A Brief Overview of the Current Crisis

PAIDS, Racism and the Ideological Paradox

This period of capitalism is marked by several key aspects which have been so far discussed and defined, in the main, as challenges which confront the working classes. Summed up in a type of short-hand so as to make for easier understanding, they are as follows:

PAIDS, which is false consciousness amongst the colonized workers
Neo-Colonialism, or the dilution of the concentrated class question
Racism, the Concentrated Class Struggle
The Ideological Paradox: Democracy at work for Neo-Fascist Imperialism
Anti-Imperialism, necessary to downthro Imperialism and birth a new society

To begin with, Politically Acquired Ideological Deficiency Syndrome (PAIDS) means to explain the saturation of false consciousness within the colonized community within the US. However, it can also sufficiently explain all forms of false consciousness within the working classes as well. By false consciousness, PAIDS means any view which identifies with the ruling class and does not help to liberate the oppressed masses. It is marked by either a lack of an anti-imperialist dialectic or outright unity with Imperialism itself.

A seeming paradox posed against false consciousness, racism, as the concentrated class struggle, has simply drawn the greatest volume of discussion and dialog. It seems as tho resistance to a scientific understanding of the class struggle persists. Too many working class people do not seem to grasp that within a class system the class question defines all social relationships.

Neo-colonialism, in all accuracy, does not reflect PAIDS but the dilution of the concentrated class struggle.

To break down racism as an extension of the class question seems to contradict everything that we have been taught about race. Yet people fail to understand that class existed before racial conflict. That is, class societies have existed on every continent on the planet.

They existed prior to capitalism. In slave and feudal societies, caste systems often prevailed. These instance arose when one society conquered another and occupied its territory. The enslaved nationality was subjugated under the yoke of a caste system, its leaders slaughtered and women raped.

Now while this happened under capitalism, and gave the capitalist system its boost and forward momentum, the conquerors no longer occupied neighboring lands. A form of colonialism, they conquered entire continents and transported captives from far away to work the soil. These captives were dramatically different from the conquerors in appearance and culture. So the theory of race evolved.

Having colonized nearly every inch of the Earth, the capitalists codified their domination in laws. In China, the British posted signs stating “No Dogs, and No Chinese Allowed”, as if dogs can read. The US made the transition from slavery to jim crow, having similar strictures. In Rhodesia and South Africa, apartheid was practiced.

The class question became concentrated, focused the way a magnifying glass concentrates the sun, upon the colonized workers. Anyone who says that racism is not the concentrated class struggle has no concept of class, of struggle and of capitalism.

To turn to the economic meltdown, it is just an expression of the Ideological Paradox. People must understand this. The Ideological Paradox is formed from two social phenomenon working in tandem.

Bourgeois Democracy simply allows people to choose their government, then blame them for electing representatives who work against them. Imperialism, international finance capitalism, is the economic system which determines the policy that bourgeois elected leaders must follow. The paradox is that the two are incompatible together, since a dictatorship operated by a small class of financial manipulators ultimately calls all the shots, thereby making democracy an empty ideal.

With the election of a liberal neo-colonial president in the USA, we can define this period as Imperialism thru Democracy. The apparent easing of repressive legislation, the steps and turns to restore a Keynesian economic model, and generally liberalized policies in US society have lifted many fears and apprehensions. However, the policies of previous administrations remain entrenched.

If the crisis in capitalism takes place at the juncture of the class struggle, it bears saying that democracy merely operates as a tool for class domination. Bourgeois democracy simply allows people to choose their oppressor, then blame them for the government they have elected. While the working class continues to comprise the vast majority of people in this country, somehow they have become convinced that the US is a middle class country. More importantly, workers have come to believe they comprise the middle class. This presents more evidence of PAIDS, or false consciousness.

For this reason, they have voted for anti-labor politics over the last thirty years, or Democracy thru Imperialism. Which means spreading democracy thru what appears to be the strength of international finance capitalism. At times, this involves using the military solution to gird strategic interests. Even when democracy appears to spread Imperialism, the military solution never gets taken off the table.

So the anti-imperialist struggle must be waged to counter the parasitic tendency within capitalist society in general, and in the Imperialist system as a whole. While the importance of building workers collectives, cooperatives and communities of resistance (kilombos, palenques and maroon enclaves) must be stressed, other areas of the struggle need be built.

African and other colonized workers must increase the demand for Reparations and working class justice. This takes the form of community control of police, to dilute the power of the ruling class, as well as wealth dilution. This means workers control of plants, businesses, and infrastructure. It means reduction of the banking system and radicalizing a rebuilt union movement. The workers do not have the luxury of allowing the bourgeoisie to define this period. We have to seize the means of production, and exercise power in our own interests.


Guest Commentator, Amiri Baraka


We Are Already In The Future!

At election’s denouement, to the Right the outraged, self loathing of the loser & the losers, including one dude standing mutely in Michigan, a Republican delegate, in a Klan suit, describing Obama as an “Islamic communist”. To the Left, the self important drears who had urged us to throw our votes away, as they objectively, in the name of their “principles”, gave votes to John McCain.

Even dizzier, we supposedly hear from the left right corkscrew terrorist , Al Qaeda insults that Obama is a “house slave” But as I sd in an instant rejoinder, “Anyone who thinks suicide is revolutionary ain’t  all that bright to begin with. And as for that slave calling, best they refrain from drawing our attention to the fact that some of the Arab ruling class always thought of Black people as slaves”. But we are willing to be momentarily cool, remembering Mao’s dictum, “fight your enemies one by one”.

But back to reality. We have just won an election. We, meaning the masses in the US, indeed the people of the world. (I was in Italy, France, Spain, Norway during the period leading up to and through the election. In Italy just before the election at my readings I urged the Italians to call the states, since I knew they had a bunch of relatives over here, and tell them to vote. In city after city the crowds all seemed to cheer for Obama’s victory.) And whoever seeks to downplay that victory is fool or enemy.

