Yet with the new presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, the class peace has become amplified. If capitalism concentrates wealth and power into the hands of the few, then racism is class oppression concentrated as well and for the same purpose. Neo-colonialism, being the dilution of the concentrated class question (racism), appears to operate as a strategy for heading off the dilution of wealth. The only way wealth can be diluted is to redistribute it. But wealth dilution is still capitalist distribution, and neo-colonialism still is the final stage of Imperialism. It can only remain a brief matter of time before Keynesian economics and Obama politics compound into another crisis for a system which by its character must necessarily collapse.

McKinney’s Gaza Mission

From Cynthia McKinney: Oh What a Day!

I’m so glad that my father told me to buy a special notebook and to write everything down because that’s exactly what I did.

When we left from Cyprus, one reporter asked me “are you afraid?” And I had to respond that Malcolm X wasn’t afraid; Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t afraid. But little did I know that just a few hours later, I would be recollecting my life and mentally preparing myself for death.

When we left Cyprus, the Mediterranean was beautiful. I remember the time when it might have been beautiful to look at, but it was also filthy. The Europeans have taken great strides to clean it up and yesterday, it was beautiful. And the way the sunlight hit the sea, I remember thinking to myself that’s why they call it azure. It was the most beautiful blue.

Hamas rocket will kill you...IF it hits you

Hamas rocket will kill you...IF it hits you

But sometimes it was rough, and we got behind on our schedule. We stayed on course, however, despite the roughness of the water and due to our exquisite captain.

There were no other ships or boats around us and night descended upon us all rather quickly. It was the darkest black and suddenly, out of nowhere, came searchlights disturbing our peace. The searchlights stayed with us for about half an hour or so. We knew they were Israeli ships. Who else would they be?

They were fast, and they would come close and then drop back. And then, they’d come close again. And then, all of a sudden there was complete blackness once again and all seemed right. The cat and mouse game went on for at least one half hour. What were they doing? And why?

Calm again. Black sky, black sea. Peace. And then, at that very moment, when all seemed right, out of nowhere we were rammed and rammed again and rammed again the last one throwing me off the couch, sending all our food up in the air; and all the plastic bags and tubs–evidence of sea sicknesses among the crew and passengers–flew all over the cabin and all over us. We’d been rammed by the Israelis. How did we know? Because they called us on the phone afterwards to tell us that we were engaging in subversive, terroristic activity. And if that if we didn’t turn around right then and return to Larnaca, Cyprus, we would be fired upon. We quickly grabbed our lifevests and put them on. Then the captain announced that the boat was taking on water. We might have to evacuate. One of my mates told me to prepare to die. And I reflected that I have lived a good and full life. I have tasted freedom and know what it is. I was right with myself and my decision to join the Free Gaza movement.

By contrast, IDF bombs explode.

By contrast, IDF bombs explode.

I remembered my father’s parting words, “You all will be sitting ducks.” Just like the U.S.S. Liberty. We were engaged in peaceful activity, a harmless pleasure boat, carrying a load of hospital supplies for the people of Gaza, who, too are sitting ducks, currently being bombarded in aerial assault by the Israeli military.

It’s been a long day for us. The captain was outstanding. Throughout it all, he remained stoic and calm, effective in every way. I didn’t know how to put my life jacket on. One of the passengers kindly assisted me. Another of the passengers pointed out that the Israeli motors for those huge, fast boats was U.S. made–a gift to them from the U.S. And now they were using those motors to damage a pleasure boat outfitted with three tons of hospital supplies, one pediatrician, and two surgeons.

I have called for President-elect Obama to say something. The Palestinian people in the Gaza strip are seeing the worst violence in 60 years, it is being reported. To date, President-elect Obama has remained silent. The Israelis are using weapons supplied to them by the U.S. government. Strict enforcement of U.S. law would require the cessation of all weapons transfers to Israel. Adherence to international law would require the same. As we are about to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, let us remember that he said:

1. The United States is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, and
2. Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about things that matter.

I implore the President-elect to not send Congress a budget that contains more weapons for Israel. We have so much more to offer. And I implore the Congress to vote “no” on any budget and appropriation bills that provide more weapons transfers, period.

Israel is able to carry out these intense military maneuvers because taxpayers in the U.S. give their hard-earned money to our Representatives in Congress and our Congress chooses to spend that money in this way. Let’s stop it and stop it now. There’s been too much blood shed. And while we still walk among the living, let us not remain silent about the things that matter.

We really can promote peace and have it if we demand it of our leaders.

The shock, awe and heart attacks that followed Madoff’s confession that he was ‘running a Ponzi scheme’ drew as much anger for the money lost and the fall from the moneyed class as for the embarrassment of knowing that the world’s biggest exploiters and smartest swindlers on Wall Street, were completely ‘taken’ by one of their own. Not only did they suffer big losses but their self-image of themselves as rich because they are so smart and of ‘superior stock’ was utterly shattered: They saw themselves as suffering the same fate as all the schmucks they had previously swindled, exploited and dispossessed in their climb to the top. There is nothing worse for the ego of a respectable swindler than to be trumped by a bigger swindler. As a result, a number of the biggest losers have so far refused to give their names or the amount they lost, working instead through lawyers fighting off other losers.
–James Petras

“And advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”
–PNAC, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, p. 60

The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.
–Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time

(Special thanks to Mama Akua Njeri)

Reaction unleashed: Racist, genocidal zionism

Israel takes bloody revenge:
More than 200 killed in Gaza strikes to halt Hamas rockets

By Jane Flanagan and Jonathan Petre
Last updated at 3:06 AM on 28th December 2008

More than 200 Palestinians were killed and 400 wounded as Israeli warplanes destroyed dozens of security compounds in massive air strikes across the Gaza Strip today in retaliation for continuing rocket fire on Israeli border towns from militants in the enclave.

As world leaders urged restraint, Israel said the most intense assaults on Gaza for decades were just ‘the beginning’ and the operation would ‘last as long as necessary’.

Palestinian child injured in Israeli attacks

Palestinian child injured in Israeli attacks

Palestinian man mourns death of a Hamas security member.

Palestinian man mourns death of a Hamas security member.

Man carries wounded child after Israeli missile strike kills 205 in Gaza City.

Man carries wounded child after Israeli missile strike kills 205 in Gaza City.

Defence minister Ehud Barak said: ‘It won’t be easy and it won’t be short. There is a time for calm and a time for fighting and now the time has come to fight.’

Israel declared a state of emergency in its communities in a 12-mile range of Gaza, putting the area on a war footing. But it was not clear whether it was preparing to send ground forces back into the Gaza Strip, which it left in 2005.

Since a fragile six-month truce ended on December 19, more than 200 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Israel, causing damage and and some injuries.

Stunned Palestinians inspect building demolished from Israeli missile attack in Rafah.

Stunned Palestinians inspect building demolished from Israeli missile attack in Rafah.

Immediately after yesterday’s airstrikes Hamas, the Islamist faction that rules the Palestinian territory, vowed revenge, and several medium-range missiles were fired into Israel, killing one man and injuring four others.

A spokesman said it would continue resisting ‘until the last drop of blood’.

In Gaza, black clouds of smoke rose high into the air as missiles fired by scores of Israeli F-16 bombers struck more than 50 security installations and bases throughout the Strip, burying many people under rubble.

A pall of smoke billows above Rafah from missile attack.

A pall of smoke billows above Rafah from missile attack.

The air strikes caused widespread panic and confusion, as black clouds of smoke rose above the territory.

Some of the missiles struck in densely populated areas as children were leaving school and women rushed into the streets frantically looking for their children.

Bodies of Hamas policemen lie on the ground of their destroyed compound.

Bodies of Hamas policemen lie on the ground of their destroyed compound.

Mothers tried desperately to reach their children through the smoke that filled the streets, along with the sound of ambulance sirens and the cries of grieving relatives.

Palestinian protesters flee tear gas thrown from IDF in West Bank town of Hebron.

Palestinian protesters flee tear gas thrown from IDF in West Bank town of Hebron.

Shopkeeper Said Masri, 57, who sent out his nine-year-old son to buy cigarettes minutes before the air strikes began, sat in the middle of a Gaza City street close to a security compound, alternately slapping his face and covering his head with dust from the bombed-out building.

‘My son is gone, my son is gone,’ he wailed.

‘May I burn like the cigarettes, may Israel burn.’

Medical staff struggled to cope with the wounded and dying flooding into hospitals in cars, vans and ambulances.

At Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s main medical amenity, beds ran out within minutes and bleeding bodies were lined up on the floors of the corridors as medics fought to help the most severe cases.

Corpses rolled up in blankets filled hospital floors, awaiting identification.

‘We are treating people on the floor, in the corridors. We have no more space. We don’t know who is here or who to treat first,’ said one doctor.

The Gaza Strip has been effectively sealed off from the rest of the world for many months, leaving stocks of surgical equipment, drugs and other essentials very low.

Among those who bore the brunt of the ferocious attack were 40 Palestinian cadets who had gathered for their passing-out parade at the police headquarters in Gaza City.

