Neo-Colonialism in the Racist US Police State

In this period of Obama-ite neo-colonialism, our colonial experience as Africans reminds us that we have previously traveled this road. To qualify this as a colonial experience clarifies the fact that African history does not begin with slavery or any relationship with Europeans. Therefore, any statements or feelings that the presidency of Barack Obama is in any way history-making or even “the end of racism” grossly misrepresents reality. It smears our role as a people in the vast interwoven social fabric that produces history thru COLLECTIVE DEVELOPMENT AND INTERACTION.

So some racist ideologues continue to say that “your own people sold you into slavery”, and if it weren’t for slavery we could not enjoy freedom, etc. These views, all too often backed up by negro preachers and politicians at some level or another, derive directly from colonialist self-justification rather than any message that will liberate our people from the bondage of colonialism and Imperialism.

True, the seeds of ne(gr)o-colonialism took root when the first slatees received handfuls of beads in exchange for capturing their fellow Africans and selling them to white slavers. Hence, the guilt of neo-colonialism – beyond being an emotional game but embedded in a criminal activity – requires that the crooks engaged in this enterprise maintain their grip on the minds of a people sold out and eviscerated. In hand with slavery, neo-colonialism justifies Imperialism and obstructs our community from elevating critical issues like reparations, prisons, the war-of-drugs, health-care, and so forth.

It must be said that Obama is a neo-colonialist who speaks very differently from any prior US president. Obama seems to support the unions; he points out how Cuba’s relates to Latin America by sending physicians, while the US has historically sent weapons. If Obama wants to place a human face upon Imperialism, that will fail in the long run. He cannot dismiss any of the deep-seated hostility of a racist system, which presses down upon our community.

Thru out our colonial experience, those wielding power whose faces remain indistinguishable from ours have typically remained unable or unwilling to diminish the State monopoly on violence. Obama has yet to discuss critical issues relating to the State’s conduct in its operations, policies, and undue weight of forces on the black community. The apparent diluting effect of Obama-ite neo-colonialism, on the concentrated class question better known as racism, so far has failed to dilute anti-black police State repression.

For this reason, Africans must recognize the realities of Imperialism. The State continues to display naked aggression against the black community. Arizona’s Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio recently expressed his admiration of the Ku Klux Klan in a broadcast interview. This same official imposes the worst work camp conditions on detainees, and recently fired NBA law and order slatee Shaquille O’Neal.

Former US congressman turned Oakland mayor, Ron Dellums attempted to intervene in a demonstration protesting the recent police murder of Oscar Grant. Officers involved in the execution of Grant, a New Year’s Day reveler, in full view of scores of people on a BART platform, had remained at large. The State dragged its feet, despite more than ample footage captured by camera phone users, plus eyewitness accounts. For some reason, Dellums obviously believed that protests were uncalled for and people should never take to the street. Well, the demo turned int a rebellion when the mayor disappeared and the pigs moved in to arrest San Francisco Bay View activist/reporter JR Valrey.

Following that day’s uprising, the State finally arrested the trigger man, tho his two accomplices – who accessorized the crime by confiscating camera phones – have not been charged. Meanwhile, Valrey continues to fight charges for participating in a demonstration.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, another journalist, has spent 26 years on Pennsylvania’s death row for a wrongful murder conviction. He steadfastly continues to write about the plight of poor and disorganized working people. The State refuses to not only recognize his innocence, it refuses to review exculpatory testimony from witnesses, and ignores established legal precedents where Mumia’s rights have been violated.

One of two orgiastic statues on the Pennsylvania State Assembly

One of two orgiastic statues on the Pennsylvania State Assembly

Indeed, across Pennsylvania more political prisoners waste away in prison than in any other state. Maroon Shoatz has been on 23-hour lockdown since 1991. The MOVE Eight cannot receive a fair and lenient parole hearing for a crime that they did not commit.

A group of human rights activists traveled to Harrisburg on April 22 to discuss with state lawmakers the conditions that prisoners face inside the state prison system. These people complained of sons, friends and contacts who were on 23 hour lockdown, had urine and other contaminants in their food, denied medical attention, and subjected to other horrendous problems. Some of the lawmakers or their aides seemed concerned, while a few appeared nonplussed. In any event, the struggle for prisoner rights will not stop there, let alone the struggle for those wrongly convicted to serve as fodder for the Imperialist system.

These are the conditions which real freedom fighters face, and our community must not wait for anybody else to speak for these oppressed sisters and brothers. Four percent of the world population, the US accounts for 25% of all prisoners worldwide. Of that number, fully two-thirds are colonized workers, being Latino and African. Together, these two groups make up one-fourth of the US population. FBI crime states have consistently stated that crimes are committed fairly evenly across populations, meaning that white commit the same crimes at the same rate as anybody else, which means that white prisoners should out-number blacks or Latinos by eight-to-one. But they do not because law enforcement and the prison system are based upon colonialism and racism.