We shd understand the white supremacy junkies on the right. Their last pop was Old Dutch cleanser and seltzer water, so they have had almost to cold turkey off that WS they been shootin up, though still dizzy from its fumes. But the Left or soi disant wd be Left or some who style themselves, what? , progressive, moderate, wheeze wheeze. Some of these, certainly the vote wasters, sound almost as pitiful. As one pitiful pundit warns us, “Obama’s election is to save capitalism…not bring equality to the society.” What a silly person.

First of all the very election of Obama has done more to bring some aspect of equality to the society than reams of pseudo leftist posturing. Which, all returns in, is meant merely to show the writer is smarter than you are. But what, dreary pundits, wd a McCain victory have done?  And suppose your wasted vote had contributed to such? To always be on the outside nitpicking away with not one sign of useful political practice or construction, this is too often what the Left has become. I say it again, people who have never and cannot elect a dog catcher but who are full of immense ideas about politics. Bah, Humbug!

No single election, my friends, will ever bring us Socialism, if that’s what you really seek. The struggle is protracted, hasn’t that been said? We have yet even to convince the “revolutionaries” they are in the United States. But Obama is not even in office yet these pundits of pitifulness already have the hole card on what his governance cannot or will not do. This is especially irritating from those commentators who counseled us not to vote for him in the first place. One wonders if they think their counsel, which meant nothing, is more valuable than having an actual person of color with the widest mandate in history actually elected president?

But to run off howling about it’s not this and it’s not that, when we do not yet have a viable analysis of what it really is! Not to understand how that victory was achieved is to willfully miss a rare opportunity of learning how to master the capitalist electoral system. One of the reasons we do not yet understand how to harness the electoral process to a revolutionary and socialist agenda is that  too many of the very people who should be leading such a process denounce and/or avoid it. To do what? Make statements and demonstrate. To withdraw from the most acceptable way of gaining power in the society defies understanding by any rational means. Except for the hold that infantile leftism and anarchism have on too many wishing to present themselves as revolutionary.

Barack Obama raised hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it as a result of using the internet culture, for fundraising and organizing. Let the foolish Right agonize over their attempt at denigrating “Community Organizer”. Now they have at least felt a C.O. foot planted up their B &A Hinds.

Obama raised 150 million dollars in October alone! He beat both Hilary Clinton & John McCain fund raising. At one point he wanted to buy one hour of time on CNN to lay out a complete campaign message, but CNN vetoed it. And here we thought that money was the ultimate boss. What the Right cannot forget nor the milksop Left is that Obama was/is smarter than both of them! And more in tune with the popular mind, not only of the 98% of the Afro American population but, obviously of the great majority of Americans. This, in itself, is a fantastic new precedent that must be acted upon immediately, before the corporate right media and all our “independent” smarty pants commentators cloud over the main issues.

The “bottom line” of Obama’s campaign was his initiation at the grass roots  level in his appeal. The 04 Democratic convention is widely seen as the opening of his campaign and I can accept that, but even to be there to do that. A first term senator of color from Illinois. How did he get to be a Senator in the lst place? I watched the biopic on CNN and what I got from it is a skill developed as a, what?, community organizer. To organize significant groups around their own interests and with that connecting them in motion around some larger issue. Obama carried his Chicago, his Illinois constituency with him and as he made more powerful meaningful connections, like an extension cord, his total reach and power expanded.

For the Left, they should never speak another word about “politics” unless they can understand and explain to their own constituents, how this Black man, Ok, this person of color, Ok, this half white  dude, became President of the United States. Because it is just such grounding in basic everyday electorally oriented politics that the Left denounces and eschews. To all our detriments. In the main, the Left holds rallies and makes statements. Community Organization is almost as foreign to them as the Right. (But then the Right does its “community organization” through their media.)

Usually, when the Left talks about “the people” or “the masses” they come out of some comic book academic manual confusing the US, the most highly developed 21st century monopoly capitalist society, with 19th century Russia or early 20th century China. Both largely peasant societies with small but developing working classes. The US is neither.

The US is both debtor and predator state, at the same time. With a highly developed yet debt burdened working class who are told every day that they are the middle class. There is a middle class, a petty bourgeoisie, a very very affluent sector, who are the lieutenants and paid liars, the middle management who are also deeply in debt. There is also a petty petty bourgeois, the teachers, government workers, civil servants, office workers,  &c. Racism still internally divides these classes horizontally, with the Afro American people still at the bottom, yet those same Afro American people, nearly 50 million, have a gross national product of 600 Billion dollars a year , the 16th largest in the world.

There have already been Four Revolutions in the United States. The first in the 18th century, for “independence” (quotes because in some ways it never completely happened. Check out British holdings in the US). The 2nd in the 19th century, the Civil War, which ended chattel slavery (& w/the 13th, 14th 15th amendments) and competitive capitalism, ushered in monopoly capitalism and began to free the white worker from the land.

The 3rd revolution was the 50’s to 70’s Civil Rights and Black Liberation Movements which ended petty apartheid & segregation (Civil Rights Bill, Voting Rights Bill, Brown vs. Bd of Ed). Though a case could be made that this was an extended motion that was initiated by the post Civil War move out of the south  by millions of Black people transforming the Afro American people from a largely peasant rural people to a working class. An urban proletariat.

The Obama election is the 4th Revolution! What is needed now is for the would be Left,  the revolutionaries, , the progressive sector of the body politic, the Communists to correctly analyze and project widely just what kind of revolution this is. But more than that, lay out exactly what is to be done at this point, the entry to a new stage of US social development, like we used to say, What is the key link, to make the next forward motion.


We shd know that the stage of society to which we are moving toward would be some kind of Peoples Democracy. Fundamentally, this is the social base of Obama’s victory, the so called Post racial coalition. We understand that there is yet no such reality  existing concretely in the institutions and relations of US society, except that is the oncoming  force that won the 4th Revolution and it is this force that must harnessed as a living material entity in transforming US society.