A Hamas general, who was due to take their salute, was among the pile of bodies after a massive explosion – possibly from a laser-guided bomb – tore through the parade ground where families were about to watch the ceremony.

Several of those who rushed to help the dead and injured beat their heads and shouted: ‘Allahu akbar’ [‘God is great’].

The Israeli military authorities said they had targeted ‘Hamas terror operatives’ as well as training camps and weapons storage warehouses. Defending the raids, Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni said it had ‘no choice’ but to defend its citizens.

Last week Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned on Arab TV that he did not want war but ‘Hamas must be stopped. I will not hesitate to use Israel’s might to strike Hamas and Islamic jihad [holy war]’.

International reaction to yesterday’s attacks was swift. Gordon Brown, the Vatican, the UN and special Middle East envoy Tony Blair all called for an immediate restoration of calm.

Mr Brown said he was ‘deeply concerned by continuing missile strikes from Gaza on Israel and by Israel’s response today.’

He urged Gazan militants to cease all rocket attacks on Israel immediately and Israel to do everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties.

The EU condemned the ‘disproportionate’ use of force and called for an immediate halt to air strikes and Palestinian attacks in and around Gaza. And the US urged Israel to avoid civilian casualties and called on Hamas to cease its missile attacks.

Egypt summoned the Israeli ambassador in Cairo to express its condemnation of the strikes, saying it held Israel responsible for the dead and injured and calling for new efforts to restore the truce with Hamas, and the Arab League is to hold an emergency meeting today.

Ms Beauty Turner

Funeral Services Set For Beauty Turner, Legendary Housing Activist, Associate Editor Of The South Street Journal Newspaper

Funeral services for Ms. Beauty Turner will be held Friday December 26, 2008, 9 am to 10 am (wake), and 10 am to 12 pm (services), at the Greater Harvest Baptist Church 5141 South State Street, Chicago Illinois.

The repast will be at The Swift Manson 4500 S. Michigan Ave. 0A   An activist and writer in Chicago, Ms. Turner was compared to the civil rights leader Ida B. Wells as an outspoken activist addressing public housing, police issues and social justice overall died at 51, of an aneurysm on December 14 at Rush Medical Center.

Freedom fighter Beauty Turner

Freedom fighter Beauty Turner

“A writer and a fighter” as she described herself had lived in the once notorious Robert Taylor Homes development that lead her to be one of the first writers of South Street Journal newspaper in 1993, and expanded here writings for many community newspapers including Residents Journal, an investigative newspaper of public housing residents where she served for 6 years associate editor. She later became an associate editor for South Street Journal in 2006.

With the many projects and programs she addressed, she also was the creator and organizer of the Ghetto Bus Tour, where she took scholars, students and suburbanites to different public housing complexes with her co-tour guide Ron Carter, publisher and editor of South Street Journal. Ms. Turner suffering of an aneurysm — which was an unexpected illness to family and friends — fell into a coma and never recovered. In carrying on Ms. Turners’ work her nephew Marvin ‘Thunder’ and owner of the Ghetto Gallery/Demo Kings said donation and checks can be made to Beauty Turner’s Poor People’s Millennium Movement, 148 West 95th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60628.

For information call 773-544-7911.

Statement from Mark S. Allen, Associate Editor, The South Street Journal Newspaper, on the untimely death of Beauty Turner, housing activist, personal friend,  and another Associate Editor of The South Street Journal Newspaper

“I am deeply saddened to learn of the untimely death of Beauty Turner, one who I knew as a friend, activist, and co worker. She was an absolute joy to know personally as friend, in the streets as a community activist,  and I learned a great deal from working with her professionally as Associate Editor’s at The South Street Journal and our New Black Independent Media Coalition and effort we started along with another founding member, Morgan Carter, who also just passed away. This is certainly a period of sadness in learning of her death, but I must seek to the tremendous joys and memories we all shared in our dedication to serving the least of God’s people in our poor communities.   I had known Beauty as a community activist through my years at The Chicago Urban League and Rainbow/PUSH always there fighting on behalf of public housing residents, and as a journalist, I had the opportunity along with the late Morgan Carter to interview Beauty on our popular TV show “Omnibus Roundtable” seen on Chicago Cable Access TV. And then, I was excited when s he accepted the invitation of Ron Carter, Editor and Publisher of The South Street Journal Newspaper as an Associate Editor, and she would always greet you with that warm “Hi Love.” With her and Ron Carter we truly boasted that at The South Street Journal, that we were not just journalists who reported the news, we were also committed to remaining activists who also made and created  the news.   Beauty of course leaves a tremendous legacy as a friend, activist, and colleague. In addition to remembering the legacy of people like the late Artensia Randolph, legendary Chicago Public Housing leader, and activists like the late Marion Stamps, that true public housing activists like Beauty Turner should also be remembered as one who was a true champion for the poor. Her last effort, The Ghetto Tours was indeed of reflection of Beauty’s legacy building on behalf of Chicago’s poor constituency”.

No More Supply and Demand

The US Command Economy

Capitalism is based upon concentration of resources. It is based upon concentrating wealth into a few hands, and concentrating power into a few hands. We consider capitalist economics to be based on concentrating wealth, and politics to be economics concentrated. Never is the accuracy of this view more apparent than following the $750 billion so-called bank bail out.

Late economist Milton Friedman, whose notions have guided a generation of economic parasites.

Late economist Milton Friedman, whose notions have guided a generation of economic parasites.

The reason why the banks need more money is because of the fixed character of capital. By fixed, I mean limited, as in finite, abbreviated and shrinking. Capitalism is a system of vice and greed. It is named for by society’s relationship to money, not to people. Yet capital can only buy things. That is all it can do. It cannot buy happiness, health or long life. It cannot stop war, cure disease, eliminate poverty, fix the environment. As long as a profit-motive exists, these social problems will always exist. Capitalism will profit from their existence rather than eradicate them.

The US government, as the world’s largest finance sector, has ways of accumulating capital, as do all other finance sectors, but the government is the most effective and forcible in concentrating large amounts of liquidity. Then it spends this money on what it needs to operate and function. Many of these things are beneficial for Americans. That is the role of any government, to benefit its constituents. Yet the State supersedes and intervenes in any beneficial powers we may derive from governmental agencies. There are agencies which exist merely for the exercise of authority, deriving from the real power of the State. When it comes time for the government to collect revenues, that is when it begins looking more like a raw, naked aggressor in our lives.

It is the State which prints money. The State allows the banks to regulate the finance system. The State functions as an ensemble of armed authorities prepared to deploy force to defend capitalism. So for those of us who want to eradicate capital, to deplete it entirely, by diluting wealth, well, the State is our enemy. We hope to dilute wealth by spreading it thru out society, rather than concentrating it. We believe, as this happens, capital will disappear and even the use of money. Just as people once became accustomed to trading in cowrie shells, then coins, then paper, society will one day soon become used to not having any form of exchange at all. We will develop a higher level of organization.

On depleting capital resources, a sister had asked if this would happen if working people merely did not invest in the stock market. By the workers not purchasing stocks and bonds, this strips a great deal of liquidity away from the capitalists. The bourgeoisie has required workers to invest in their own pension plans since the Nineties. This is because of several factors.

Primarily, the capitalist class developed a strategy to concentrate ever more capital into their hands. Because of the tendency of capital to concentrate, this meant that liquidity has to dry up somewhere. And in a vast, interwoven global economy, liquidity may dry up in Zimbabwe rather than Chicago. It may dry up in Burundi instead of in Harlem. Societies which depend upon cash rather than more exotic forms of capital get hit much harder than the exploited sectors within the capitalist center.

In the politics of Imperialism, the demagogues say you should be thankful that your ancestors were enslaved in America so you can enjoy the fruits of capitalism. Yet this destabilization effects blacks in America. Our communities have the same, fundamental contradictions as exist in Zimbabwe where a vicious US sanctions regime ravages African society. What is redlining or racist unemployment except forms of sanctions? The new redlining for blacks arrived during the subprime housing boom with the introduction of the ARM (adjustable rate mortgage). Rather than deny blacks and Latinos housing loans, the banks snagged them in and ripped them off.

This was part of the new finance strategy. It included ripping off working people during three periods, mainly defined by the Savings and Loans scandals, the DotCom shakeout, and the subprime housing boom. Regulatory changes under Reagan gave new powers to the S&Ls, after which 747 institutions failed during the crisis of the 80s and 90s. Those tied directly to specific S&L failures include the Bush family, the Clintons, and Jimmy Carter. The DotCom shakeout not only involved failures of many business involved in internet marketing, it was also a period marked by major scandals by major monopoly sector businesses like Tyco, MCI-Worldcom, Global Crossing, Adelphia and others. In looting billions, Enron burnt, for example, just one investor alone (the Pennsylvania Teachers Retirement Fund) for $55 million. Now, the latest bloodsucking scam, the subprime housing bust, has set in and sheriffs will be dispatched to collect your house lost to the ARM.