While any number of somebodies still need to justify the State by pleading for balance when conditions demand mass uprisings, that blind lady with the sword and scales comes from mythology. Our mistress for justice is Mama Assata Shakur, living in exile in revolutionary Cuba with a $1 million bounty on her head by this same injustice system.

Cuba, the embargoed country which sends doctors to Latin America while America sends guns. Cuba, a land where people took up arms and joined the fight against apartheid South Africa ten thousand miles away, while America deepens African oppression. Negroes want to become doctors and politicians not to help their own people but to help capitalism. Yet African people need revolutionary physicians, revolutionary politicians and journalists, and revolutionary thinkers and doers who will help liberate our people. We must not believe in neo-colonialism no matter how well it works; we must pick up on revolution.


Luis Posada Carriles, US Guest, International Terrorist

Havana.  April 9, 2009

Posada accused in relation to the attacks in Havana

Jean-Guy Allard

IN a surprising change of strategy, Washington district attorneys responsible for the case against Luis Posada Carriles have increased the number of charges brought against the international terrorist in El Paso, Texas, with respect to false statements in relation to the campaign of attacks that he unleashed in Havana in 1997.

According to the AP, Posada is now charged with having lied about his involvement “in seeking individuals to carry out attacks in Cuba.” More specifically, the district attorneys specified that he failed to tell the truth about having asked Salvadorian mercenary Raúl Cruz León to take explosives to the island for attacks designed to damaging tourist activity.

One of the acts of terrorism perpetrated by Cruz León, contracted by Posada in El Salvador, resulted in the death of Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo. Posada has admitted to his involvement in these crimes in interviews published in the United States.

With a lengthy record in terrorism, including the mid-flight destruction of a Cuban civilian aircraft that caused the death of all 73 people on board, Posada now faces 11 charges, once again appearing before Federal Judge Kathleen Cardone, who previously released him.

The change of strategy on the part of the district attorneys, headed by John W. Van Lonkhuyzen, who belong to the Anti-Terrorist Section of the Justice Department – now directed by Eric Holder – would seems to correspond to a review of the case given repeated extradition applications by the Venezuelan government, in the run up to the Americas Summit, where the issue will inevitably be raised.

However, the District Attorney’s Office has limited itself to additional charges perjury and obstruction against the most famous terrorist in the hemisphere, who worked for the CIA for more than 25 years, besides having served in the U.S. Armed Forces. The new charges will be filed today in the El Paso Court, in a hearing where Posada will supposedly have to be present.

The killer torturer, who is of Cuban origin but was naturalized in Venezuela, has been at liberty since May 2007, after the same judge, Kathleen Cardone, rejected the immigration charges brought by the Justice Department of former U.S. president George W. Bush. That ruling was overturned by the New Orleans 5th Circuit Court of Appeal, which ordered a retrial.

Translated by Granma International

Smoked Pigs in the Police State

Here in Pittsburgh, just this past Saturday a right-wing gun nut opened fire and smoked three pigs. You probably heard about it. And you might not agree with the way I am laying it down. But this is my piece, and I write what I like.

When the cops smoke one of us, we’re all supposed to think it’s all copasetic, like a brain freeze from a smoothie. That ain’t wassup. The pigs have gotten away with far too much murder and violence over the past for black folk to ever be all groovy ‘n stuff with ‘em, especially with so many of them flowing into town for funerals. Nope. Just ain’t feeling this media build up for three pigs.

Whenever who gets ready to post their little comments defending the cops, whatever you have to say, however you have to say it, your feelings and defensive lil jibes, I heard it all before so many times sounds like it’s coming out of a can. Network and cable outlets speak for you, and so we are fighting to find our own voice, being boxed out and shut down by Imperialism.

So back in the Nineties, the pigs smoked a brother named Jackson in the Armstrong Tunnels. The tunnel is a twisting, narrow tube that is difficult to turn around in on a bicycle. Bro Jackson drove a Thunderbird or a Toronado, some kinda scruggle buggy. Anyway, the cop who killed him had shot the brother several times in the back of the head; cover story (alibi) was Brother Jackson had sped across the Tenth Street Bridge on three flat tires, entered the tube at a high rate of speed, spun his car around, rammed the pigs, spun it around again, and got his cap peeled before he could wreak anymore havoc. Cops – 1, The Ghetto – 0.

In Uniontown, fifty miles or so outside of the ‘Burgh, two state police shot an unarmed, joy-riding 12-year-old in the back, murdering him. Some cracker at my work stated that the kid shouldn’t have been running. I wonder what kind of kid doesn’t run when they get into mischief? Anyway, a half-baked prosecution effort resulted in the pigs’ exoneration. One of the pigs, the trigger man, just recently got convicted for murdering his girlfriend‘s hubby. Homocide, life in the street, and not the Hollywood version.