This would place us near the most advanced stage of bourgeois democracy. We can see Monopoly capitalism crashing down around their and our heads! We have agreed to give the rulers a trillion dollars so they can continue to be rich and the rulers. But for the would be Leftists to tell us that Obama’s Only or  that his “primary function is to save capitalism by building a united front to rescue capitalism NOT to bring about a more egalitarian, antiracist anti sexist pro environment society”. Why would anyone who was actually struggling for Democracy say that? It sounds like the sour grapes of the people who wanted us to waste our votes , but even though they tailed 98% of the Afro American and half of the rest of the American people, still want to give us advice and instructions. Actually, it is they who need advice and instructions.

To make such a one sided infantile Leftist or Trot like analysis of the election would only turn that overwhelming majority whom you tail anyway, even more sharply and outspokenly against you. There is neither balance nor real analysis in that statement. Just an attempt to be again, more revolutionary than the people. But the task of the revolutionary is to lead the people by taking what they already know and giving it back to them with the focus of the present the past and the future.

Plus to see Obama’s victory as simply a victory for monopoly capitalism is so thoroughly anarchist that it rejects the most important essence of the entire Obama drama, i.e. it was the highest stroke of the Civil Rights and Black Liberation Movements yet. We bled to integrate lunch counters, buses, public toilets, water fountains, was that struggle just to create a united front to save monopoly capitalism? Do you think Obama’s victory less than those? It was a concrete victory for Democracy. Don’t you understand that you cd say the victory of the North in the civil war was just to preserve capitalism? Yes, at a higher level. But don’t you think the concomitant advance of the Afro American people worth noting?

So to say Obama’s only function is to save monopoly capitalism, we say,”I’m glad you can dig it, but that’s not all… “To claim merely an anarchist or infantile position and not deepen the analysis so we can understand that monopoly capitalism cannot survive unless it adopts some aspects of social democracy. Obama’s election is the first aspect of that social democracy. In the same way that FDR’s “New Deal” could not survive, even as a method of maintaining monopoly capitalism unless it adopted important features of socialism, social democracy, i.e., social security and Unemployment insurance, the WPA public Works project to put people back to work. Even the artists. I said before that what Obama must bring us is “A New New Deal”! That is why it is so important that he hit the ground running, in much the same way that Roosevelt did in his first 100 Days. (See ….) I was glad to hear that he was reading accounts of the emergency bills Roosevelt passed before the reactionary congress could block him. Obama faces the same exigency. We need a “fast break” strategy with a few”alley oop” dunks perhaps. Before the opposition can resolidify itself.

We have a great unity among the people now with Obama’s victory and we and the people must move forward with that catalyst. We must unite principally against still existing racism and white supremacy. We must also unite against the domination of monopoly capitalism over the people’s needs. The theft of a trillion dollars has infuriated the people, certainly we can unite them, build a united front around the need to destroy surviving racism and white supremacy and for creating greater regulations on monopoly capitalism. If we give the investment banks a trillion dollars we should own those investment banks. If we give another two hundred fifty billion to the auto industry, we should own that auto industry.

We cannot wipe away monopoly capitalism with one election but our minimum program must include regulation of it, Public ownership reversing the trend of outsourcing, and sending factories out of the country, usually out of working class and minority neighborhoods. Certainly we can build a united front around these things.

We should be listing those things we can do, those things that Obama’s election has enabled us to do rather than spending time telling people that what they and he did was nothing!

In attacking monopoly capitalism we shd support small capitalism and minority capitalism and fight that those businesses and institutions in working class and minority communities get the dollars that we are giving the investment banks and auto industry.

The development of small capitalism in those communities and state ownership of these financial institutions would be steps forward in terms of the development of a Peoples Democracy. Is this socialism,

No, but we must first regulate and weaken monopoly capitalism, in tune with the peoples newly awakened appetite for expanded democracy and their hard times which we know and can make them better understand is caused by the domination of monopoly capitalism and imperialism, including the Iraq war.

It is up to us, the Left, to build on the powerful democratic coalition Obama’s campaign and election have already built. We must strive to make such a democratic coalition more than just an  temporary election campaign call and fight to turn  such ideas and momentary commitment into a powerful new base on which to focus Obama’s first term, but also to build this into a permanent aspect of US society. The anti war forces are another key aspect of this coalition and a means to call for a refocusing of the 10billion dollars a month now spent on the Iraq war.

We shd try to build a broad united front out of the consensus coming out of the 63% of the electorate that voted for Obama! One wonders how people in the Black Left who were at the North Carolina meeting and some others, can really call for an smaller united front than the hundred or so people who were there. What we need is a unity based on real struggle over actual objectives and motives, i.e. being “open and above board” without “conspiracy and intrigue”.

There are forces who dropped out of the Black Radical Congress because they were angry about alleged CPUSA “domination”, domination of what, and to what end? Just as a somewhat earlier canard that they cdn’t be in any group where there were white people. We wonder is this some fear of not being able to struggle for the correct line in these forces presence?

Too often it seems that some of the Black Left are really nationalists straining for a new identity by claiming to be Left but never Marxist Leninists. Some are Black Nationalists who claim “Left” by being influenced by Trotskyist or Anarchist stands.

At any rate we need an even broader United Front guided by genuine revolutionaries, communists not Trot influenced Black Leftists.
There are questions about Obama’s appointments even before he is inaugurated. Just as there were questions about him refusing public funding. On the second issue, it shd be obvious by now that Obama saw the public funding, as it is now constructed, to be a ruse to cripple his fund raising, while the Republicans would run ragtime and out raise him, just as Hillary would have done.

On the chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, we should try to understand that this was a very smart choice. The constant calumny against Obama that he is a Muslim. The Right kept screaming his middle name, Hussain, in hopes that would stop the Obamacoaster that enveloped the country. The constant questions about his support for Israel or from the other side about his relationship to the “Zionist entity” were a constant negation Obama faced. Even now, after the election, the fool, al Qaeda’s Zawahari, hurls insults about Obama. Just as some ignorant American anarchists threaten to disrupt the inauguration because of “Obama’s Zionism & Militarism”.