This command economy belongs to the capitalist era of development. Supply and demand has lost relevance for power and demand. Because as ever more contrived markets arise, society becomes conditioned to accept exploitation disguised as failure. This is how the command economy functions. It finds sophisticated ways to loot society, while the State hangs back, threatening force against anybody who organizes to counter these trends.

Capitalism must be totally eliminated and destroyed, and capital assets — such as the market for exotic paper — have to be diluted. This is what the stock speculators refer to as “asset-backed commercial paper” (ABCP). Stuff like “bearer bonds” which the banks print with serial numbers and security paper approved by the SEC and adhering to international standards.

There are other securities too, if you have ever read a “Nigerian Scam Letter.” It may be in the form of rubies, diamonds, gold, etc. Wealth in these forms may be difficult to eradicate, without complete collectivization of the economy. However they represent purely liquid value and not entire modes of capital resources, so they pose less of a threat to socialist society.

Back to ABCP. That can be, aside from the exotic paper, anything. From liquid assets in a bank, such as millions or billions of dollars in money or treasure socked away in a vault (as in bearer bonds) to futures in oil or food crops or any product yet to be brought to the market. (I got an education in how the commercial money market operates from a few issues of the London Financial Times during last years meltdown.)

And these things are represented on pieces of paper. Futures, for instance, may represent millions of shares to billions of shares and are based on pure market speculation. If you buy futures in, say, a tanker nine months from now at X-amount of dollars per barrel, that price is locked in. So if the price of oil dramatically rises over that period, you will make a killing on the price (not cost) of oil. You can send your tanker on a circuitous route to nowhere if you have not already auctioned it off, and wait for the price to rise even further. That is how the futures market works, so if you have futures in fruit of other perishable goods, you can allow a portion to perish so that the price can be pushed upwards. Who cares about ending starvation, in this system.

A piece of paper can control entire companies with balance sheets larger than many countries. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Millers Beer and other beverage manufacturers have facilities which could end the crisis for water purification in Africa, thereby stopping disease epidemics like guinea worm, infant diarrhea, and the back breaking labor of women who must travel miles to retrieve drinking water from wells. Ownership and control of such companies is determined on paper. On a damn ass abstraction! Lenin called it a “parasitic excresence”. Now tell me you don’t understand what I’m talkin bout, my people.

We tear up the paper and redistribute the resources. The resources must be totally redistributed, not only owned by the working class, but redistributed thru Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. This is why self-led proletariat must organize a revolutionary center. They have to build their own center and cease the divisiveness and sectarianism which defines the Left.

A Slave Eye View of the Meltdown

America: Duped and Sold a Pack of Lies

Stacks like these have evaporated from circulation due to hoarding and concentration of cash by deep pocket financiers.

Stacks like these have evaporated from circulation due to hoarding and concentration of cash by deep pocket financiers.

(This is a redacted and amplified version of an earlier article.)

The assessment of the so-called Financial Meltdown and the government “bail out” appears to be based upon a constantly shifting premise. So we must continually strive to accurately sum up what is taking place amid the lies and spin. And while the search for the truth seems to be an endless, unrewarding task, we must keep two principles before us. Primarily, we have an obligation to help the broadest number of people understand how a class war is being waged.

Then, secondly, people must take action, rather than relying upon the narrow discretion and interests of some capitalists. People must take to the streets in objection to government collusion with the very richest sector of world society. The people must also fight for their jobs thru plant takeovers, and they must prepare to resist police State intervention. Anything short of this will amount to capitulation on the part of workers, poor people and the illusory middle class.

Look closely at what has happened. Concentration of liquid assets and other forms of wealth (CAPITAL) has intensified over the last twenty years. This trend has been based largely upon a two-pronged strategy by financiers. First, it began with the Savings and Loans scandals which ripped off depositors during the Eighties and Nineties which, at that time, created the greatest banking collapse since the 1929 Great Depression. By 1989, over half of S&Ls had failed, bankrupting the FSLIC fund which was created to insure their deposits. According to Kimberly Amadeo (“Savings and Loans Crisis,” About.com):

Empire Savings in Texas revealed land flips and other criminal activities. Half of the failed S&L’s were from Texas, pushing that state into recession. As bad land investments were auctioned off, real estate prices collapsed, office vacancy rose to 30%, and crude oil prices fell 50%.

Ohio and State S&L failures cost the state-run deposit insurance funds at least $185 million, thus destroying the idea of state-run insurance funds. The FSLIC was bankrupted, to the cost of $20 billion.

Five U.S. Senators, known as the Keating Five, were investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee for improper conduct. They had accepted $1.5 million in campaign contributions from Charles Keating, head of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. They had also put pressure on the Federal Home Loan Banking Board, who was investigating possible criminal activities at Lincoln.

Wealth, however, does not disappear. In capitalism, it merely gets transformed into ever more concentrated form. People must remember that the fundamental principle of capitalism is that wealth tends to become concentrated into as few hands as possible. By ripping off depositors, the financiers took what amounted to — in the grand scheme of things, a worker’s life savings do not equal the annual salary of a Fortune 500 CEO — small amounts of money from a vast pool of earners, and transferred that into fewer hands.

The S&L crisis was followed in rapid succession by the Dot Com Shake-out, which leading Harvard economists have termed, “business as usual.” (“Dot.Com Shakeout: Chess or Roulette,” by James Haskett, Working Knowledge: Harvard Business School.) The Dot Com shakeout did not only involve internet businesses. It included a run on the NASDAQ which caused markets to fluctuate wildly, resulting in new regulations for electronic trading. But the more important implications of this period involved massive swindles led by corporate entities like Enron, MCI-WorldCom, Tyco and others.

This trend — based in class warfare focused on looting the investments of workers and the middle class, who had been duped into 401k and KEOGH retirement plans — reached a fever pitch over two terms of the Bush Administration. Fixed entirely by bipartisan collusion with the international finance sector of capitalism, class warfare intensified while the unwitting suckers watched their hard earned money go down the drain and into the pockets of sewer rats generously referred to as the captains of industry and commerce.

This brings us up to the current financial crisis claimed by the banks. Ultimately, we have to assume the so-called Financial Meltdown is not an economic crisis at all. Well, it is for working class people. But not for those rich capitalists who have the government to fall back upon as benefactor and trustee. We must repudiate the idea that there is a crisis for anybody in the finance sector. After all, liquidity has dried up for the great number of people, probably for 90% of the population. Yet that has everything to do with the intensified concentration of capital in fewer hands. You don’t hear me. I said that concentration of capital has become intensified during this latest economic boom, and that liquidity has become locked up by those holding onto all the available money.

Let us do away with the most inaccurate premise first. It important to dispel with all the notions being foisted upon a sleeping giant of society. The economic problems rolling thru the capitalist system have nothing to do with ponzi schemes, dishonesty or government bail outs. While we may accurately wrap up the view that capitalism itself is a huge ponzi scheme, that it is corrupt and the government is in cahoots with the greediest sector of business, that forms the essence of capitalism itself. So unless people want to dispose of capitalism, discussing the con games and bribes that take place only amounts to gossip. Until people get disgusted with being swindled every day, all day long, this view has no value whatsoever.

Then, the so-called bailout has nothing to do with welfare for the bankers. That phrase sums up how the government has answered the appeal of the financial industry, a basic misconception. This is not welfare. It has nothing to do with sustaining the banks because they never needed bailed out. They do not need food stamps, clothing allowances or anything else for the needy. Welfare provides a basic, minimal amount of liquidity for human beings to survive on. However, the banks never suffered genuine survival issues.

While the banks welcome it, they do not genuinely need the liquidity (CASH) that the $750 billion bail out provided. Because if the banks needed that liquidity, they would never have gone all out to buy up more assets and other banks. They should have applied that money to the red areas on their balance sheets, as banks require borrowers for a bridge loan. Even welfare has stipulations, while the money delivered by truckload to the bloodsucking excrement we call the banking system had no conditions that the banks were bound to follow.

So all pretexts for the bailout rang sour. The masses were lied to, and the masses need to severely punish the politicians.

Another false notion is that the financial crisis stems from overextending the credit system. To justify this assumption, one must kno why society needed massive volumes of credit in the first place. Why did society require vast amounts of credit over the last fifteen years?

What made the banks, the highest level of business organization, implement an extremely broad and loose credit system? If there were enuf cash and liquidity to go around, credit would be unnecessary. While providing liquidity is more than a simple question of printing money, the modern cash shortage had no relationship to minting US legal tender. When the banks started extending credit, they had already concentrated vast amounts of money, so they knew cash was drying up because they themselves had manipulated the market and caused the drought.

Now, plenty of cash exists without devaluing the dollar or any other currency. Yes, there is plenty of cash to provide for everybody without causing any crisis if money is not hoarded. But the credit market was created so that the money market’s hoarding of liquidity could rapidly intensify. Boiler room financial corporations, set up by the banks while exempting them from direct contact with consumers, offered credit instantly and extensively. This practice arose since the war being made against working class people demanded a cloak. Wall Street made it appear as if economic democracy had arrived in America. But while the banks presented this illusion, in reality the cash was being dried up to prevent broad access to real money by workers and even the aspiring middle class.

