Ms Beauty Turner

Funeral Services Set For Beauty Turner, Legendary Housing Activist, Associate Editor Of The South Street Journal Newspaper

Funeral services for Ms. Beauty Turner will be held Friday December 26, 2008, 9 am to 10 am (wake), and 10 am to 12 pm (services), at the Greater Harvest Baptist Church 5141 South State Street, Chicago Illinois.

The repast will be at The Swift Manson 4500 S. Michigan Ave. 0A   An activist and writer in Chicago, Ms. Turner was compared to the civil rights leader Ida B. Wells as an outspoken activist addressing public housing, police issues and social justice overall died at 51, of an aneurysm on December 14 at Rush Medical Center.

Freedom fighter Beauty Turner

Freedom fighter Beauty Turner

“A writer and a fighter” as she described herself had lived in the once notorious Robert Taylor Homes development that lead her to be one of the first writers of South Street Journal newspaper in 1993, and expanded here writings for many community newspapers including Residents Journal, an investigative newspaper of public housing residents where she served for 6 years associate editor. She later became an associate editor for South Street Journal in 2006.

With the many projects and programs she addressed, she also was the creator and organizer of the Ghetto Bus Tour, where she took scholars, students and suburbanites to different public housing complexes with her co-tour guide Ron Carter, publisher and editor of South Street Journal. Ms. Turner suffering of an aneurysm — which was an unexpected illness to family and friends — fell into a coma and never recovered. In carrying on Ms. Turners’ work her nephew Marvin ‘Thunder’ and owner of the Ghetto Gallery/Demo Kings said donation and checks can be made to Beauty Turner’s Poor People’s Millennium Movement, 148 West 95th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60628.

For information call 773-544-7911.

Statement from Mark S. Allen, Associate Editor, The South Street Journal Newspaper, on the untimely death of Beauty Turner, housing activist, personal friend,  and another Associate Editor of The South Street Journal Newspaper

“I am deeply saddened to learn of the untimely death of Beauty Turner, one who I knew as a friend, activist, and co worker. She was an absolute joy to know personally as friend, in the streets as a community activist,  and I learned a great deal from working with her professionally as Associate Editor’s at The South Street Journal and our New Black Independent Media Coalition and effort we started along with another founding member, Morgan Carter, who also just passed away. This is certainly a period of sadness in learning of her death, but I must seek to the tremendous joys and memories we all shared in our dedication to serving the least of God’s people in our poor communities.   I had known Beauty as a community activist through my years at The Chicago Urban League and Rainbow/PUSH always there fighting on behalf of public housing residents, and as a journalist, I had the opportunity along with the late Morgan Carter to interview Beauty on our popular TV show “Omnibus Roundtable” seen on Chicago Cable Access TV. And then, I was excited when s he accepted the invitation of Ron Carter, Editor and Publisher of The South Street Journal Newspaper as an Associate Editor, and she would always greet you with that warm “Hi Love.” With her and Ron Carter we truly boasted that at The South Street Journal, that we were not just journalists who reported the news, we were also committed to remaining activists who also made and created  the news.   Beauty of course leaves a tremendous legacy as a friend, activist, and colleague. In addition to remembering the legacy of people like the late Artensia Randolph, legendary Chicago Public Housing leader, and activists like the late Marion Stamps, that true public housing activists like Beauty Turner should also be remembered as one who was a true champion for the poor. Her last effort, The Ghetto Tours was indeed of reflection of Beauty’s legacy building on behalf of Chicago’s poor constituency”.


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  1. Thank you Brother I,

    I’ll pass this beautiful Sister’s information along.

  2. Beauty was my great aunt and i will do my best to walk in her foot prints and to keep fighting the injustices done to the poor people every where

  3. Beauty was one of those unique people we value so highly that a huge hole is left when they are gone. If it weren’t for black women scrapping for our community, we would have all given up a very long time ago. Mama Akua Njeri sent me this info and it’s merely my humble obligation to pass it along.

  4. Condensed Resolution
    Adopted by South Street Journal & Residents of Dearborn Homes
    of the City of Chicago, State of Illinois
    Salute to Beauty Turner
    WHEREAS, in 1993 the year South Street Journal Newspaper was established, emerged form the founders Taylor Residents United Towards Harmony, Ms. Beauty Turner., a former resident of Taylor and Stateway Homes, entered the office of South Street Journal at 4307 S. King Drive. And proclaimed “I am going to be a writer for this newspaper”; and

    WHEREAS, Ms. Beauty Turner a virtuous woman of moral character and, impeccable integrity. The tenacity of a Harriet Tubman, channeling people back to public Housing with the Ghetto (Greatest History Ever Told To Our) People Tours,

    WHEREAS, Beauty Turner has provided Chicago and the world with informative and relevant community news that fosters and open dialogue on current events that help to strengthen community relations providing a voice to communities that are sometimes overlooked, Ms. Turner, the National Award winning journalist, activist, and ground breaking researcher influenced the direction of two newspapers as Associate Editor, Residents Journal and South Street Journal, and;

    WHEREAS, for more than two decades Beauty Turner made Chicago history achieving dignity, respect, fair and humane living condition, as well as countless other rights and protections for hundreds of residents, and;

    WHEREAS, the City of Chicago desires to streamline existing Chicago Public Housing policies by adopting the Transformation of Public Housing that has question various housing directions of the City, and;

    WHEREAS, Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Dearborn Homes is of one of the only two public housing developments on the Chicago southside, which was built for the intention of public interest. Further redevelopment of the homes is in the works. This housing has the opportunity and the potential to spur symbolic meaning to fairness in housing in Chicago, which have a growing need for inclusion in which low income can be as the mix-income, instead of replaced income, and;

    WHEREAS, Beauty Turner’s motto in life: “Hey Love”, embodies the uncommon and invaluable legacy like others, dozens of communities across the city have renamed schools, parks, streets, libraries, other public facilities, awards and scholarships in their honor, as well as enacting holidays and;.

    WHEREAS, Dearborn Homes would be the first structures entering the historic Bronzeville community that bears no name of an individual, thus encouraging residents and officials to work together to sustain the contributions of Beauty Turner; to promote humanity and fair housing in the City of Chicago, and;

    WHEREAS, the change name of Dearborn Homes would bring further attention to the site of a past, where many families first evolved and have evolved just as much to the city as others, and;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED; that we, members of the community, do hereby recognize and salute Beauty Turner for her contribution to the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, the United States of America and the World over for her exceptional commitment to the residents of Public Housing, we express our dearest wishes for continuing Beauty Turner’s legacy, hereby adopts changing the name of CHA development of Dearborn Homes in Chicago, Illinois to Ms. Beauty Turner Homes.

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; that a suitable and complete resolution be prepared and presented to The Family of Beauty Turner, and the City Council of the City of Chicago and Chicago Public Housing, I am pleased to enter these words of into the record of Activism. I here by ask for the motion of this resolution, To rename Dearborn Homes to Ms. Beauty Turner Homes.

    Adopted this 26th day of December 2008.

    Ron Carter
    Publisher and Editor
    South Street Journal

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