Rahm Emanuel’s selection is due to confound those who are not thoughtful about just what challenges Obama faces. The ever lurking actual Zionists will always make trouble until they can have what they really want, not peace, but the entire Middle East as a fiefdom ruled by Israel.

The Emanuel appointment stops Zionist mischief at the door. Karl Rove’s television appearance blasting Emanuel as  “combative, ill tempered and foul mouthed” and that he was Obama’s worst appointment , were very encouraging to me. Let the rumor mongers and mischief makers and other nattering nabobs try to cause havoc at the gates. I trust Emanuel to handle that as chief of staff, both the constant undermining questions of the Zionists as well as the others who want to make Obama a Zionist. To be a friend of the Israeli people is no crime, to foster a Zionist dictatorship over the Middle East would be a crime. We cannot see Obama doing the latter.

The first necessity of the Obama precedent is to put out a call for a nationwide Democratic Coalition, to heighten even further the attack on white supremacy and racism. Even to fight to get these made illegal, unlawful. This would be the essence of the Post racial coalition, which has already shown its potential power with the election of the President. The Kennedy years could have set something of a precedent, but his assassination along with the assassinations of Malcolm X, Dr. King, Bobby Kennedy, peaked with the election of Nixon and then the takeover at the end of the 70’s by the Reagan steamroller which has been with us in essence until today.

Those assassinations were a Right wing coup, an oil smelling coup that at its denouement was the invasion of the Middle East and the outright takeover of the oil fields, plus the move of the financial markets to Dubai, as alternate to London and Wall St. Monsters covered with and bathing in oil . The crash of the financial markets in the US and to some extent worldwide can mark the end of this domination if we will move on the new precedent of Obama’s election.

Not only must this new Democratic Coalition take on White supremacy and Racism but to oppose and struggle to end the domination of monopoly capitalism over the people of the US, end the war in Iraq and in essence its domination of  the world. State ownership, nationalization, new funding for non monopoly and small business. This democratic coalition must be built into a permanent electoral presence as well to combat the still powerful and ruthless forces of white supremacy and the domination of society by monopoly capitalism.

The Public Works’ New New Deal would see Katrina damaged New Orleans as a top priority and seek to reconstruct the entire gulf ravaged area from Louisiana to Texas. The sagging infrastructure of bridges and tunnels and urban structures must be repaired. This is one solution to chronic unemployment. Certainly these inner cities are in need of public dollars for employment and reconstruction. Just as in the depression 30’s Roosevelt’s new deal even supported the arts, we must see that our new Democratic Coalition demands the same kind of support after years of the Republicans attacks on public support of the Arts.

We want to build a new Democratic Coalition as an engine for the bringing of a People’s Democracy. Any narrowing of the “Post racial coalition” that elected Obama is a mistake.  We must fight to make it real. Those who think that tailing “Labor” mostly the labor bureaucrats or pushing economism as a substitute for political organizing and fielding candidates for every position we are able to are merely continuing the marginalization and irrelevance of the Left. The call for an anti racist anti monopoly Democratic Coalition is correct and necessary and the only move that will give the genuine revolutionaries leadership of the progressive political struggle in the US.

Amiri Baraka

Spin on Meltdown Defuses Indignation

A War on Society by Capitalism and Government

By I. Langalibalele

Two contending views exist concerning how the financial meltdown happened. Neither one is entirely incorrect, yet whichever view dominates will determine how society responds to the bail out. People must understand that their interpretation of events is based upon however themselves they perceive their relationship to the power structure and to the economic forces that run this country. Which in turn determines how democracy will operate thru the next period of political hegemony over the masses of Americans.

On the one hand, there is the belief that an over-extended practice of credit lending stretched thin the liquidity of US financial institutions. This view says that Americans lived on credit. They used credit to pay for everything from big ticket items like houses and autos and furniture and plasma screen televisions, to paying off utility, grocery and clothing bills. This view is not entirely wrong, but it is not at the root of the problem.

According to Milton Friedman, late architect of the cut and spend voodoo economics of every administration from 1981 to the present, economic crises stem from cash being regulated rather than distributed. In this scenario, the cash being regulated by the banks and corporate finance institutions have done what is characteristic under capitalism.

Wealth hoarded from society by financiers gets concentrated. They transform it into asset-backed commercial paper, which can be packed into briefcases, transported and negotiated anywhere. Sophisticated funds such as hedge funds, arbitrages, derivatives and other forms of capitalism are driven from the very credit market that the right-wing accuses Americans of having abused. Freidman was not wrong about cash being locked up, but he was the leading advocate of those responsible for concentrating wealth, a seeming paradox.

Liquidity is locked up in asset-backed commercial paper. Huge funds are driven by firms that bundle mortgages and sell them to investors; your home is only worth the down payment. Investors back their speculative investments such as oil futures on bundled real estate which has in part driven the price, not the cost, of gasoline over the last three years.

Wealth is locked up, Milton Friedman, by a handful of capitalists making war against society, assisted at the uppermost levels of the State.

Out of this current period, a massive shakeout of small investors has taken place, whereby people having their pensions tied up in stock options have taken another hit. From the S&L scandals of the Eighties and Nineties, to the DotCom shakeout and the stock option swindles — led by Tyco, Enron, Worldcom-MCI, and others — to the current financial crisis caused by the subprime housing market started during the Clinton era, the cycles of massive fraud and rip offs by corporate America seem to be building with increased frequency and viciousness.

Imperialism, international monopoly finance capitalism, has arrived at the point in history where it must cannibalize its base inside the world capitalist centers. For this, capitalism has less use for colonialism and racism. It no longer requires a theory of white supremacy as it shifts capital resources into China and India. Capitalism’s continuation as an economic force today depends upon reducing the conditions of all workers to the lowest possible state and keeping them divided.

Were that not the function of capitalism, workers would actually be paid for the value of their labor. Which underscores the logic that the crisis in social relations occurs at the point of production. This economic meltdown derives from the crisis in social relations created by capitalism, which takes place wherever the class struggle bumps heads. It is bumping heads right now where the banks are being bailed out to the tune of $700 billion. If the government directly bailed out mortgagees, that would reduce the amount to only $150 billion or so.