Credit had been extended to almost everyone in society. Nearly everybody was given a credit card. Not just businesses, every type of individual including minors and mentally incompetent people gained access to credit. Meanwhile, convicted felons became financiers in some instances. Eleven thousand cons in Florida alone handled absurdly huge sums of loot and took it out of circulation in the subprime housing market. Yet this was done to benefit the banks, who accredited everyone who became a broker. The finance industry permitted this because they were simultaneously locking up the flow of cash. A flood of fall guys clouds the issues and makes it appear that they are linchpins in a supercharged pyramid scheme. The banks had deliberately created an illiquid society, preparing the conditions for social instability.

En Chiapas, Mejico, the Zapatistas have built Communities of Resistance to help the masses fight against bloodsucking Imperialist depredations.

En Chiapas, Mejico, the Zapatistas have built Communities of Resistance to help the masses fight against bloodsucking Imperialist depredations.

This trend began with the Savings and Loans scandals of the Eighties. During that period, former and future presidents became linked to popsicle stands like Whitewater and BCCI, built to fleece large numbers of small investors. They pocketed funds to launder drug money and build political campaign chests, and nobody ever went to prison. When that failed to spark outrage among the population, the banks began strategizing how to create absurdly huge piles of wealth for themselves thru the credit system.

We also have to understand that the financial meltdown is not a crisis for the capitalist class, not for the finance sector, not for the huge industry leaders. Maybe the small capitalists and the national sectors have been hit by the evaporation of liquidity, but definitely not the international sectors of capitalism. Since the S&L scandals of the Eighties the financial sectors have concentrated ever greater amounts of capital in their hands. They have been scooping liquidity off the street, by hoarding cash and other liquid assets to force a credit regime on the American public. Now finance capitalism has smashed credit, blamed the problem on the people, and made cash scarce. Class warfare on everybody, black and white, and in between.

By removing liquid assets from social access, the financiers are deliberately and directly undermining social and economic mobility in US society. Public services, health issues, and a host of other critical issues that effect daily life for Americans and billions of people around the world have become endangered. Inflation, food shortages, civil strife are all connected to this period of Imperialism.

Hence, the credit crisis has nothing to do with the behavior of consumers. No response traceable to consumers has contributed to the collapse of all these financial sectors: revocation of subprime mortgage rates, revocation of mass credit lines, financial mismanagement of the Big Three, ponzi schemes run by Countrywide and other lenders, the entry of felons into the financial brokerage market, tripling gas prices at the pump, and the record-breaking stock market surge and crash. Credit was created by Wall Street bankers simply to suck up the remaining liquidity on the street, amplify debt and create in the workers a false sense of obligation to the banks. Those who go to work everyday create value. The people being throttled and flogged are the ones whose labor created the lucrative lifestyles that the financiers enjoy.

Yet the genuine value of products made by working people regularly gets confiscated and held back from them under the normal capitalist regime. Workers do not see how much value they actually produce, altho it is enuf to sustain tiers of managers and well-compensated owners. Laborers do not just have their wealth confiscated by employers, but most importantly by the finance industry. Endless stacks of dollars get concentrated in the hands of financiers. Then they lend back the value that working people have actually created, at exorbitant rates, without injecting any liquidity into society.

When businesses folded and home seizures became the new economic boom, the banks disingenuously claimed bankruptcy! They claimed to be in trouble. As if. They deserve a very special punishment which only an organized, fighting working class can deliver to them.

So it is just that only a few, less than 1%, have absolute dictatorial control over how that money flows into society. Today we see greater concentration of capital at the very top. The capitalists have concentrated vast amounts of liquidity for their own disposal. They have locked up the means of exchange to dam up its flow thru out society. They are forming the basis for instigating war between the working peoples within the USA. They want to see bloodshed and if you do not understand what is going on, how they have been doing this to our community since they dragged us here, then you are in trouble. The drug wars inside our community are a counterinsurgency campaign they are able to wage because of the scarcity of resources available to black people. We have to develop a REVOLUTIONARY MINDSET, because no analysis without the dialectical logic of scientific socialism will never ever adequately explain to us what is happening.

The Hitler Option

More on the Crisis in Thinking

I had a conversation with an old guy the other day. We were sitting around the YMCA while a few fellows played poker. He was telling me about his trips to Casablanca, Portugal and Vegas in the Fifties after the war. The man was eighty-five, he told me, and looked great for his age. Some way, the conversation got around to Mussolini and Hitler. Of course, we had been talking about World War II, so combine that with the fact that you’re having a conversation with me. Sooner or later we getting around to a political subject.

The old man suffered from a crisis in thinking, like so many people do today. “Oh Hitler didn’t start out so bad,” he said. “He had good intentions!”

Because he was an elder I eased into it. Nobody starts off talking about how many people they want to massacre or how many wars they want to fight, except the total idiots walking around with swatikas tattooed on their foreheads. Hitler didn’t say he was going to transform Germany into a police state. Mussolini didn’t declare he was going to destroy Italy. They just hijacked their countries once they consolidated power.

Reactionaries Hitler and Mussolini (left) arose during great economic upheaval and the defeat of the labor movements.

Fascists Hitler and Mussolini (left) arose during economic upheaval and a defeated labor movement.

That’s like Pat Buchanan justifying slavery and Jim Crow. Try Colin Powell misintrepreting satellite data to make the case for invading Iraq. Or the neocons using affirmative action to appoint the most servile, inept reactionaries from the black community to undermine affirmative action. It’s like America voting for Barack Obama as if to say, we done tried everything else, might as well let a black man wing it. Those are piss poor excuses standing in for real heroes with real courage.

A large segment of the population not only legitimizes such reasoning but fails to become outraged at the condescending, parasitic perpetuation of a racist status quo. The broadside against public assistance, unemployment benefits, Social Security, pensions, home ownership, credit, health care, education, womens rights, unions and other working class causes starts as a racist, class war. It is racist because the “culture warriors” stereotype the black community on issues to stampede white workers. The capitalists kno rednecks need to see others suffer to maintain their illusion of racist superiority. But then, the tables are turned and rednecks find themselves in the same conditions as their so-called inferiors.

For Washington to give the banks $700 billion while the banks themselves have locked up liquidity on a scale which effects the vast interwoven social fabric of humanity across the globe, that amplifies a crime that has been misnamed “the subprime mortgage crisis.” Yet white workers still oppose a national health plan, womens rights, unions, and other causes because of their blindly racist, idiotic logic. This crisis in critical thinking is encapsulated in PT Barnum’s cynical adage, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

Ass backward principles have built neo-fascism on the back of a defeated labor movement. An 85-year-old geezer who fought the Nazis, who lives at the Y, who thinks Hitler did some good, and blames UAW retirees for the problems in Detroit. Why would he think that; why, that is an attack on the labor movement by the very folks who should be defending it.

That is cold, naked reaction on the back of workers deluded by Imperialism.

Progressive feminism and the civil rights movement got hijacked as the reactionaries had help from all sides. Corporatist entities created professional niches by shoving the real fighters aside. College-educated bourgeois shills with degrees in social work and theology became the voice for people they spent little time knowing. Facts became boiled down into a lifeless statistical analysis while grass roots organizers got plowed under.

When Hitler and Mussolini made their climb to power, it was because conditions like these prevailed. Mussolini defined fascism as the direct collaboration of the State with business, yet it features a great deal more than that. And proposing that Hitler was okay because he built the Autobahn also fails illuminate the ugly scene that is fascism.

Indeed, following the 1929 stock market crash, fascism arose thru out Europe, where a politically defeated labor movement became violently eradicated by both the black shirts and the Nazis. The police state reached into the family as the fascists built a vicious snitch network. Slave labor camps replaced normal production as Germany reversed the post-war disaster that it inherited during the Twenties, giving the world a false impression that Hitler worked some kind of economic miracle in a mere twelve years.

It is amazing how people can accept fascism’s self-definition as its identity. Death doesn’t come at you to say it’s the end for you forever. It says, ‘you’re just going to sleep, you’ll wake up someday in the future or in heaven and everything will be better than this life.’ Death is ugly, and fascism is death, and international finance capital is just one step from a genocidal rampage. Look at DR Congo where Imperialism functions in the name of South Africa’s Oppenheimers, extracting coltan and other strategic minerals. The Oppenheimers, as in the Gubernatorial Oppenheimer Party, as in ‘stolen diamonds are forever’ as in DeBeers. Yes, those Oppenheimers.

Just the fact that people can accept innocuous explanations for a virulent class system whose violence and depredations are well known to history, well, that exposes the crisis in thinking.

NYT on the Congo

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New York Times Getting Closer to the Truth

on the Resource War in the Congo

We are not alone. Africa, Asia and free and liberated people from every corner of the world will always be found at the side of the Congolese. Patrice Lumumba

"We are not alone. Africa, Asia and free and liberated people from every corner of the world will always be found at the side of the Congolese." Patrice Lumumba

Although the New York Times did not reveal the whole truth in Jeffrey Gettleman’s piece, Rwanda Stirs Deadly Brew of Trouble in the Congo, it no doubt laid the foundation for a more honest dialogue about the resource war in the Congo, which has resulted in dying and suffering of holocaust proportions.