Here is something from a leaflet, turned into a thread, distributed in July 2002:

Recently, a nine-year-old African (American) boy in McKees Rocks fell under a vicious attack by a racist local law enforcement team. In a story which made national headlines, it so happened that in response to racist conditioning instilled by its trainer, a police dog broke away from a scuffle between the police handler and a white suspect and charged half a block down the street to violently assault young Brandon Livingston as he played at his family home.

Police train dogs in methods of police work and therefore treat them as police. This dog and the police handler have a record of intimidating and attacking people in Black neighborhoods and homes. The handler unleashed his dog in a residential area; typical police conditioning made this animal vicious, unpredictable and prone to unprovoked attack against passive individuals and even harmless children.

Not long following this unprovoked assault on a child, local police began racist, Nazi-style hate attacks against Boro Councilwoman Wanda Dixon for her strong stand in defense of her community and constituents. Uniformed racist police officers have verbally attacked Ms. Dixon through a steady stream of terroristic threats, official oppression, and ethnic intimidation, and have generally behaved like thugs to contain this brave Black woman and democratically elected official.

Like it or not, black folks in this country live under a Police State. The police State is not merely the police themselves but the systems of laws, courts and prisons that criminalize social activity and political dissent. The Patriot Act, the Omnibus Crime Law and the Homeland Securities Act form components of Police State repression. We must fight against that because the Police State oppresses colonized working people and gives privilege to others. This Police State becomes more necessary as the State increasingly merges with international finance, a turn in society which indicates a major step towards creating fascism.

In the Bay Area, the pigs ran up in KPFA to beat and brutalize a pregnant Nadra Foster last August, at the radio station’s provocation. KPFA/Pacifica produces “Democracy Now”.

Then, police attacked demonstrators who protested the summary execution-style murder of Oscar Grant on a BART platform in full view of dozens of witnesses. It required a rebellion to force authorities to merely arrest the police trigger man in the incident, altho his colleagues accessorized the crime by confiscating video evidence from phones and other devices owned by observant passers-by: POLICE STATE.

SF Bayview reporter and street rights advocate JR Valrey was arrested and charged with arson. The same thing happened to Young Chairman Fred Hampton 16 years ago in Chicago, where he received an 18-year sentence for a crime that did not exist, during the nationwide Rodney King Rebellions. Now JR is being attacked in the East Bay Express by an armchair reporter who smeared JR as an agent provocateur. Hell, our whole movement may be agents provocateur, if we apply Benjamin Taylor’s pedestrian idiot logic. Which makes the pigs, who gun down 12-year-olds and youths like Oscar Grant, heroes.

The routine exoneration of pigs for heinous murders and brutality against our community, alongside the media demonization of activists and organizers like JR Valrey, polarizes society and sets the stage for wholesale slaughter. Genocide is built on conditions which have been arising in this country. So, our people rise up because we will never wait for and rely upon courtroom justice alone. Keep rising up. Get organized. Revolution comes from REVOLTS, and not from that old worn out circular logic of Imperialism.

New Approaches to Old Questions

Dialectics Simplified

If we sum up capitalism as detrimental to society, and that a new society must emerge to benefit people instead exploit and oppress them, strategies must be developed to help people make the transformation. So since the principle of concentration defines capitalism, any dual and contending social system bases itself upon dilution.

Should capitalism concentrate wealth in as few hands as possible, then our social system must dilute it to benefit as many folks as possible. Where power has become concentrated, there must be methods and strategies for distributing power. If capitalism concentrates the class question, we must thoroly dilute class relations. If politics is economics concentrated, then a diluted political process must replace it. The tyranny of the few can overthrown for a society where all members have an equal stake.

To end this tyranny by the oligarchs, at least a handful of strategies can be proposed in answer to concentrated wealth and power. The time has come for society to seriously examine alternatives to capitalism.

Banks arose for the selfish act of concentrating wealth, so collectives and co-operatives can be built by workers to begin wealth distribution. By contrast, workers collectives exist as political units where people live and work in unity. A revolutionary party is a form of political collective, with democratic structures based upon the principle of volunteerism. Unions are supposed to function like collectives. The organizational structure of community centers, co-ops and other formations may operated along the lines of a collective.

The political component of any collective must have as its objective wealth dilution, plus the consolidation of all its members under revolutionary discipline.

A co-operative operates differently than a collective. Members of a co-operative do not have a formal tie to it, in many cases. The co-operative exists to serve as an outlet for merchants to sell their wares or for workers to have collective buying power. Childcare collectives for working mothers have been very successful. A collective may help individuals locate jobs or education or other services. co-ops have a more limited function than collectives, being organized most often around specific economic needs.

All membership in a co-operative or collective is voluntary and democratic. Rules are decided and those who refuse to follow them may face expulsion.