The Gubernatorial-Oppenheimer Party wiped out the biggest economic boom in history, That was like wrapping a show-room floor Maserati around a tree on a test drive, and walking away unfazed. The party of democracy thru Imperialism, using Imperialism to spread its limited democracy, has achieved its mission, waiting awhile to implement neo-fascist economic and political policies to eradicate unions, the Left, and civil society. It must wait for the Dems to lure the people back to sleep by working Imperialism thru democracy.

So, to say the credit system caused the financial meltdown is not completely true or even remotely accurate. The money locked up by banks derives from value produced by every worker in America and then lent back to them at exorbitant rates.

Working people build houses, thereby transforming raw land into real estate. And in America, land was never honestly purchased or traded; it was looted from the Turtle Islanders. American capitalism on free land built upon the slave labor of African people still cannot produce wealth without thievery, deception and misery.

This tendency adversely effects democracy and defines the next period of hegemony over working and poor people. Once the so-called government bail out of the banks gets finalized, new regulations and policies will go into effect.

As the corporate media defines democracy and flagellates the average American about having used too much credit, guilt becomes the new black. The supposed white guilt about racism that never was — because anti-racism never was about white guilt — will miraculously become transfigured into white guilt about finances. And the Democratic Party will implement the new regime under what will be, in  the upshot, Imperialism thru democracy.

African Internationalism

To Build a Kilombo Republic

For centuries Capitalism has ravaged African people. It has enslaved us on our native soil to deplete our land of minerals and herds and trees and people. It has dragged our people across the face of the Earth in its quest for slave labor. Where capitalism has been able to own everything in sight it did, including the workers which made this system possible. Capitalism has been the worst blight ever encountered anywhere by African people worldwide on planet Earth mud.

It must be added that colonialism committed these crimes, and modern colonialism springs out of Capitalist political and economic domination. It forms the primary mode of Capitalist domination so it is, in effect and for all intents and purposes, the very expression of Capitalism and without it the Capitalist system cannot possibly exist.

Only thru colonialism have Capitalists created primitive accumulation. Capitalism accrues wealth at times considered non-capitalist or pre-capitalist economic contributions. However, that view of primitive accumulation no longer justifies the terms “non-capitalist” and “pre-capitalist”.

Interhamwe press gangs in Democratic Republic of Congo dug coltan for Americans to enjoy their SONY Playstations, X-Boxes and other high-tech toys. The press gangs (corvees) were presided over by the interhamwe, the name for Rwandan and Burundi death squads. Such production once fell under the purview of being non-capitalist inasmuch that capitalism doesn’t formally recognize the labor conditions which extracted the raw material for capitalist use. It doesn’t seem to reflect the Adam Smith concept of free markets and laissez faire.

Yet and still, this was all done within the capitalist sphere. It was done for capitalism. It was an aspect of Imperialism and a function made possible thru neo-colonialism. Hence, the term non-capitalist production is inadequate. This is the very essence of a capitalism which seeks the cheapest labor market available. For this reason, and millions more, capitalism must be eradicated.

It is important to get this point across. We can no longer consider “primitive accumulation” to be non-capitalist or pre-capitalist without assuming Adam Smith was correct about capitalism. We have to say Smith was an idealist whose concept was out of touch with reality. Primitive accumulation is capitalism at its most brutal. Primitive accumulation is the place where labor markets are slashed to fire sale and bargain basement prices, to turn a phrase. Primitive accumulation is capitalism at its bloodsucking, murderous best.

It is important for all people, particularly Africans, to understand this part of Capitalism, its development and its origins. If a thing was rotten at its birth, it will be rotten until its death.

African Internationalism elaborates this theory of primitive accumulation, the key to understanding capitalist relationships. All revolutionary theory is based on scientific socialism, and the theory of international working class unity. Elaborating the theory of primitive accumulation (articulated by Rodney, Eric Williams, Galeano and Yeshitela, among others), de-legitimizes Capitalism.

The elaboration of the theory of primitive accumulation deconstructs the mythos of Capitalism being based in the Protestant work ethic or some other force separate from and outside of colonialism. Yeshitela has done great work on this, and giving the field its name, he is not the first nor will he be the last to study and elaborate upon the theory of primitive accumulation, which soils the pristine whitewashed façade of Capitalism and its relationship to democracy, the welfare state, and other public pretenses to Imperialism’s “moral high-ground”.

Plus, Kwame Nkrumah’s critique atop Lenin’s analysis – Imperialism as the highest stage of Capitalism – evinces that neo-colonialism is the last stage of Imperialism. Nkrumah’s definitive contribution here rescues his legacy from the series of half-steps, mistakes and blunders which marked his presidency.

Frantz Fanon also discussed neo-colonialism in A Dying Colonialism, altho he did not give it a name. Mao Zedong talked all around neo-colonialism without actually discussing it. He discussed colonialism and semi-colonialism, compradors, and anti-colonial struggle but missed the analysis of neo-colonialism. Amazingly and oh so artistically, Lorraine Hansberry covered it years before anybody thru a dynamic soliloquy within Raisin in the Sun, a play about struggles and family battles in 1950s urban Chicago.

However, Nkrumah stands heads and shoulders above them inasmuch that he defined the phenomenon, named it and described its relationship to a particular period in capitalist development. Nkrumah analyzed how Imperialism demanded a new relationship with its colonies; that they were still colonies, except the formal ties had been dissolved between the bloodsucking colonial State and the host nation, so that a state could arise where before none had existed. And these states were micro-states, not in that they were small, but because they were ill-formed, immature and unprepared to manage the affairs of flag independence.

Which sums up the basic theoretical work for us except for one last major piece: the reduction of capital as it relates to revolutionary collectivism.

While for dialecticians the field of activity takes place in the streets, churches, union halls, backrooms, bars, forums, classrooms, workplaces, and sometimes in the alleys, fighting to win the hearts and minds of black workers and allies to our cause.

