Imperialism, White Supremacy and Fascism in America

Breaking down the concentrated class struggle

Right now US society needs a clear understanding of the difference between socialism and fascism because a war is being waged against working class people. Americans do not really understand the class basis of their government. They also have a difficulty in making comparative analyses between the US brand of bourgeois democracy and other types. Imperialism and fascism are not such very different systems. We are not even that far away from a neo-fascist “dictatorship”.

First of all, socialism is a revolutionary social system. It is born out of revolt, uprisings and insurrection. It is a bottom up society and a system created to wither away; that is, socialism is not a society which has a long-term future. It will be transformed into a society where revolutions, uprisings and insurrections are unnecessary.

Socialism, like the society which must succeed it, will transform the means of distribution so that all the resources of society will be available to its members. The State will behave as the primary instrument for the socialized redistribution of resources — to contrast with capitalist privatization of collectively produced wealth — but not the sole force for this activity.

Socialist democracy means working class democracy. This is the logic of democratic struggle. Once the laboring masses eradicate the degenerate notion of racist supremacy, the democratic political process must take on a more principled character. America thrives on the practice of racist supremacy, pure and simple. All concepts of racial differences are based on racism. Whiteness, race and racial are terms carrying a dishonestly neutral connotation when they remain politically charged themes of capitalist society. The notions of political or cultural whiteness derives from a strictly racist context. Anti-racism is not about white guilt. It is about smashing colonialism and Imperialism as racist, class-based systems.

Racism shapes the culture of the colonizer society, and deforms the culture of the oppressed. It is, in reality, an expression of class warfare. As such, racism designates one nationality as a master race and the others as servants or slave races, a so-called underclass. These ideas, inculcated thru out colonialism, set the standards for interactions between workers of different nationalities. Workers from the white society think of themselves as superior to blacks, Latinos, American Indians, and Asians. Even government census forms convey a false sense of race purity.

The government bail out of the bloodsucking banks, tho, will consolidate the trend towards relegating white workers to the same miserable status as the colonized masses while continuing to play them against us “niggers”. This struggle reflects the historical lag between bourgeois ideology and working class self-realization. Until that gap gets closed, the colonized masses must remain in a defensive posture against their white working class comrades on the other side of the skirmish line.

White supremacy working both sides of the street…

And it is not always the far right which hides behind racism. Liberals and society in general do likewise. White workers often maintain a racist view of the colonized Latino and black workers with whom they share a place on the assembly line, and the same wage rates.

It is not until these white workers shed their own unprincipled nationalist views and become anti-racist as well as revolutionary proletarians within the international class struggle that we can depend upon them as solidarity forces, and genuine comrades. Only then, as well, will the labor movement be able to shed its corporate identity and become radicalized.

Then, many anti-colonial opinions in the African community range from revolutionary to pro capitalist, and pro Imperialist. Some fail to recognize how their “anti-whiteness” plays into the hands of Imperialism. Others understand that you do not fight racism with racism, but with Solidarity, as BPP Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton stated. That is an African Internationalist position.

However, to fight racism with Solidarity surely does not mean that your Solidarity comrades are openly rabid, bloodsucking racist excrements. That reverts backwards to fighting racism with racism. That explains how Jonas Savimbi united with apartheid South Africa to attempt the take over of revolutionary Angola. It explains how US black nationalists opportunistically made the mistake of ideologically supporting Savimbi.

The apartheid regimes of southern Africa had for the entire period of their existence been pro fascist. They militarily supported Portuguese colonial control in Angola and Mozambique. Apartheid Rhodesia and South Africa welcomed war criminals from Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. While the official name of the Nazi Party was something like the National Socialists, socialism was completely foreign to their program of action. No part of the Nazi Party was socialist, except the name. Nazism was fascism. Italy’s Mussolini, Spain’s Franco and Portugal’s Salazar were also fascists. Spain and Portugal became members of NATO, to stop the Soviet threat. If Nazi Germany had been socialist, then apartheid South Africa would have no part in giving fleeing German officers safe haven.

In the US, Preston Bush — Bush 43’s grandfather — and Henry Ford each profiteered from trade with the Nazis, as both were staunch anti-communists. Bush’s family has a long record destabilizing nations and communities, including America. Their WWII sympathies reflect their own cynicism towards working people, and towards the use of power. Ford and Bush never rendered material support for a socialist state; they opposed unions and disseminated other reactionary views.

Neither words nor practice separates apartheid and Jim Crow ideology from Hitler’s notion of Aryan supremacy. Tho the term Aryan for white people is the ultimate Imperialist identity, coming out of Nazi ideology itself, white people do not typically refer to themselves as Aryans not even during the most racist colonial period.

