African Liberation Day 09: UP AND RUNNING

A few folks, discussing an African Liberation Day in Pittsburgh for the 23rd, raised the point that the time for elevating Reparations seems to be ripe, particularly with the government giving away billions, if not trillions to the finance sector. One brother said the giveaway plan for the banks will eventually total $13 trillion. In a country of 300 million, that comes out to more than  $400k per individual. If there are like 40 million Africans, then that equals over $3 million each. 


Fat chance that will happen. It goes to sho, tho, that the money is there for black people to get what our ancestors have earned. What Reparations means in terms of the black community relates to social justice, starting a new chapter in US social relations, building clout for our people nationally and internationally, plus transforming the conditions inside our community which have been defined by our oppressed ties to white political power.


Talk about getting back up and running, for us, Reparations is the ticket.


The problems surrounding this have their basis in the money system. We have to be sure of that. For instance, while inflation will not eat away at the monies concentrated in the banking system, the banks control how inflation will effect liquidity as it is diluted within the broad masses of people. They cannot permit folks to reap maximum benefits from the capitalist system. That defeats the concept and role of capitalism, which is to concentrate wealth and not to dilute it.


Furthermore, the resentment which such a plan will inspire amongst the reactionary white working class seems problematic. However, this is the same class which seems to think it is a capitalist class. It is wed to the degenerate illogic of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and other spin doctors who hope to undermine an already weak economic system with one that approximates a fascist dictatorship.


In such a scenario, white workers will only find themselves boxed in as they became in Portugal, Spain and South Africa. That is a losing proposition for a class which has no fighting spirit and a reactionary grip on reality.


Frantz Fanon discussed how the colonized working class expresses its rage thru horizontal violence before the struggle against the oppressor begins in earnest. That is where we are today in the African community. Not only in the US but around the world. The African working class has to understand its own interests.


Now while convincing people to take up arms against Imperialism is not something to be discussed on a blog, the idea of channeling black rage into constructive and creative expressions demands a place in our dialog. Because black rage is anti-colonial, black rage is anti-imperialist. It opposes neo-colonialism even if it assumes a distinct form of apparent collaboration with the Imperialist system itself. It is subconscious rage, without applied intellect, yet a response to the repressed conditions of in our community.


African Liberation Day this year will present the African liberation movements in a way which Little Haiti has never before seen. Last year the historical trend set in motion by giants like Nkrumah, Dedan Kimathi, Amilcar Cabral and others, was repudiated and scandalized. This year, it will be redeemed, and all its components elevated to their proper status. PAMBERI NE CHIMURENGA: Forward the Black Revolution!


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  1. If we have to talk about reparation,we need to start with the Arab slave trade in Africa,to the transatlantic slave trade,not forgetting any Country that is still violating the Land of Africa and its People through Arms,or creating chaos.

    If when Slavery was abolished in England, Slave owners being paid Twenty Billion Pounds, why shouldn’t the slave descendants be compensated?

    With my own Homeland Burundi, colonised together with Rwanda,Congo, the damages caused by Belgian King Leopold, the enslavement of the Congolese People,the slaughter of the Congolese, should bring the Belgians to pay compensation to every citizen of DRCongo,and pay compensation for the Genocide they helped prepare in Rwanda from 1959, not to mention the Hate ideology they introduced and the identity cards similar to what Jews went through, causing Millions of People to die,be displaced!

    A Man who was involved in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba said he had no remorse as Patrice Lumumba had insulted his King, so, let us say it loudly:”We’ll ask for those terrorists to pay damages caused in the Great Lakes of Africa,scars that still have not healed and they continue to fuel to confuse People to attack each other!”

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