So, one old adage helps us understand how capitalism operates, that “all fortunes begin with a crime.” Which is to say, that accumulation of wealth outside of or beyond the “normal” or “legal” forms of Capitalist interchange does not imply that these means are not Capitalist. To admit as much would eliminate entire political economies from the sphere of Capitalist development. It would omit the great economies of today because of their criminal, genocidal origins.

Without what most people consider the criminal and genocidal origins of Capitalism, its roots in primitive accumulation as it were, there would be no Capitalism today.

Here you see, the most conspicuous feature of Capitalism is the crisis in social relations, itself a product of the class struggle between dispossessed workers and their rich, bloodsucking bosses. In fact, the modern worker derives his/her very identity from the labor performed by colonized Africans known as slaves. Capitalism begat the only system-wide economy based on corvee labor (forced work gangs), which is why the term “slavery” doesn’t critically define the role of the colonized worker. Slavery in non-capitalist societies had little comparable (except for Roman galley slaves, and those in mines) to what existed in the Capitalist colonies.

Slavery in Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Africa and Arabia all had little comparison to the systematic abduction and gang-labor activity that American and European capitalists employed. These privateers stole millions of people from their homes and put them to work on plantations, in mines and factories halfway across the world. This started Capitalism, defended by the musket, financed by looting and plundering, and grown by transforming raw material into finished goods.

Some forces on the Left elucidate Adam Smith’s version of the Capitalist ideal as opposed to what Capitalism actually does, an idea of the free market in contrast to Milton Friedman’s. Yet Smith did not comprehend the genuine origins of Capitalism rooted in royal treasures pillaged by kings and knights to finance expeditions to the Americas, to African kingdoms, to the Asiatic coasts in India, Burma and Cathay. Adam Smith imagined an ideal Capitalism which hurt nobody, in which no slaves existed and servants were all too happy to get the trickle down goodies with dropped from the master’s table like manna from heaven.

That Capitalism never ever existed except in fiction. It was impossible for that pure Capitalism to exist, tho the wealthy insulated themselves from colonial horrors thru masterpieces honed by Monet, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Beethoven and made even more exquisite by the influx of exotic commodities – like sugar, chocolate, bananas, coffee, mud cloth, kinte, tobacco, cotton and silk – imported from colonized lands.

Markets have always opened to Capitalism thru force of arms rather than free trade.

Friedman also promoted a pristine Capitalism which does not exist. So he dipped into Malthus to promote a Capitalism assisted by the State, just short of a fascist regime, looting public assets and using government to open frontiers for Imperialism to spread. VI Lenin examined this phenomenon in State and Revolution. Lenin explained the role of the state as it facilitates the bourgeois class exploitation of workers and other producing classes. He discussed the predatory warfare of the bourgeois state, that this was a measure to deepen the misery and oppression of the producing classes. Lenin discovered the State as an instrument of class oppression, and (bourgeois) democracy as a tool to hoodwink the masses.

The Friedman model concurs with this view from the opposite end of the spectrum, that is, as a reactionary. Milton Friedman does not openly advocate a police state at the disposal of Capitalism. But he shows no regard for human rights, he lacks consideration for democratic principles and norms, and liquidates working people as the historical force which shapes the forward motion of society. Friedman insisted that the Capitalists define history, and that they have every right and obligation to unilaterally determine the path of society.

Like Adam Smith, Milton Friedman imagined a “pure” capitalism, one unfettered by regulations, agencies, laws, markets, unions, international agreements, tariffs, etc. Friedman spoke as tho he were guided by pure unadulterated idealism yet the man was a rapacious, insatiable bamboozler searching for suckers to implement his vision. This must be emphasized with conviction and clarity, that anytime the concept of purity is introduced into a social critique, that is the viewpoint of an extremist and a fanatic who should not be trusted under any circumstances. From Adam Smith’s concept of pure capitalism to Adolph Hitler’s idea of racial purity to Friedman’s belief in pure markets, history records views which seek to purge the social aspect from society. The idea of purity in society is like Hitler’s paintings of street scenes with no social activity, no people in them, neatly kept streets and cities devoid of the people who built them. That is an anti-social absurdity.

Friedman unintentionally proved Lenin’s principle, that politics is nothing but economics concentrated. Only politicians could swing his theories into motion; Friedman’s ideas could not exist without government collaboration, altho he propagated the false notion that capitalism can only work effectively without government. Friedman’s ideology spawned fascist dictatorships thru out Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. This notion defines the current period of Capitalism. It was yet to be tested in the United States, until Ronald Reagan tried it. Friedman’s ideas influenced the entire neo-conservative movement from Reagan thru to Bush 43.

Where stagflation had set in during Carter’s old boy administration, Reagan’s voodoo economics caused massive unemployment and housing failures that lasted until the end of Bush 41. The Great Communicator’s maxims – like supply-side economics, trickle down theory, catsup is a vegetable and greed is good – all encapsulate the mentality of the neo-conservative movement.

Reagan still believed in the Constitution, in rugged individualism and private property, yet he was unable to completely implement his strategy. Reagan succeeded in dropping trade barriers, and that began the massive export of capital resources from strategic US industrial centers. Reagan ran up incredible deficits based on supply-side theorem, cut and spend policies, and increased militarism. His policies set the stage for the disastrous ideas promulgated by Bush 43.

Bill Clinton followed the Reagan-Bush era by naming Alan Greenspan chairman of the Fed, and his policies seemed to remedy the housing/construction crisis. But Clinton’s burgeoning prison system derives from Friedman’s dictates. Clinton – having never countered the ideology of greed and selfishness started by the Reagan neo-cons – created policy that, on the one hand, spawned an entire prison-industrial archetype, supported by welfare-fraud laws to criminalize black women, and three-strikes sentencing codes to deepen the black prisoner-base. This became the fastest growing segment of the US economy.