Community control of policing may be operated along the lines of a co-operative oversight body. This concept, of which the Black Panther Party was its most strident advocate, arose to dilute the political force which imposed itself upon the colonized black community.

Militaries, police forces, private security firms and other forces of armed men exist for the concentration of power. Concentrated power exists because a small class needs to exercise control over the masses. Workers  need no armed managers to force them to produce; but that is what society is coming to, with the growing economic crisis. Concentrated wealth and power represents the greatest threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everybody except the international financiers.

Diluting power by redistributing it thru society strips away the effects of systematic oppression, political repression, in reality. The mere fact that concentrated political power resides in the hands of an exclusive minority means that repression exists. Not just the potential for repression, but actual repression exists in all capitalist societies with standing armies and police forces. People currently refuse to rise up because they fear the murderous power of the State. This power can be deployed for whatever reason and at which ever time the power structure chooses. Society does not have to be in an uprising for this to happen.

Fascism maintained its grip on Argentina, Paraguay and Chile long after the revolutionary sectors had been subdued. Concentrated power has always violently expressed itself in colonial and neo-colonial zones. Without concentrated power, repression cannot take place. Concentrated power is, simply, repression itself.

How do people dilute political power, that is, how to strip it from the control of a bloodsucking, capitalist two-party system? This same two-party system has led the world economy directly to this seething crisis point. So by imposing term limits the masses can erode this power and the influence of the corporate financiers who back them. Build upon the outrage against the current Congress and other politicos. Demand term limits; even build work for a referendum.

This must be done. This way, new work can break ground for revolutionaries in the Left.

Dialectics is like mathematics: identify the problem, define, then solve for the correct answer. When the terms or problem appears complex, simplify it by breaking it down into sections. Identify, define and solve for each section, then apply the appropriate functions joining those sections together and solve for the entire problem.

For Imperialism, neo-colonialism provides the workaround for the concentrated class question but we have to recognize neo-colonialism as a redundant and moribund structure. What those outside the formal colonies call racism, what the white Left refers to as “superexploitation”, colonialism appears to have been vanquished. However, colonialism has merely acquired the face of the colonized, as Frantz Fanon explained in “Black Skins, White Mask”. The struggle to identify with the colonizer leads to an oppressive relationship over the colonized.

Organizers must attack the concentrated class question at its root. Which means splitting racist white workers by winning progressive and revolutionary white workers over to the anti-colonialist/anti-imperialist struggle. It means deepening the political education process. It means giving these workers the opportunity to blend with Africans, Chicanos and other colonized nationalities so that Internationalism may have a concrete shape.

A great deal of work lay ahead, and the answers cannot be formulated by any one person or group. Yet a push in the right direction is necessary. We need all the components of society to make this transformation. In this time of crisis, we have a little space to accomplish this work, but the urgency of the hour must be impressed upon everybody interested in finding a solution.

Power to the People!
Pamberi ne Chimurenga!

Economists Call for Nationalization

Neo-Fascism Waiting in the Wings

The word for today, boys and girls, is NATIONALIZE! All thru out the news yesterday, economic pundits called on the government to NATIONALIZE THE BANKS! What does this mean? Leading economists of the capitalist system calling for nationalization can mean several things. But first, we need to define nationalization and society in the age of misinformation.

President Barack Obama made a speech in Arizona, which has the third highest foreclosure rate in the country. Obama wants to help banks restructure mortgages, and refinance some mortgage holders who owe banks for homes no longer worth what they paid. All this is part of his stimulus package.

However, the automakers continue to be in distress and Goodyear lays off workers because slow car sales means less tire manufacturing. The New York Stock Exchange closed down by 300 points. Economic activity is predicted to contract and unemployment is expected to rise. Most experts believe the recession will last at least 24 months if it doesn’t plunge into a depression.

Structural readjustment for the US economy can only lead towards financial disaster. The bloodsucking international banking system proved this in Africa, Asia and Latin America. When economists begin demanding the nationalization of banks, capitalism is in big trouble. Nationalization means a government takeover of a sector or the whole economy. This can happen under a socialist state, which we do not have, or it can happen in a state moving towards fascism, which we appear to have.

While the administration has not broached this subject, since Larry Summers of the White House’s National Economic Council appeared in several interviews and never even hinted at it, business experts and leading economists have begun making powerful cases for nationalizing the banks. To underscore, Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary and former head of the New York Fed, has a grounded policy initiative due to a sharp change of course which resulted in tanking markets on Wall Street. The pundits have panned Geithner and made an issue of Obama trying to fix the economy from the White House, citing politics and, paradoxically, George W Bush’s policy of giving the Fed a free hand.

All the leading capitalists, from the president on down, smell like a stinking joke.