To give a brief background on how the Nazis concocted their ideas, Frederick Neitsche’s concept of the White Beast, the European superman, was based on Europe’s colonial domination of the world. The European had collected all the kno how and wealth from the empire, thereby transforming Europeans from ordinary mud people into Voila! Supermen. From there, the Nazis traced the Aryan’s lineage back to the invasion of the dark-skinned Harappans, and Mohenjo-Daro. Aryan tribes from the Caucasus (they had the horse) overran the Indus Valley, but the original Aryans (the Hindu) are no longer white at all.

At the same time, the concept of the Master Race — a fable derived from fusing Nietsche’s Superman theory of post-modernism with the archaic Aryan invasion of the Indus Valley — became intertwined to form the centerpiece of Nazi ideology and what certain racist activists called the Identity Movement in the post civil rights era. This elaborate synthesis of ancient and modern ideas, however unscientific and idiot-logical, combined with twelve years of economic growth during the Thirties to give the Germans a false sense of superiority. Historians broadly ignore the fact that workers literally lived under the gun, which demystifies once and for all Germany’s rise as a powerhouse in that brief space of time.

Fighting neo-fascism in US political culture

Which brings us to the point about fascism. Pan Africanists define it as a system within the Imperialist center which treats workers there as it does to the colonized masses. European socialist Nicos Poulantzas says that under fascism armed managers enforce production quotas on workers. These managers may be police, secret police like Gestapo, security guards or army officers. This explains how Adolph Hitler built labor camps to take Germany from a bankrupt state to economic solvency within twelve years. Almost to a man, historians neglect to explain Germany’s growth spurt in those years preceding World War II.

Historians also fail to point out how the economic collapse of 1929 unleashed the forces of reaction across Europe. This is important to analyze, particularly because the US currently faces another economic meltdown today. In a racially charged election, America has just barely inched away from the neo-fascist ideal craved by the neoconservative Republican administration currently in power. And with the president-elect’s naming of his own neocon policy hacks to his cabinet, not much distance has been placed between the Democrats and the Republicans. So in opposing neo-fascism, what should we be aware of?

Emergency political regimes surfaced thru out Europe during the 1930s. Mussolini’s blackshirts and Hitler’s Nazi Party marched in the streets, driving off other organizers, murdering their rivals and implementing a reign of terror. They recruited the most reactionary elements to lead the unions thru thuggery and by colluding with the corporations. America’s far right apparently hovers on the fringes of such a movement. However, they have failed to make the necessary steps and turns not because of timidity. The political climate is not yet right for right-wingers to totally coopt working people’s democratic rights. Yet they are very close, especially with the racist outrage which is surging like a wave after Obama’s victory at the polls.

By way of example, following twelve years of Republican Party “voodoo economics”, Bill Clinton jump started the biggest economic boom in history on the back of the prison industry. Today, one million black men locked down across America have provided a cheap supply of labor which has created boom towns and investment portfolios. As in Europe during that period, today the far-right conspires within liberalism, to maintain working class defeatism and anarchy. These seminal origins of US neo-fascism fore shadows what may loom over the horizon during the economic recovery of the next period.

Right-wingers continue to enjoy camaraderie with liberal reactionaries . They depend upon the so-called Left to hold the door open for their repressive initiatives. For instance, Sen. Joe Lieberman joined the GOP after losing to a Democratic Party contender in the primaries, then campaigned for the Republicans. Then the majority Dems welcomed him back by rewarding him with his old seat as chairman of Homeland Security. This shows the two parties as united in substance.

Naked racists, the right has no problem foisting the most servile segment of the colonized masses upon society as a foil to our national democratic (”civil”) rights. Such compradors (”sell outs”) as Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerly have gained their positions strictly via the civil rights movement, yet undermine the very principles and laws for which black people fought. The far right believes from the Bible and other religious texts that Africans are God’s condemned burnt ham servants for the white, Imperialist empire.

As the world knows, the fascists were defeated in Germany and Italy by armed force. Fascism withered away in Spain while it was overthrown in Portugal. The fascism of apartheid was defeated militarily in Rhodesia. Economic apartheid continues in South Africa, where that must also be smashed following the end of its authoritarian political system.

Imperialism has arrived at a place in history when it cannot thrive within its great centers in North America and Europe, built upon the backs of five billion workers. It has come to a juncture where the crisis in social relationships has reached its apex, and the class struggle can only sharpen. As this happens, fascism threatens to emerge in America. Various forces continue to set the tone for fascist dictatorship. The working class and all its allies must remain vigilant and prepared to oppose all forms of fascism and reactionary struggle.


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  2. You’re right, but I think you are putting too much blame on the white working-class. Racism, at its core, is based in the capitalist class system, like you said, but it was created by the upper class as a means of keeping the class system in place. Racism was at the heart of the most despicable class oppressions in our history (slavery being the most obvious one, but also anti-semitism bred from hatred against Jewish factory workers who could undercut other working class white people for jobs, and racism against Latino immigrants nowadays for similar reasons). Racism originated as a way of cementing the class system by creating ethnic, linguistic, and social distinctions between one class and another, but later on became used as a way of pitting the working class against itself. The most outspoken racists in this country are the working class whites BECAUSE THEY HAVE HAD THIS IDEOLOGY FORCED ON THEM as a way of keeping them subservient. By breeding a racist culture, the upper class has created a set of circumstances where they can sit back and watch two sections of the working class (the white and the non-white) tear each other to shreds.