Today, the fastest growing segment of US capitalism includes the bail out industry initiated by swindler banks to the tune of $5.1 trillion, and the $12 billion per month war economy. While Greenspan lowered interest rates and stimulated housing and construction, Bernanke raised them and caused their collapse, the ripple effect of which became felt all the way thru to the oil industry. The deep pocket investors who rolled their money on Wall Street demanded deregulation of oil so they could recoup their gambled plunder via speculation in the oil market. Same guys, same game, same crap table except this time they are rolling bigger stakes in a bigger hustle. Behind every boom follows a bust.

Those sworn to bring down Imperialism must understand these things. Slavery, human trafficking, forced labor gangs and drug wars exist because of Capitalism, not in spite of it. The limited duration and limited usage of capital force private owners into ever more desperate efforts to make greater piles of money. This is the Capitalism which has defined black life in the US and everywhere else African people live. It defines life from A to Z, America to Zimbabwe, and many places in between.

So it is, the Black Liberation dialectic has become blurred with the struggle for survival in a hostile capitalist world economy. South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique have all become tinderboxes where Imperialism has sworn to destabilize their victories over it. Zimbabwe has been singled out for special demonization, with black-skinned critics leading the charge. Yet, while the right to criticize is upheld, the spirit of that criticism departs from the liberation of the Zimbabwean African massed. It is also linked with increasing criticism of South Africa because of recent attacks inside the country characterized as “xenophobic pogroms”, as well as the fact the South Africans were slow to pressure the Zimbabwean government for its missteps.

America, the great enemy of black liberation, drags its black slaves out of the ghetto and around the World to showcase its purported democracy, based on a new colonialism. This neo-colonialism fragments the unstable US black community, and further separates us from other Africans because the racist “culture war” maintains victory by dashing Black unity to pieces.

Neo-colonialism, having reached near total saturation, screams out to the masses to join in on the genocide against their own class and nation. It first screamed out in a most obvious form, from the open collaborators with Imperialism. Now it makes its voice heard from the corners and podiums of what poses for the Black Liberation Movement. However, Imperialism cannot genuinely accommodate this saturation level. America lacks the democratic space and the political will to achieve justice for all those whom it invites into its fold.

This limitation defines the essential contradiction rooted within the financial crisis sweeping thru American neighborhoods, factories, and banks. It is the fundamental limitation of capitalism, the inability to relieve oppression and repression and exploitation, since Capitalism’s very existence remains based in perpetuating reactionary, subhuman conditions.

America tenders not one cent toward helping African people transform their economies from anti-black colonial slave centers. These valiant workers and peasants inherited economies slanted entirely against them, weighing them down in the race for development, and having only a handful of educated and trained personnel to help make the transformation. America has done nothing to expedite their prosperous ascension within the family of nations. America has never recognized their uphill fight against the fascism of apartheid and colonialism. Yet the United States has been quick to condemn the errors of the Black Liberation Movement, and its hindered efforts.

And whereas, on the neo-conservative side Clarence Thomas once cited Malcolm X to express his neo-colonialist ambition at the expense of African people, the negro-colonial Left currently repudiates Malcolm and quotes Cabral to preface their public betrayals of the Black Liberation Movement. However, dialectics and revision do not go together, and all remarks by the neo-colonialist sector cannot taint Malcolm X’s martyrdom in the hearts of the masses.

Mao Zedong discussed, in Selected Military Writings, the interior lines and exterior lines of combat. He talked about this because of the dialectic involved in maintaining principled and steeled revolutionary clarity. Neo-colonialism within the Black Liberation Movement may present a paradox, yet it exists because Imperialism needs to undermine the workers struggle.

The Black Liberation Movement is for the masses of African people, for them to seize and exercise power. Black liberation overthrows and dismantles the instruments of exploitation and oppression which rules over Africans, and builds a human social system to abolish private ownership, arms races and wars, and the crises in production and social relationships.

Clearly, the Black Liberation Movement must forcefully mark its territory. It must create splits thru out the neo-colonialist infrastructure. It must make its ideological attacks on Imperialism. Capitalism itself supplies a vast source of agitational material for revolutionary organizers.

Black revolutionary workers have a duty to undermine confidence that the system will straighten out this crisis. We must make short shrift of the State ideology, the functions of its branches, its relationship to big Capital, and its alienation from the masses of people.

The Imperialist power structures, or capitalist central committees, have failed to realize the deep set aversion to occupation war – and hence its obsolescence – within their societies. With the bailouts of parasitic banks in the midst of a widespread housing crisis, the Imperialist power structure has overestimated society’s tolerance for exploitation. Energy prices have shot up because of supply-side deregulation, a doctrine of neo-conservative government, which also auctions off public assets to the highest bidder. Anti-democratic laws from the Telecom Act to the Patriot Act undermine workers rights and set the stage for sweeping repression.

Capitalism is a class-based system which dominates relationships between nations, between societies and classes, the rich and the poor, the great and the small, and between women and men. This degenerate system, birthed in human trafficking and genocide, today strives for validation thru the ascendancy of black slaves to positions of power formerly reserved for Imperialism’s white colonial masters. Today, Capitalism is in crisis, grasping for anything to keep it afloat. The role of black revolutionaries is to make sure this system drowns.

Revolutionary Collectives for the Reduction of Capital
Making sure capitalism drowns is a task set for real organization. It turns to the theory of the reduction of capital. By reducing all forms of capital as the primary means of economic activity, the capitalists find their wealth becoming useless. This means that they cannot use their wealth for power, or to buy their way out of jams. It levels the playing field, and forces them to distribute their assets, otherwise those assets will be seized, eventually.

The reduction of capital calls for the building of revolutionary workers collectives. These collectives operate in all places of production. They form the basis of factory takeovers, mine takeovers, etc. But the collectives also operate in government and elsewhere. The Russians called them soviets. We call them maroon societies, palenques and kilombos. These organizations are based on democratic-centralism, mutual aid, revolutionary action, and dual and contending political power.