It is only a matter of time before the New York Times and other mainstream media get to the root of the matter that both French and Spanish Courts have already broached regarding Paul Kagame and Rwanda’s destructive actions in the Central African region. Even the International Court of Justice has weighed in on Rwanda’s partner in Crime in the Congo; Uganda and its leader Yoweri Museveni, another staunch British and U.S. ally. In 2005, the court ruled that the Congo is entitled to $10 billion in reparations from Uganda because of the human rights abuses it committed in the Congo and the looting of Congo’s resources. There is very little doubt that the court would have issued a similar ruling against Rwanda, especially considering that Rwanda is even more implicated in the Congo but the court lacked jurisdiction in the case brought to it by the Congo against Rwanda.

The New York Times and other media should consider asking people such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Rick Warren, Bill Gates, Howard Schultz, Andrew Young, Cindy McCain and others why they have been silent about the atrocities in the Congo, when they are known to have the ear of Rwanda’s leader Paul Kagame.

All of these individuals have an historic opportunity to use their notoriety, access and standing in the world to play a key role in ending what UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon calls one of the worst tragedies of our time or what former UN Official Jan Egeland calls “the killing fields of our generation.” Can they really continue to remain silent about the Congo and travel the world as paragons of morality and human decency when they have the ear of someone who unleashed what the United Nations says is the deadliest conflict in the world since World War II?

Considering how vital Congo is to modern society and the world’s fight against climate change — Congo is a part of the second largest rainforest in the world — Congo’s issues are not just Congolese or African issues but are world issues and they demand frank and honest engagement and responses from world leaders.

The best way the West ( view Congolese leaders’ and society’s role and responsibility here) can contribute to bringing an end to the conflict is not an intervention force but rather real intervention diplomacy. Western nations can take their cue from The Economist when it notes “Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame is best placed to rein in General Nkunda’s men, and must be pressed to do so, with the threat of aid withheld if he does not. In the long run, he must also make political space in Rwanda for the Hutu rebel forces who maraud through eastern Congo and give General Nkunda a pretext for his depredations.”

The former Fort Leavenworth, Kansas military student, Paul Kagame is not destabilizing the Congo on his own. He certainly has the backing of the United States and British tax payers as Timothy Reid laid out while at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University when he published “Killing Them Softly: Has Foreign Aid to Rwanda and Uganda Contributed to the Humanitarian Tragedy in the DRC” in the Africa Policy Journal, Spring 2006, Vol. 1.

Maybe, just maybe, finally, we can have frank and honest talks about the Congo, put an end to the tremendous suffering and set my country on a path to peace and stability. We are hopeful that the Obama administration, if it will not listen to what Friends of Congo have been articulating for the longest, will at least in this case listen to the New York Times or the Economist and craft policies based on a sound assessment of the situation.

I have articulated our policy prescriptions in an article published by thedailyvoice.com entitled “Congo in Crisis: What President Obama Can Do To Right Past Wrongs In US Policy.”

Kambale Musavuli
Spokesperson and Student Coordinator
Friends of the Congo
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The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale

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Now dig in to watch the video on Cuito-Cuanavale, the single most important battle in modern anti-colonial warfare after Dien Bien Phu! Its rank in importance has to be placed in perspective,  inasmuch that it was the victory over Imperialism in Zimbabwe which helped define political circumstances leading up to that historic fight.

For those who kno little to nothing about the apartheid era, racist South African society practiced a form of Jim Crow which relegated 80% of that country’s population to 13% of the land. The South African Defense Forces were the best equipped and best trained military in Africa. However, like the Selous Scouts and other colonial reactionaries, they lacked heart and soul. Their ruthlessness, bloodthirstiness and killing capacity could not out-match the people’s resolve to be liberated.

A debate rages about the impact the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army had prior to Angola’s epic battle. While the Selous Scouts immediately defected to the SADF following the apartheid-era Ian Smith regime implosion in Rhodesia, due directly to ZANLA fighters, theirs was a military which had been beaten. So a critical component of the SADF effort in Cuito-Cuanavale was as an army experienced in getting its ass kicked.

On one side were the forces of reaction: US-backed Jonas Savimbi’s UNITA, South West Africa, US special forces disguised as mercenaries, Israeli commandos and the SADF. Don’t underestimate the link between zionist Israel and the racist Boer government, a neonazi regime that maintained links with the fascist regime in Portugal until Salazar’s overthrow. President-elect Obama today wants a strong Israel lobby, but he is supposed to have been an ardent anti-apartheid activist back in the day. So much for Imperialist principles.

On the skirmish’s other side, the Angolan army joined the battlefield with allies SWAPO, ANC, PAC-A, AZAPO and the Cuban army, supplied with Soviet materiel and advisors. This conflict was impressive for any number of reasons.

One side had a massive supply of regular recruits, trained in the best imperialist armies of modern times, fighting to preserve white reaction and political domination in Africa. They were supplied by the best weapons, replenished by the best trained fighters, enjoyed air support and a large multinational coalition paid by Imperialism. This coalition was paid in blood diamonds, gold hijacked from Azanian mines, US dollars, and massive oil revenues controlled by the zionist fiefdom in occupied Palestine.

The other side was poor, raggedy, barely able to feed itself, starved out and blockaded by Imperialism, undereducated, semiliterate, black, brown and broke. They would have driven the UNITA-SADF coalition into the sea had the invaders not withdrawn.

It was because of the humiliating defeat of Imperialism’s UDI in apartheid-Rhodesia that South Africa had first waged a proxy war inside Mozambique and Angola. While Mozambique had fought for its independence, Angola gained its because of the collapse of the fascist NATO-member Salazar regime. The Angolan leadership considered itself assimilado. The neocon proxy war against Angola convinced them otherwise.

Just as Cuito-Cuanavale could not have been an Angolan victory without the coalition forces of Cuba, it was not just a victory for Angola. The defeated SADF tucked its tail between its legs, ran home, and in less than five years the apartheid-era political system was vanquished. Sad to say, apartheid-style monopoly capitalism continues to dominate economic life in South Africa today.

The Cubans have always been comrades of all progressive forces on the continent. Cuban doctors and other technocrats work in the rural areas of South Africa. Today, they are helping make life better for the underserved masses instead of being self-serving stooges of Imperialism. A Luta Continua!

Guest Commentator, Amiri Baraka


We Are Already In The Future!

At election’s denouement, to the Right the outraged, self loathing of the loser & the losers, including one dude standing mutely in Michigan, a Republican delegate, in a Klan suit, describing Obama as an “Islamic communist”. To the Left, the self important drears who had urged us to throw our votes away, as they objectively, in the name of their “principles”, gave votes to John McCain.

Even dizzier, we supposedly hear from the left right corkscrew terrorist , Al Qaeda insults that Obama is a “house slave” But as I sd in an instant rejoinder, “Anyone who thinks suicide is revolutionary ain’t  all that bright to begin with. And as for that slave calling, best they refrain from drawing our attention to the fact that some of the Arab ruling class always thought of Black people as slaves”. But we are willing to be momentarily cool, remembering Mao’s dictum, “fight your enemies one by one”.

But back to reality. We have just won an election. We, meaning the masses in the US, indeed the people of the world. (I was in Italy, France, Spain, Norway during the period leading up to and through the election. In Italy just before the election at my readings I urged the Italians to call the states, since I knew they had a bunch of relatives over here, and tell them to vote. In city after city the crowds all seemed to cheer for Obama’s victory.) And whoever seeks to downplay that victory is fool or enemy.

We shd understand the white supremacy junkies on the right. Their last pop was Old Dutch cleanser and seltzer water, so they have had almost to cold turkey off that WS they been shootin up, though still dizzy from its fumes. But the Left or soi disant wd be Left or some who style themselves, what? , progressive, moderate, wheeze wheeze. Some of these, certainly the vote wasters, sound almost as pitiful. As one pitiful pundit warns us, “Obama’s election is to save capitalism…not bring equality to the society.” What a silly person.

First of all the very election of Obama has done more to bring some aspect of equality to the society than reams of pseudo leftist posturing. Which, all returns in, is meant merely to show the writer is smarter than you are. But what, dreary pundits, wd a McCain victory have done?  And suppose your wasted vote had contributed to such? To always be on the outside nitpicking away with not one sign of useful political practice or construction, this is too often what the Left has become. I say it again, people who have never and cannot elect a dog catcher but who are full of immense ideas about politics. Bah, Humbug!

No single election, my friends, will ever bring us Socialism, if that’s what you really seek. The struggle is protracted, hasn’t that been said? We have yet even to convince the “revolutionaries” they are in the United States. But Obama is not even in office yet these pundits of pitifulness already have the hole card on what his governance cannot or will not do. This is especially irritating from those commentators who counseled us not to vote for him in the first place. One wonders if they think their counsel, which meant nothing, is more valuable than having an actual person of color with the widest mandate in history actually elected president?