But to nationalize the banks? Wow, that is a great leap, and not of the Maoist kind. Because we must ask the inevitable question, how will that happen? Especially after banks continue to receive massive monies from the public coffers. In the age of misinformation, where the neocons have convinced white workers that welfare, national health care reform and Social Security are socialist programs while remaining silent on gov’t giveaways to financial institutions, people must be wary of what it means for certain forces to make the call for nationalization. Because if Obama’s administration emerges from this period looking like the Weimar Republic, it will set the stage for a neoconservative resurgence out for blood.

This is no attempt to solve the Imperialist crisis. Yet a government takeover of the banks musn’t transpire after so much money has been doled out to them, nor without purging the top management of any banks that get seized. No takeover should happen with compensation going to stockholders, either. Altho this contradicts US laws concerning imminent domain, the banks have already received massive liquidity injections of public funds on a periodic basis since July 2006. Whichever banks are insolvent the government has no business acquiring them in any attempt to make them float.

Thus, experts calling for nationalization seem to be pulling the wool over our heads. They have the temerity to defend Bush’s economic policy decisions while criticizing the moves made by the four week old Obama presidency. Business experts Nina Easton, Fred Mishkin, Nuriel Roubini and Mark Zandi appeared on Charlie Rose to form a consensus on nationalization and against having a White House-run national economic group. However, the calls for nationalization have been broader than just theirs, cattle-prodding the black president into a less deliberate response to a crisis that has built up over the life of the entire subprime mortgage era.

Since the Clinton-era “war on crime”, codified in repressive criminal legislation and accompanied by a massive prison boom on the backs of black prisoners that jolted the voodoo economy of his predecessors, plus the passage of NAFTA alongside the unspoken war against Chicanos and other Latino immigrant workers, the United States has become a neo-fascist republic. This trend sharply intensified under two terms of the Bush 43 administration with the so-called “war on terror”, itself a form of terrorism. Combine that with an economic crisis in the making since the S&L scandals of the Eighties thru the DotCom shakeout on to the current subprime mortgage meltdown, if it can be correctly characterized that way.

The effect of these combined scandals and crises has been a huge concentration of liquidity into ever fewer hands. The credit regime arose because liquidity had been squeezed to the extent that people lacked the resources to buy with cash.

So, in making paper tigers from coast to coast, it became necessary for economic growth to rely heavily upon consumer credit spending. And this practice resulted in a more intensified concentration of liquidity. By concentrating cash in so few hands, money became even scarcer for workers, the middle class and small business. Towards the end, statisticians revealed how Americans worked longer and harder than their counterparts in other industrial countries, how production had increased — because of people trying to work themselves out of debt — and folks had less to show for it.

In a country where workers happily settle for $300 tax kickbacks while the government doles out $750 billion to financial institutions, anybody calling for nationalization of banks is either delusional or on a serious mission to turn this country into a fascist state. The steps towards fascism remain firmly in place and Obama, being a part of the ruling class, may not be turning away from that.

Ultimately, we need a workers economy based upon redistribution of wealth. Concentration of wealth must become thoroly diluted so that society will experience no more of these economic crises. The abstract value of paper documents from legal tender to asset-backed commercial paper and other capitalist instruments has to be abolished. The love of one another will overwhelm the love of money if we make it happen. Ubuntu is our only future: We need a society built upon people power instead of crass dollarism.

Reaction unleashed: Racist, genocidal zionism

Israel takes bloody revenge:
More than 200 killed in Gaza strikes to halt Hamas rockets

By Jane Flanagan and Jonathan Petre
Last updated at 3:06 AM on 28th December 2008

More than 200 Palestinians were killed and 400 wounded as Israeli warplanes destroyed dozens of security compounds in massive air strikes across the Gaza Strip today in retaliation for continuing rocket fire on Israeli border towns from militants in the enclave.

As world leaders urged restraint, Israel said the most intense assaults on Gaza for decades were just ‘the beginning’ and the operation would ‘last as long as necessary’.

Palestinian child injured in Israeli attacks

Palestinian child injured in Israeli attacks

Palestinian man mourns death of a Hamas security member.

Palestinian man mourns death of a Hamas security member.

Man carries wounded child after Israeli missile strike kills 205 in Gaza City.

Man carries wounded child after Israeli missile strike kills 205 in Gaza City.

Defence minister Ehud Barak said: ‘It won’t be easy and it won’t be short. There is a time for calm and a time for fighting and now the time has come to fight.’

Israel declared a state of emergency in its communities in a 12-mile range of Gaza, putting the area on a war footing. But it was not clear whether it was preparing to send ground forces back into the Gaza Strip, which it left in 2005.

Since a fragile six-month truce ended on December 19, more than 200 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Israel, causing damage and and some injuries.

Stunned Palestinians inspect building demolished from Israeli missile attack in Rafah.

Stunned Palestinians inspect building demolished from Israeli missile attack in Rafah.

Immediately after yesterday’s airstrikes Hamas, the Islamist faction that rules the Palestinian territory, vowed revenge, and several medium-range missiles were fired into Israel, killing one man and injuring four others.

