“The Obama Deception,” Alex Jones

Beloved sisters and brothers of Humanity across this now ravaged Earth, I wasn’t even going to comment on the most recent parasitic “financial meltdown” garbage, AIG taking federal “bailout” money and paying huge bonuses to executive officers and upper managers. For me, the difficult aspect of doing this economic breakdown is not putting it in simple words for the masses, but getting a grip on what is happening so that it can be broken down. Because I am not by training an economist nor an intellectual by any means. I am a working class brother, myself, and it is my duty to translate the news and misinformation of the capitalist system into a form upon which people can ACT! I will do this until my dying breath, in the hope that you will SEIZE THE TIME, and put an end to Imperialism once and for all.

And yet you still don’t seem to grasp it, that we have so little time left. This period is characterized by intensified, rapine CONCENTRATION OF WEALTH in as few hands as possible. There is no “financial meltdown” or economic crisis except as manipulated by the robber barons of the financial system. It is crass manipulation which will IMMOLATE us all if not for a mass uprising against the ruling class.

The critical thing to understand is that only working class people can change this situation. Working class people make up a strategic sector of the population. Only two strategic sectors exist, that is, only two classes can determine the objective course of history. The ruling class, a small group that weilds power out of proportion to its numbers, has this ability. Workers, because of several factors, are the other class.

Other classes, particularly the petty bourgeoisie, or middle class, lack the ability to objectively alter the course of history. They lack power, wealth and numbers. For them to gain power, they must manipulate society’s actual producers, the workers, in order to displace the present rulers and wield power in their stead.

The ruling class does not need numerical strength to determine the course of history. They have power and wealth which allows them to call all the shots. However, this power and wealth derives from concentrating resources into as few hands as possible, and this situation exists because society cedes that as their right. People have to understand that rights are abstractions; rights exist based upon what society recognizes as moral or just or merely the way it is because the law says so. In a democracy, this abstraction cannot have any force if people strike against it. Once society begins to turn away from the notion of PRIVATE PROPERTY as a right, that will begin to erode the power which a tiny, bloodsucking minority wields over the vast numbers of humanity.

As unemployment expands and people’s comfort zone shrinks, the outrage which remains bottled up must not stay contained as it had during the years when wages shrunk and living expenses grew. Because INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CAPITALISM must end. It is the system which has produced every problem known to the modern world. The vast interwoven social fabric which stretches across the globe cannot allow its fate to rely upon the decisions of a handful of jaded movers and shakers.

The working classes produce everything society needs for its maintenance. It produces medicine, food, housing, weapons, factories, mines, wealth and power that it has the ability to wield in its own interests by its own hands. However, it surrenders everything it produces for the pleasure of the ruling class. EVERYTHING!! The workers and other producers give up every iota of wealth and power to the capitalists, who turn it all against the workers who created this fabulous society themselves. EVERYTHING!

The bourgeoisie produce wars over resources to turn one group of workers against another, to enslave a nation so that the bourgeoisie may themselves enjoy the power they exercise thru the spectacle of bloodshed and horrendous destruction. The bourgeoisie produce nothing except exploitation and oppression. It is impossible for them to produce a single thing of material significance.

In fact, the bourgeoisie substitute paper value for real value. They substitute worthless paper for the things that workers produce in the factories, mines, fields and anywhere else workers replenish and subdue the earth for the life of society.


Paper for the gold you dig, the diamonds get forked over for paper money; the farmer gives up his crops for a debt owed to the bank. ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!! Has society gone mad? Yes, this is the beginning of the madness which brought us to this point in history. We are in a new period, where society will have to decide which way to turn. Your very existence is on the line.


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  2. rated site this mbantunyankompong.wordpress.com terrific to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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