    In order to truly abolish racism, we must abolish the class system. I truly believe that, were it not for the manipulative preconditions created by the upper class, there would be no racism. This is why we must begin to think of ourselves not as white and non-white, but rather as exploited class and exploiting class. Corporate America takes advantage of its poor whites just as much as it does its poor blacks and poor Latinos, showing no regard for the color of the person it enslaves unless it can see an opportunity to create divisions within the low-class population.

  3. Great comment, El Sordo. Tho you are correct about racism being based in the capitalist class, remember to look at it as concentrated class struggle. That defines exactly how the white workers come into play. Believe me, because they have bought into the system, their opportunism functions like the working class equivalent of neo-colonialism. To dismiss white working class racism likewise excuses neo-colonialism and corporate unionism. However, the current economic crisis is not actually a capitalist crisis but a working class one. It is based in drying up liquidity for making a cash-scarce society. This will cause the white workers to split. It will cause them to reevaluate their ideology, which is the only thing that sustains their racism. They no longer have a material basis for it. When that happens, we must be prepared and we must help in breaking their complicity with capital, because that will also be a great encouragement to colonized Latinos and Africans. I will continue to elaborate on this question so that it may become more clear. Peace.

  4. I guess I never thought of it that way, in terms of racist opportunism functioning as a form of colonialism. But I guess you can’t divorce that from the black and Latino working class either. At their core the majority of the working class in this country has bought into the capitalist system, white and non-white, and they continue to fight among themselves, further delaying their own social liberation. People like Michael Jordan, who have fought their way out of the repression of poverty and the racism that keeps so many young African American and Latino youth from realizing their potential, become corporate stooges. He does ads for every clothing line that will have him, convincing impoverished working class children to spend their families’ hard earned money on expensive sneakers they don’t need (which are, let’s not forget, most likely manufactured using exploited labor in a foreign country). When working class Latinos were asked about their opinions on immigration reform in this country, an unnaturally high percentage of THEM supported harsher measures to prevent immigration from Mexico, because even they were worried about job competition.
    I hope that I don’t come off as sounding as if I am trying to excuse racism among whites (of course I am not), but I feel like too often this issue is framed as being White Vs Non-White and not Exploited Vs Exploiters, which is what it should be. I guess ultimately what I want to see is for the working class (African American, Latino, and white) to recognize that they are better served by operating outside the sphere of the system that has been created than they are by trying to make it ahead in the rat race (which will at its worst have left them wasting their lives working for nothing and at its best transforming them into just another exploiter themselves). That means both white people and non-white need to recognize the fault in their own racial prejudices as well as fight against the system that bred those feelings.

    Let’s hope that you’re right and, out of the unfortunate economic bad times that corporate greed has brought us, the working class will emerge with a renewed sense of itself. One that does not include senseless racism and competition.

  5. No, I didn’t think your first reply apologized for racism, just that you did not take a thoro enuf peek at it. All of us have bought into the system at one level or another because of its pervasiveness, yet only those who consciously defend Imperialism deserve scorn. The rest of us who hold onto our humanity get criticized.

    For clarification, I do not paint all white workers with the same brush, except to say they have to give up their whiteness. Many guys and women that I have worked alongside, people who I assumed were reactionaries turned out to be great folks. Not always revolutionaries, but friendship is a starting point for organizational work. Just the fact that you or I may have this discussion with white co-workers disarms their knee-jerk attitudes. Just breaking down the attitude takes a major step towards defusing racist assumptions.

    Also, we have to organize in our own communities. We must redouble our efforts and constantly strive the find the most effective methods without violating our principles. We have to intensify the contradiction confronting labor by exposing the parasitism that is capital. That is the importance of developing a clear analysis of the working class economic crisis. Drive a wedge between the international bourgeoisie and the non-finance sectors in capitalism. Strategies and tactics. Get organized and help build a revolutionary center. That’s what we need!

  6. Africans,

    I agree that a more overt manifestation of fascism is coming to the United Snakes; considering the economic contradictions that are developing there. But on the question of racism, it is necessary to look at America as a settler colonial state; which it is in fact, to accurately analyze the relationship of African workers to, native, latino, and European workers. This can advise Africans on the correct strategy to take in waging the class struggle.

    Africans inside the united snakes have worked under specific production relations from the time we arrived in the snakes in chains to the present. These relations must be studies to make clear distinctions between African workers and European settler workers in the snakes. This will help us to understand where we find harmony and where interest diverge.

    Arriving into a settler colonial state in chains [from Africa] then being “seasoned” as property cannot be ignored in developing our analysis of the role of African workers in the snakes.

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