A spokesman said it would continue resisting ‘until the last drop of blood’.

In Gaza, black clouds of smoke rose high into the air as missiles fired by scores of Israeli F-16 bombers struck more than 50 security installations and bases throughout the Strip, burying many people under rubble.

A pall of smoke billows above Rafah from missile attack.

A pall of smoke billows above Rafah from missile attack.

The air strikes caused widespread panic and confusion, as black clouds of smoke rose above the territory.

Some of the missiles struck in densely populated areas as children were leaving school and women rushed into the streets frantically looking for their children.

Bodies of Hamas policemen lie on the ground of their destroyed compound.

Bodies of Hamas policemen lie on the ground of their destroyed compound.

Mothers tried desperately to reach their children through the smoke that filled the streets, along with the sound of ambulance sirens and the cries of grieving relatives.

Palestinian protesters flee tear gas thrown from IDF in West Bank town of Hebron.

Palestinian protesters flee tear gas thrown from IDF in West Bank town of Hebron.

Shopkeeper Said Masri, 57, who sent out his nine-year-old son to buy cigarettes minutes before the air strikes began, sat in the middle of a Gaza City street close to a security compound, alternately slapping his face and covering his head with dust from the bombed-out building.

‘My son is gone, my son is gone,’ he wailed.

‘May I burn like the cigarettes, may Israel burn.’

Medical staff struggled to cope with the wounded and dying flooding into hospitals in cars, vans and ambulances.

At Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s main medical amenity, beds ran out within minutes and bleeding bodies were lined up on the floors of the corridors as medics fought to help the most severe cases.

Corpses rolled up in blankets filled hospital floors, awaiting identification.

‘We are treating people on the floor, in the corridors. We have no more space. We don’t know who is here or who to treat first,’ said one doctor.

The Gaza Strip has been effectively sealed off from the rest of the world for many months, leaving stocks of surgical equipment, drugs and other essentials very low.

Among those who bore the brunt of the ferocious attack were 40 Palestinian cadets who had gathered for their passing-out parade at the police headquarters in Gaza City.

A Hamas general, who was due to take their salute, was among the pile of bodies after a massive explosion – possibly from a laser-guided bomb – tore through the parade ground where families were about to watch the ceremony.

Several of those who rushed to help the dead and injured beat their heads and shouted: ‘Allahu akbar’ [‘God is great’].

The Israeli military authorities said they had targeted ‘Hamas terror operatives’ as well as training camps and weapons storage warehouses. Defending the raids, Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni said it had ‘no choice’ but to defend its citizens.

Last week Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned on Arab TV that he did not want war but ‘Hamas must be stopped. I will not hesitate to use Israel’s might to strike Hamas and Islamic jihad [holy war]’.

International reaction to yesterday’s attacks was swift. Gordon Brown, the Vatican, the UN and special Middle East envoy Tony Blair all called for an immediate restoration of calm.

Mr Brown said he was ‘deeply concerned by continuing missile strikes from Gaza on Israel and by Israel’s response today.’

He urged Gazan militants to cease all rocket attacks on Israel immediately and Israel to do everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties.

The EU condemned the ‘disproportionate’ use of force and called for an immediate halt to air strikes and Palestinian attacks in and around Gaza. And the US urged Israel to avoid civilian casualties and called on Hamas to cease its missile attacks.

Egypt summoned the Israeli ambassador in Cairo to express its condemnation of the strikes, saying it held Israel responsible for the dead and injured and calling for new efforts to restore the truce with Hamas, and the Arab League is to hold an emergency meeting today.

A Slave Eye View of the Meltdown

America: Duped and Sold a Pack of Lies

Stacks like these have evaporated from circulation due to hoarding and concentration of cash by deep pocket financiers.

Stacks like these have evaporated from circulation due to hoarding and concentration of cash by deep pocket financiers.

(This is a redacted and amplified version of an earlier article.)

The assessment of the so-called Financial Meltdown and the government “bail out” appears to be based upon a constantly shifting premise. So we must continually strive to accurately sum up what is taking place amid the lies and spin. And while the search for the truth seems to be an endless, unrewarding task, we must keep two principles before us. Primarily, we have an obligation to help the broadest number of people understand how a class war is being waged.

Then, secondly, people must take action, rather than relying upon the narrow discretion and interests of some capitalists. People must take to the streets in objection to government collusion with the very richest sector of world society. The people must also fight for their jobs thru plant takeovers, and they must prepare to resist police State intervention. Anything short of this will amount to capitulation on the part of workers, poor people and the illusory middle class.