But to run off howling about it’s not this and it’s not that, when we do not yet have a viable analysis of what it really is! Not to understand how that victory was achieved is to willfully miss a rare opportunity of learning how to master the capitalist electoral system. One of the reasons we do not yet understand how to harness the electoral process to a revolutionary and socialist agenda is that  too many of the very people who should be leading such a process denounce and/or avoid it. To do what? Make statements and demonstrate. To withdraw from the most acceptable way of gaining power in the society defies understanding by any rational means. Except for the hold that infantile leftism and anarchism have on too many wishing to present themselves as revolutionary.

Barack Obama raised hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it as a result of using the internet culture, for fundraising and organizing. Let the foolish Right agonize over their attempt at denigrating “Community Organizer”. Now they have at least felt a C.O. foot planted up their B &A Hinds.

Obama raised 150 million dollars in October alone! He beat both Hilary Clinton & John McCain fund raising. At one point he wanted to buy one hour of time on CNN to lay out a complete campaign message, but CNN vetoed it. And here we thought that money was the ultimate boss. What the Right cannot forget nor the milksop Left is that Obama was/is smarter than both of them! And more in tune with the popular mind, not only of the 98% of the Afro American population but, obviously of the great majority of Americans. This, in itself, is a fantastic new precedent that must be acted upon immediately, before the corporate right media and all our “independent” smarty pants commentators cloud over the main issues.

The “bottom line” of Obama’s campaign was his initiation at the grass roots  level in his appeal. The 04 Democratic convention is widely seen as the opening of his campaign and I can accept that, but even to be there to do that. A first term senator of color from Illinois. How did he get to be a Senator in the lst place? I watched the biopic on CNN and what I got from it is a skill developed as a, what?, community organizer. To organize significant groups around their own interests and with that connecting them in motion around some larger issue. Obama carried his Chicago, his Illinois constituency with him and as he made more powerful meaningful connections, like an extension cord, his total reach and power expanded.

For the Left, they should never speak another word about “politics” unless they can understand and explain to their own constituents, how this Black man, Ok, this person of color, Ok, this half white  dude, became President of the United States. Because it is just such grounding in basic everyday electorally oriented politics that the Left denounces and eschews. To all our detriments. In the main, the Left holds rallies and makes statements. Community Organization is almost as foreign to them as the Right. (But then the Right does its “community organization” through their media.)

Usually, when the Left talks about “the people” or “the masses” they come out of some comic book academic manual confusing the US, the most highly developed 21st century monopoly capitalist society, with 19th century Russia or early 20th century China. Both largely peasant societies with small but developing working classes. The US is neither.

The US is both debtor and predator state, at the same time. With a highly developed yet debt burdened working class who are told every day that they are the middle class. There is a middle class, a petty bourgeoisie, a very very affluent sector, who are the lieutenants and paid liars, the middle management who are also deeply in debt. There is also a petty petty bourgeois, the teachers, government workers, civil servants, office workers,  &c. Racism still internally divides these classes horizontally, with the Afro American people still at the bottom, yet those same Afro American people, nearly 50 million, have a gross national product of 600 Billion dollars a year , the 16th largest in the world.

There have already been Four Revolutions in the United States. The first in the 18th century, for “independence” (quotes because in some ways it never completely happened. Check out British holdings in the US). The 2nd in the 19th century, the Civil War, which ended chattel slavery (& w/the 13th, 14th 15th amendments) and competitive capitalism, ushered in monopoly capitalism and began to free the white worker from the land.

The 3rd revolution was the 50’s to 70’s Civil Rights and Black Liberation Movements which ended petty apartheid & segregation (Civil Rights Bill, Voting Rights Bill, Brown vs. Bd of Ed). Though a case could be made that this was an extended motion that was initiated by the post Civil War move out of the south  by millions of Black people transforming the Afro American people from a largely peasant rural people to a working class. An urban proletariat.

The Obama election is the 4th Revolution! What is needed now is for the would be Left,  the revolutionaries, , the progressive sector of the body politic, the Communists to correctly analyze and project widely just what kind of revolution this is. But more than that, lay out exactly what is to be done at this point, the entry to a new stage of US social development, like we used to say, What is the key link, to make the next forward motion.


We shd know that the stage of society to which we are moving toward would be some kind of Peoples Democracy. Fundamentally, this is the social base of Obama’s victory, the so called Post racial coalition. We understand that there is yet no such reality  existing concretely in the institutions and relations of US society, except that is the oncoming  force that won the 4th Revolution and it is this force that must harnessed as a living material entity in transforming US society.

This would place us near the most advanced stage of bourgeois democracy. We can see Monopoly capitalism crashing down around their and our heads! We have agreed to give the rulers a trillion dollars so they can continue to be rich and the rulers. But for the would be Leftists to tell us that Obama’s Only or  that his “primary function is to save capitalism by building a united front to rescue capitalism NOT to bring about a more egalitarian, antiracist anti sexist pro environment society”. Why would anyone who was actually struggling for Democracy say that? It sounds like the sour grapes of the people who wanted us to waste our votes , but even though they tailed 98% of the Afro American and half of the rest of the American people, still want to give us advice and instructions. Actually, it is they who need advice and instructions.

To make such a one sided infantile Leftist or Trot like analysis of the election would only turn that overwhelming majority whom you tail anyway, even more sharply and outspokenly against you. There is neither balance nor real analysis in that statement. Just an attempt to be again, more revolutionary than the people. But the task of the revolutionary is to lead the people by taking what they already know and giving it back to them with the focus of the present the past and the future.

Plus to see Obama’s victory as simply a victory for monopoly capitalism is so thoroughly anarchist that it rejects the most important essence of the entire Obama drama, i.e. it was the highest stroke of the Civil Rights and Black Liberation Movements yet. We bled to integrate lunch counters, buses, public toilets, water fountains, was that struggle just to create a united front to save monopoly capitalism? Do you think Obama’s victory less than those? It was a concrete victory for Democracy. Don’t you understand that you cd say the victory of the North in the civil war was just to preserve capitalism? Yes, at a higher level. But don’t you think the concomitant advance of the Afro American people worth noting?

So to say Obama’s only function is to save monopoly capitalism, we say,”I’m glad you can dig it, but that’s not all… “To claim merely an anarchist or infantile position and not deepen the analysis so we can understand that monopoly capitalism cannot survive unless it adopts some aspects of social democracy. Obama’s election is the first aspect of that social democracy. In the same way that FDR’s “New Deal” could not survive, even as a method of maintaining monopoly capitalism unless it adopted important features of socialism, social democracy, i.e., social security and Unemployment insurance, the WPA public Works project to put people back to work. Even the artists. I said before that what Obama must bring us is “A New New Deal”! That is why it is so important that he hit the ground running, in much the same way that Roosevelt did in his first 100 Days. (See ….) I was glad to hear that he was reading accounts of the emergency bills Roosevelt passed before the reactionary congress could block him. Obama faces the same exigency. We need a “fast break” strategy with a few”alley oop” dunks perhaps. Before the opposition can resolidify itself.

We have a great unity among the people now with Obama’s victory and we and the people must move forward with that catalyst. We must unite principally against still existing racism and white supremacy. We must also unite against the domination of monopoly capitalism over the people’s needs. The theft of a trillion dollars has infuriated the people, certainly we can unite them, build a united front around the need to destroy surviving racism and white supremacy and for creating greater regulations on monopoly capitalism. If we give the investment banks a trillion dollars we should own those investment banks. If we give another two hundred fifty billion to the auto industry, we should own that auto industry.

We cannot wipe away monopoly capitalism with one election but our minimum program must include regulation of it, Public ownership reversing the trend of outsourcing, and sending factories out of the country, usually out of working class and minority neighborhoods. Certainly we can build a united front around these things.

We should be listing those things we can do, those things that Obama’s election has enabled us to do rather than spending time telling people that what they and he did was nothing!

In attacking monopoly capitalism we shd support small capitalism and minority capitalism and fight that those businesses and institutions in working class and minority communities get the dollars that we are giving the investment banks and auto industry.

The development of small capitalism in those communities and state ownership of these financial institutions would be steps forward in terms of the development of a Peoples Democracy. Is this socialism,

No, but we must first regulate and weaken monopoly capitalism, in tune with the peoples newly awakened appetite for expanded democracy and their hard times which we know and can make them better understand is caused by the domination of monopoly capitalism and imperialism, including the Iraq war.

It is up to us, the Left, to build on the powerful democratic coalition Obama’s campaign and election have already built. We must strive to make such a democratic coalition more than just an  temporary election campaign call and fight to turn  such ideas and momentary commitment into a powerful new base on which to focus Obama’s first term, but also to build this into a permanent aspect of US society. The anti war forces are another key aspect of this coalition and a means to call for a refocusing of the 10billion dollars a month now spent on the Iraq war.

We shd try to build a broad united front out of the consensus coming out of the 63% of the electorate that voted for Obama! One wonders how people in the Black Left who were at the North Carolina meeting and some others, can really call for an smaller united front than the hundred or so people who were there. What we need is a unity based on real struggle over actual objectives and motives, i.e. being “open and above board” without “conspiracy and intrigue”.