Look closely at what has happened. Concentration of liquid assets and other forms of wealth (CAPITAL) has intensified over the last twenty years. This trend has been based largely upon a two-pronged strategy by financiers. First, it began with the Savings and Loans scandals which ripped off depositors during the Eighties and Nineties which, at that time, created the greatest banking collapse since the 1929 Great Depression. By 1989, over half of S&Ls had failed, bankrupting the FSLIC fund which was created to insure their deposits. According to Kimberly Amadeo (“Savings and Loans Crisis,”

Empire Savings in Texas revealed land flips and other criminal activities. Half of the failed S&L’s were from Texas, pushing that state into recession. As bad land investments were auctioned off, real estate prices collapsed, office vacancy rose to 30%, and crude oil prices fell 50%.

Ohio and State S&L failures cost the state-run deposit insurance funds at least $185 million, thus destroying the idea of state-run insurance funds. The FSLIC was bankrupted, to the cost of $20 billion.

Five U.S. Senators, known as the Keating Five, were investigated by the Senate Ethics Committee for improper conduct. They had accepted $1.5 million in campaign contributions from Charles Keating, head of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. They had also put pressure on the Federal Home Loan Banking Board, who was investigating possible criminal activities at Lincoln.

Wealth, however, does not disappear. In capitalism, it merely gets transformed into ever more concentrated form. People must remember that the fundamental principle of capitalism is that wealth tends to become concentrated into as few hands as possible. By ripping off depositors, the financiers took what amounted to — in the grand scheme of things, a worker’s life savings do not equal the annual salary of a Fortune 500 CEO — small amounts of money from a vast pool of earners, and transferred that into fewer hands.

The S&L crisis was followed in rapid succession by the Dot Com Shake-out, which leading Harvard economists have termed, “business as usual.” (“Dot.Com Shakeout: Chess or Roulette,” by James Haskett, Working Knowledge: Harvard Business School.) The Dot Com shakeout did not only involve internet businesses. It included a run on the NASDAQ which caused markets to fluctuate wildly, resulting in new regulations for electronic trading. But the more important implications of this period involved massive swindles led by corporate entities like Enron, MCI-WorldCom, Tyco and others.

This trend — based in class warfare focused on looting the investments of workers and the middle class, who had been duped into 401k and KEOGH retirement plans — reached a fever pitch over two terms of the Bush Administration. Fixed entirely by bipartisan collusion with the international finance sector of capitalism, class warfare intensified while the unwitting suckers watched their hard earned money go down the drain and into the pockets of sewer rats generously referred to as the captains of industry and commerce.

This brings us up to the current financial crisis claimed by the banks. Ultimately, we have to assume the so-called Financial Meltdown is not an economic crisis at all. Well, it is for working class people. But not for those rich capitalists who have the government to fall back upon as benefactor and trustee. We must repudiate the idea that there is a crisis for anybody in the finance sector. After all, liquidity has dried up for the great number of people, probably for 90% of the population. Yet that has everything to do with the intensified concentration of capital in fewer hands. You don’t hear me. I said that concentration of capital has become intensified during this latest economic boom, and that liquidity has become locked up by those holding onto all the available money.

Let us do away with the most inaccurate premise first. It important to dispel with all the notions being foisted upon a sleeping giant of society. The economic problems rolling thru the capitalist system have nothing to do with ponzi schemes, dishonesty or government bail outs. While we may accurately wrap up the view that capitalism itself is a huge ponzi scheme, that it is corrupt and the government is in cahoots with the greediest sector of business, that forms the essence of capitalism itself. So unless people want to dispose of capitalism, discussing the con games and bribes that take place only amounts to gossip. Until people get disgusted with being swindled every day, all day long, this view has no value whatsoever.

Then, the so-called bailout has nothing to do with welfare for the bankers. That phrase sums up how the government has answered the appeal of the financial industry, a basic misconception. This is not welfare. It has nothing to do with sustaining the banks because they never needed bailed out. They do not need food stamps, clothing allowances or anything else for the needy. Welfare provides a basic, minimal amount of liquidity for human beings to survive on. However, the banks never suffered genuine survival issues.

While the banks welcome it, they do not genuinely need the liquidity (CASH) that the $750 billion bail out provided. Because if the banks needed that liquidity, they would never have gone all out to buy up more assets and other banks. They should have applied that money to the red areas on their balance sheets, as banks require borrowers for a bridge loan. Even welfare has stipulations, while the money delivered by truckload to the bloodsucking excrement we call the banking system had no conditions that the banks were bound to follow.

So all pretexts for the bailout rang sour. The masses were lied to, and the masses need to severely punish the politicians.

Another false notion is that the financial crisis stems from overextending the credit system. To justify this assumption, one must kno why society needed massive volumes of credit in the first place. Why did society require vast amounts of credit over the last fifteen years?

What made the banks, the highest level of business organization, implement an extremely broad and loose credit system? If there were enuf cash and liquidity to go around, credit would be unnecessary. While providing liquidity is more than a simple question of printing money, the modern cash shortage had no relationship to minting US legal tender. When the banks started extending credit, they had already concentrated vast amounts of money, so they knew cash was drying up because they themselves had manipulated the market and caused the drought.