There are forces who dropped out of the Black Radical Congress because they were angry about alleged CPUSA “domination”, domination of what, and to what end? Just as a somewhat earlier canard that they cdn’t be in any group where there were white people. We wonder is this some fear of not being able to struggle for the correct line in these forces presence?

Too often it seems that some of the Black Left are really nationalists straining for a new identity by claiming to be Left but never Marxist Leninists. Some are Black Nationalists who claim “Left” by being influenced by Trotskyist or Anarchist stands.

At any rate we need an even broader United Front guided by genuine revolutionaries, communists not Trot influenced Black Leftists.
There are questions about Obama’s appointments even before he is inaugurated. Just as there were questions about him refusing public funding. On the second issue, it shd be obvious by now that Obama saw the public funding, as it is now constructed, to be a ruse to cripple his fund raising, while the Republicans would run ragtime and out raise him, just as Hillary would have done.

On the chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, we should try to understand that this was a very smart choice. The constant calumny against Obama that he is a Muslim. The Right kept screaming his middle name, Hussain, in hopes that would stop the Obamacoaster that enveloped the country. The constant questions about his support for Israel or from the other side about his relationship to the “Zionist entity” were a constant negation Obama faced. Even now, after the election, the fool, al Qaeda’s Zawahari, hurls insults about Obama. Just as some ignorant American anarchists threaten to disrupt the inauguration because of “Obama’s Zionism & Militarism”.

Rahm Emanuel’s selection is due to confound those who are not thoughtful about just what challenges Obama faces. The ever lurking actual Zionists will always make trouble until they can have what they really want, not peace, but the entire Middle East as a fiefdom ruled by Israel.

The Emanuel appointment stops Zionist mischief at the door. Karl Rove’s television appearance blasting Emanuel as  “combative, ill tempered and foul mouthed” and that he was Obama’s worst appointment , were very encouraging to me. Let the rumor mongers and mischief makers and other nattering nabobs try to cause havoc at the gates. I trust Emanuel to handle that as chief of staff, both the constant undermining questions of the Zionists as well as the others who want to make Obama a Zionist. To be a friend of the Israeli people is no crime, to foster a Zionist dictatorship over the Middle East would be a crime. We cannot see Obama doing the latter.

The first necessity of the Obama precedent is to put out a call for a nationwide Democratic Coalition, to heighten even further the attack on white supremacy and racism. Even to fight to get these made illegal, unlawful. This would be the essence of the Post racial coalition, which has already shown its potential power with the election of the President. The Kennedy years could have set something of a precedent, but his assassination along with the assassinations of Malcolm X, Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy, peaked with the election of Nixon and then the takeover at the end of the 70’s by the Reagan steamroller which has been with us in essence until today.

Those assassinations were a Right wing coup, an oil smelling coup that at its denouement was the invasion of the Middle East and the outright takeover of the oil fields, plus the move of the financial markets to Dubai, as alternate to London and Wall St. Monsters covered with and bathing in oil . The crash of the financial markets in the US and to some extent worldwide can mark the end of this domination if we will move on the new precedent of Obama’s election.

Not only must this new Democratic Coalition take on White supremacy and Racism but to oppose and struggle to end the domination of monopoly capitalism over the people of the US, end the war in Iraq and in essence its domination of  the world. State ownership, nationalization, new funding for non monopoly and small business. This democratic coalition must be built into a permanent electoral presence as well to combat the still powerful and ruthless forces of white supremacy and the domination of society by monopoly capitalism.

The Public Works’ New New Deal would see Katrina damaged New Orleans as a top priority and seek to reconstruct the entire gulf ravaged area from Louisiana to Texas. The sagging infrastructure of bridges and tunnels and urban structures must be repaired. This is one solution to chronic unemployment. Certainly these inner cities are in need of public dollars for employment and reconstruction. Just as in the depression 30’s Roosevelt’s new deal even supported the arts, we must see that our new Democratic Coalition demands the same kind of support after years of the Republicans attacks on public support of the Arts.

We want to build a new Democratic Coalition as an engine for the bringing of a People’s Democracy. Any narrowing of the “Post racial coalition” that elected Obama is a mistake.  We must fight to make it real. Those who think that tailing “Labor” mostly the labor bureaucrats or pushing economism as a substitute for political organizing and fielding candidates for every position we are able to are merely continuing the marginalization and irrelevance of the Left. The call for an anti racist anti monopoly Democratic Coalition is correct and necessary and the only move that will give the genuine revolutionaries leadership of the progressive political struggle in the US.

Amiri Baraka

Imperialism, White Supremacy and Fascism in America

Breaking down the concentrated class struggle

Right now US society needs a clear understanding of the difference between socialism and fascism because a war is being waged against working class people. Americans do not really understand the class basis of their government. They also have a difficulty in making comparative analyses between the US brand of bourgeois democracy and other types. Imperialism and fascism are not such very different systems. We are not even that far away from a neo-fascist “dictatorship”.

First of all, socialism is a revolutionary social system. It is born out of revolt, uprisings and insurrection. It is a bottom up society and a system created to wither away; that is, socialism is not a society which has a long-term future. It will be transformed into a society where revolutions, uprisings and insurrections are unnecessary.

Socialism, like the society which must succeed it, will transform the means of distribution so that all the resources of society will be available to its members. The State will behave as the primary instrument for the socialized redistribution of resources — to contrast with capitalist privatization of collectively produced wealth — but not the sole force for this activity.

Socialist democracy means working class democracy. This is the logic of democratic struggle. Once the laboring masses eradicate the degenerate notion of racist supremacy, the democratic political process must take on a more principled character. America thrives on the practice of racist supremacy, pure and simple. All concepts of racial differences are based on racism. Whiteness, race and racial are terms carrying a dishonestly neutral connotation when they remain politically charged themes of capitalist society. The notions of political or cultural whiteness derives from a strictly racist context. Anti-racism is not about white guilt. It is about smashing colonialism and Imperialism as racist, class-based systems.

Racism shapes the culture of the colonizer society, and deforms the culture of the oppressed. It is, in reality, an expression of class warfare. As such, racism designates one nationality as a master race and the others as servants or slave races, a so-called underclass. These ideas, inculcated thru out colonialism, set the standards for interactions between workers of different nationalities. Workers from the white society think of themselves as superior to blacks, Latinos, American Indians, and Asians. Even government census forms convey a false sense of race purity.

The government bail out of the bloodsucking banks, tho, will consolidate the trend towards relegating white workers to the same miserable status as the colonized masses while continuing to play them against us “niggers”. This struggle reflects the historical lag between bourgeois ideology and working class self-realization. Until that gap gets closed, the colonized masses must remain in a defensive posture against their white working class comrades on the other side of the skirmish line.

White supremacy working both sides of the street…

And it is not always the far right which hides behind racism. Liberals and society in general do likewise. White workers often maintain a racist view of the colonized Latino and black workers with whom they share a place on the assembly line, and the same wage rates.

It is not until these white workers shed their own unprincipled nationalist views and become anti-racist as well as revolutionary proletarians within the international class struggle that we can depend upon them as solidarity forces, and genuine comrades. Only then, as well, will the labor movement be able to shed its corporate identity and become radicalized.

Then, many anti-colonial opinions in the African community range from revolutionary to pro capitalist, and pro Imperialist. Some fail to recognize how their “anti-whiteness” plays into the hands of Imperialism. Others understand that you do not fight racism with racism, but with Solidarity, as BPP Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton stated. That is an African Internationalist position.

However, to fight racism with Solidarity surely does not mean that your Solidarity comrades are openly rabid, bloodsucking racist excrements. That reverts backwards to fighting racism with racism. That explains how Jonas Savimbi united with apartheid South Africa to attempt the take over of revolutionary Angola. It explains how US black nationalists opportunistically made the mistake of ideologically supporting Savimbi.

The apartheid regimes of southern Africa had for the entire period of their existence been pro fascist. They militarily supported Portuguese colonial control in Angola and Mozambique. Apartheid Rhodesia and South Africa welcomed war criminals from Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. While the official name of the Nazi Party was something like the National Socialists, socialism was completely foreign to their program of action. No part of the Nazi Party was socialist, except the name. Nazism was fascism. Italy’s Mussolini, Spain’s Franco and Portugal’s Salazar were also fascists. Spain and Portugal became members of NATO, to stop the Soviet threat. If Nazi Germany had been socialist, then apartheid South Africa would have no part in giving fleeing German officers safe haven.

In the US, Preston Bush — Bush 43’s grandfather — and Henry Ford each profiteered from trade with the Nazis, as both were staunch anti-communists. Bush’s family has a long record destabilizing nations and communities, including America. Their WWII sympathies reflect their own cynicism towards working people, and towards the use of power. Ford and Bush never rendered material support for a socialist state; they opposed unions and disseminated other reactionary views.