Now, plenty of cash exists without devaluing the dollar or any other currency. Yes, there is plenty of cash to provide for everybody without causing any crisis if money is not hoarded. But the credit market was created so that the money market’s hoarding of liquidity could rapidly intensify. Boiler room financial corporations, set up by the banks while exempting them from direct contact with consumers, offered credit instantly and extensively. This practice arose since the war being made against working class people demanded a cloak. Wall Street made it appear as if economic democracy had arrived in America. But while the banks presented this illusion, in reality the cash was being dried up to prevent broad access to real money by workers and even the aspiring middle class.

Credit had been extended to almost everyone in society. Nearly everybody was given a credit card. Not just businesses, every type of individual including minors and mentally incompetent people gained access to credit. Meanwhile, convicted felons became financiers in some instances. Eleven thousand cons in Florida alone handled absurdly huge sums of loot and took it out of circulation in the subprime housing market. Yet this was done to benefit the banks, who accredited everyone who became a broker. The finance industry permitted this because they were simultaneously locking up the flow of cash. A flood of fall guys clouds the issues and makes it appear that they are linchpins in a supercharged pyramid scheme. The banks had deliberately created an illiquid society, preparing the conditions for social instability.

En Chiapas, Mejico, the Zapatistas have built Communities of Resistance to help the masses fight against bloodsucking Imperialist depredations.

En Chiapas, Mejico, the Zapatistas have built Communities of Resistance to help the masses fight against bloodsucking Imperialist depredations.

This trend began with the Savings and Loans scandals of the Eighties. During that period, former and future presidents became linked to popsicle stands like Whitewater and BCCI, built to fleece large numbers of small investors. They pocketed funds to launder drug money and build political campaign chests, and nobody ever went to prison. When that failed to spark outrage among the population, the banks began strategizing how to create absurdly huge piles of wealth for themselves thru the credit system.

We also have to understand that the financial meltdown is not a crisis for the capitalist class, not for the finance sector, not for the huge industry leaders. Maybe the small capitalists and the national sectors have been hit by the evaporation of liquidity, but definitely not the international sectors of capitalism. Since the S&L scandals of the Eighties the financial sectors have concentrated ever greater amounts of capital in their hands. They have been scooping liquidity off the street, by hoarding cash and other liquid assets to force a credit regime on the American public. Now finance capitalism has smashed credit, blamed the problem on the people, and made cash scarce. Class warfare on everybody, black and white, and in between.

By removing liquid assets from social access, the financiers are deliberately and directly undermining social and economic mobility in US society. Public services, health issues, and a host of other critical issues that effect daily life for Americans and billions of people around the world have become endangered. Inflation, food shortages, civil strife are all connected to this period of Imperialism.

Hence, the credit crisis has nothing to do with the behavior of consumers. No response traceable to consumers has contributed to the collapse of all these financial sectors: revocation of subprime mortgage rates, revocation of mass credit lines, financial mismanagement of the Big Three, ponzi schemes run by Countrywide and other lenders, the entry of felons into the financial brokerage market, tripling gas prices at the pump, and the record-breaking stock market surge and crash. Credit was created by Wall Street bankers simply to suck up the remaining liquidity on the street, amplify debt and create in the workers a false sense of obligation to the banks. Those who go to work everyday create value. The people being throttled and flogged are the ones whose labor created the lucrative lifestyles that the financiers enjoy.

Yet the genuine value of products made by working people regularly gets confiscated and held back from them under the normal capitalist regime. Workers do not see how much value they actually produce, altho it is enuf to sustain tiers of managers and well-compensated owners. Laborers do not just have their wealth confiscated by employers, but most importantly by the finance industry. Endless stacks of dollars get concentrated in the hands of financiers. Then they lend back the value that working people have actually created, at exorbitant rates, without injecting any liquidity into society.

When businesses folded and home seizures became the new economic boom, the banks disingenuously claimed bankruptcy! They claimed to be in trouble. As if. They deserve a very special punishment which only an organized, fighting working class can deliver to them.

So it is just that only a few, less than 1%, have absolute dictatorial control over how that money flows into society. Today we see greater concentration of capital at the very top. The capitalists have concentrated vast amounts of liquidity for their own disposal. They have locked up the means of exchange to dam up its flow thru out society. They are forming the basis for instigating war between the working peoples within the USA. They want to see bloodshed and if you do not understand what is going on, how they have been doing this to our community since they dragged us here, then you are in trouble. The drug wars inside our community are a counterinsurgency campaign they are able to wage because of the scarcity of resources available to black people. We have to develop a REVOLUTIONARY MINDSET, because no analysis without the dialectical logic of scientific socialism will never ever adequately explain to us what is happening.