Neither words nor practice separates apartheid and Jim Crow ideology from Hitler’s notion of Aryan supremacy. Tho the term Aryan for white people is the ultimate Imperialist identity, coming out of Nazi ideology itself, white people do not typically refer to themselves as Aryans not even during the most racist colonial period.

To give a brief background on how the Nazis concocted their ideas, Frederick Neitsche’s concept of the White Beast, the European superman, was based on Europe’s colonial domination of the world. The European had collected all the kno how and wealth from the empire, thereby transforming Europeans from ordinary mud people into Voila! Supermen. From there, the Nazis traced the Aryan’s lineage back to the invasion of the dark-skinned Harappans, and Mohenjo-Daro. Aryan tribes from the Caucasus (they had the horse) overran the Indus Valley, but the original Aryans (the Hindu) are no longer white at all.

At the same time, the concept of the Master Race — a fable derived from fusing Nietsche’s Superman theory of post-modernism with the archaic Aryan invasion of the Indus Valley — became intertwined to form the centerpiece of Nazi ideology and what certain racist activists called the Identity Movement in the post civil rights era. This elaborate synthesis of ancient and modern ideas, however unscientific and idiot-logical, combined with twelve years of economic growth during the Thirties to give the Germans a false sense of superiority. Historians broadly ignore the fact that workers literally lived under the gun, which demystifies once and for all Germany’s rise as a powerhouse in that brief space of time.

Fighting neo-fascism in US political culture

Which brings us to the point about fascism. Pan Africanists define it as a system within the Imperialist center which treats workers there as it does to the colonized masses. European socialist Nicos Poulantzas says that under fascism armed managers enforce production quotas on workers. These managers may be police, secret police like Gestapo, security guards or army officers. This explains how Adolph Hitler built labor camps to take Germany from a bankrupt state to economic solvency within twelve years. Almost to a man, historians neglect to explain Germany’s growth spurt in those years preceding World War II.

Historians also fail to point out how the economic collapse of 1929 unleashed the forces of reaction across Europe. This is important to analyze, particularly because the US currently faces another economic meltdown today. In a racially charged election, America has just barely inched away from the neo-fascist ideal craved by the neoconservative Republican administration currently in power. And with the president-elect’s naming of his own neocon policy hacks to his cabinet, not much distance has been placed between the Democrats and the Republicans. So in opposing neo-fascism, what should we be aware of?

Emergency political regimes surfaced thru out Europe during the 1930s. Mussolini’s blackshirts and Hitler’s Nazi Party marched in the streets, driving off other organizers, murdering their rivals and implementing a reign of terror. They recruited the most reactionary elements to lead the unions thru thuggery and by colluding with the corporations. America’s far right apparently hovers on the fringes of such a movement. However, they have failed to make the necessary steps and turns not because of timidity. The political climate is not yet right for right-wingers to totally coopt working people’s democratic rights. Yet they are very close, especially with the racist outrage which is surging like a wave after Obama’s victory at the polls.

By way of example, following twelve years of Republican Party “voodoo economics”, Bill Clinton jump started the biggest economic boom in history on the back of the prison industry. Today, one million black men locked down across America have provided a cheap supply of labor which has created boom towns and investment portfolios. As in Europe during that period, today the far-right conspires within liberalism, to maintain working class defeatism and anarchy. These seminal origins of US neo-fascism fore shadows what may loom over the horizon during the economic recovery of the next period.

Right-wingers continue to enjoy camaraderie with liberal reactionaries . They depend upon the so-called Left to hold the door open for their repressive initiatives. For instance, Sen. Joe Lieberman joined the GOP after losing to a Democratic Party contender in the primaries, then campaigned for the Republicans. Then the majority Dems welcomed him back by rewarding him with his old seat as chairman of Homeland Security. This shows the two parties as united in substance.

Naked racists, the right has no problem foisting the most servile segment of the colonized masses upon society as a foil to our national democratic (”civil”) rights. Such compradors (”sell outs”) as Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerly have gained their positions strictly via the civil rights movement, yet undermine the very principles and laws for which black people fought. The far right believes from the Bible and other religious texts that Africans are God’s condemned burnt ham servants for the white, Imperialist empire.

As the world knows, the fascists were defeated in Germany and Italy by armed force. Fascism withered away in Spain while it was overthrown in Portugal. The fascism of apartheid was defeated militarily in Rhodesia. Economic apartheid continues in South Africa, where that must also be smashed following the end of its authoritarian political system.

Imperialism has arrived at a place in history when it cannot thrive within its great centers in North America and Europe, built upon the backs of five billion workers. It has come to a juncture where the crisis in social relationships has reached its apex, and the class struggle can only sharpen. As this happens, fascism threatens to emerge in America. Various forces continue to set the tone for fascist dictatorship. The working class and all its allies must remain vigilant and prepared to oppose all forms of fascism and reactionary struggle.

Spin on Meltdown Defuses Indignation

A War on Society by Capitalism and Government

By I. Langalibalele

Two contending views exist concerning how the financial meltdown happened. Neither one is entirely incorrect, yet whichever view dominates will determine how society responds to the bail out. People must understand that their interpretation of events is based upon however themselves they perceive their relationship to the power structure and to the economic forces that run this country. Which in turn determines how democracy will operate thru the next period of political hegemony over the masses of Americans.

On the one hand, there is the belief that an over-extended practice of credit lending stretched thin the liquidity of US financial institutions. This view says that Americans lived on credit. They used credit to pay for everything from big ticket items like houses and autos and furniture and plasma screen televisions, to paying off utility, grocery and clothing bills. This view is not entirely wrong, but it is not at the root of the problem.

According to Milton Friedman, late architect of the cut and spend voodoo economics of every administration from 1981 to the present, economic crises stem from cash being regulated rather than distributed. In this scenario, the cash being regulated by the banks and corporate finance institutions have done what is characteristic under capitalism.

Wealth hoarded from society by financiers gets concentrated. They transform it into asset-backed commercial paper, which can be packed into briefcases, transported and negotiated anywhere. Sophisticated funds such as hedge funds, arbitrages, derivatives and other forms of capitalism are driven from the very credit market that the right-wing accuses Americans of having abused. Freidman was not wrong about cash being locked up, but he was the leading advocate of those responsible for concentrating wealth, a seeming paradox.

Liquidity is locked up in asset-backed commercial paper. Huge funds are driven by firms that bundle mortgages and sell them to investors; your home is only worth the down payment. Investors back their speculative investments such as oil futures on bundled real estate which has in part driven the price, not the cost, of gasoline over the last three years.

Wealth is locked up, Milton Friedman, by a handful of capitalists making war against society, assisted at the uppermost levels of the State.

Out of this current period, a massive shakeout of small investors has taken place, whereby people having their pensions tied up in stock options have taken another hit. From the S&L scandals of the Eighties and Nineties, to the DotCom shakeout and the stock option swindles — led by Tyco, Enron, Worldcom-MCI, and others — to the current financial crisis caused by the subprime housing market started during the Clinton era, the cycles of massive fraud and rip offs by corporate America seem to be building with increased frequency and viciousness.

Imperialism, international monopoly finance capitalism, has arrived at the point in history where it must cannibalize its base inside the world capitalist centers. For this, capitalism has less use for colonialism and racism. It no longer requires a theory of white supremacy as it shifts capital resources into China and India. Capitalism’s continuation as an economic force today depends upon reducing the conditions of all workers to the lowest possible state and keeping them divided.

Were that not the function of capitalism, workers would actually be paid for the value of their labor. Which underscores the logic that the crisis in social relations occurs at the point of production. This economic meltdown derives from the crisis in social relations created by capitalism, which takes place wherever the class struggle bumps heads. It is bumping heads right now where the banks are being bailed out to the tune of $700 billion. If the government directly bailed out mortgagees, that would reduce the amount to only $150 billion or so.

The Gubernatorial-Oppenheimer Party wiped out the biggest economic boom in history, That was like wrapping a show-room floor Maserati around a tree on a test drive, and walking away unfazed. The party of democracy thru Imperialism, using Imperialism to spread its limited democracy, has achieved its mission, waiting awhile to implement neo-fascist economic and political policies to eradicate unions, the Left, and civil society. It must wait for the Dems to lure the people back to sleep by working Imperialism thru democracy.

So, to say the credit system caused the financial meltdown is not completely true or even remotely accurate. The money locked up by banks derives from value produced by every worker in America and then lent back to them at exorbitant rates.

Working people build houses, thereby transforming raw land into real estate. And in America, land was never honestly purchased or traded; it was looted from the Turtle Islanders. American capitalism on free land built upon the slave labor of African people still cannot produce wealth without thievery, deception and misery.

This tendency adversely effects democracy and defines the next period of hegemony over working and poor people. Once the so-called government bail out of the banks gets finalized, new regulations and policies will go into effect.

As the corporate media defines democracy and flagellates the average American about having used too much credit, guilt becomes the new black. The supposed white guilt about racism that never was — because anti-racism never was about white guilt — will miraculously become transfigured into white guilt about finances. And the Democratic Party will implement the new regime under what will be, in  the upshot, Imperialism thru democracy.