While the Black Panther Party build the biggest, most widespread and successful system of revolutionary collectives, the Panthers did not realize how important and crucial this activity was in undermining the Imperialist power structure. None of the organizations which have critiqued the Panthers have attempted to build anything similar. Organizations which ran parallel to the Panthers (AAPRP, APSP-Uhuru, RNA, RAM) have built upon the Panthers’ ideological legacy, but not upon its structural links to the masses thru free breakfast programs, food and clothing giveaways, childcare, and other institutions.

This is not to say these groups have not had similar institutions, but they have not been permanent, entrenched institutions within these organizations.

(In the last 40 years, North America’s white Left has contributed very little to these struggles. It has lagged ideologically, and has allowed the trade union movement to suffer staggering defeats. Yet it was the Black Liberation Struggle in North America which took the brunt of repression, so that the white Left could have shown some courage and character by comradely struggle. For this reason, the self-led proletariat must be African Internationalist and assume leadership over the entire revolutionary center in North America.)

Now, by taking capital out of circulation to distribute wealth amongst the masses is a form of economic erosion. By taking wealth out of circulation for mass distribution, and in so doing no currency is exchanged by a significant section of society, that erodes the capitalist system. Even if no collectives have formed at this point, the trend moves in that direction. As people notice how the stress of living under capitalism places them in competition and conflict with one another, they understand that working collectively relieves that stress. The point of production no longer is a point. It is no longer an edge, no longer a blade, a bullet, a bomb a tank a cop a prison or a factory boss. The point of production no longer arrives as a 1040 form biting off your wallet. There is no more point now but a movement which threatens capitalist production, the status quo, and world wide Imperialism.

Unbeknownst to the Panthers, that is what they had done. They had developed a style of work which threatened to shape into a form of broad-based economic activity. What made this lack of competition such a threat to the system? It competed with the notion of competition, the notion of turning workers into crabs in a barrel, crawling over one another to escape. The Panthers smashed the idea of capitalism as the ultimate economic system and replaced that notion with clarity about our roles as human beings, our social responsibility towards one another. They invented something new in America, and it threatened the status quo. It is our job to resurrect their work, to rebuild the work they had done to take capital out of circulation and redistribute it amongst the masses in the form of fighting soviets, maroon societies, palenques and kilombos.

The fighting workers collective marks a decisive battleground for Imperialism. Where people decide to make a stand, to separate from the capitalist state and society, to define revolutionary culture and activity, will be the site where Imperialism will be buried. This place has to be where capital is taken out of circulation and divvied up into pieces for society to share. As many instruments of capital as exist are as many forms of wealth that have been concentrated into the hands of a small class of people. By taking away the authority of those instruments – asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) in the form of bonds, arbitrages, money-manager funds, bearer bonds, sureties, stocks, chips, and other sundry abstracts for everything from energy and agricultural futures to real estate and multi-national firms – and reducing them to nothing more than their concrete economic forms, capital is therefore diminished. It is no longer transferable in liquid form. The power to buy a private army to shield the capitalist from public scrutiny and power disappears.

For some people, they believe that violent revolution will be the burial ground of Imperialism. It will play the first critical role. But as Socialism must grow as a worldwide phenomenon, there will be pockets of “post-capitalist” society, as it were, fighting against socialism or at least politicizing for capitalism. However many purges and massacres of ruling class elitists follow, that will not solve the problem of dead enders who continue to luxuriate in or defend (even if only in their hearts) capitalism. What will solve that contradiction is the massive redistribution of wealth and the reduction of all forms of commerce to the simplest forms of currency. Notes held in private must become worthless. Whenever these things are presented, they must be confiscated. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Personal property differs from private property in that it is small and insignificant and does not require legal transfer following ones death. Personal property is not a form of wealth, and plays no role in commerce. It is something which is out of circulation for everybody except perhaps pawnbrokers. Your house is real estate, but you usually have no interest in selling it as a commodity because it is collectively possessed by your family. While you owe the bank up to the last payment, the real owner, whose controlling interest is the mortgage until that last payment is made, this is the closest thing to private property that the working class experiences.

Private property involves real estate and other substantial forms of wealth. While it is bought and sold at the owners discretion, it is a form of commerce. The capitalist class considers everything something which can be bought and sold, including labor. If it were able to outright own labor, as it once did, the capitalists would be delighted with that as a form of power. That capitalism has to pay for labor is a great source of discontent for Imperialism, as it seeks cheaper labor markets to produce simple goods and services.

For this reason the export of capital has been an important feature of the Imperialist stage of capitalism, as well as a feature of neo-colonialism. Capital export has several functions. In some cases it is to stabilize micro-states; in this instance, it assumes the form of an outright grant or a loan that must be repaid. The micro-state, itself nothing more than a bureaucratic shell overseeing raw material extraction, usually has a highly paid and oversized military, this for enforcing production and putting down dissent and rebellion. Other than that, the micro-state is useless.

Another form of capital export has to do with simply building factories and support structure for pursuing cheap labor markets. Of course, cheap labor markets can mean anything from sweatshop workers to press gangs (corvees) in mines and on plantations. Support structure means roads and ports for material transport, packing facilities, and communications. Sometimes this includes workers housing, but mostly they are on their own.

So in the reduction of capital, these workers would take over all facilities. They would rely neither on the State nor the bosses, forming their own ruling councils, linked to a central authority supportive of their demands. This authority must articulate the ambitions of the workers councils, or fighting soviets (or palenques, maroon societies, or kilombos), and the goal of reducing capital transfers. The palenques must commandeer experts, elites and others who have skills which facilitate their production efforts, and the distribution of their product.

Voodoo Economics and the Crisis in Thinking

A Brand New Sleigh Ride

Polar extremes should exist between the two candidates in the US presidential race, but they don’t. So, a longed for curtailing of the failed policies that dominated the last seven-and-a-half years must suffice. The American public wants some distance between it and the GOP’s neo-conservative movement.

What world do those people dwell in who want eight more years of the same loud mouth, lackluster kno-nothings. If you make less than millions or your stock is down, the reasons for backing the GOP probably have dwindled considerably. That goes a thousand times over for working class people. Unless the assumption of white supremacy really clouds some folks’ heads that bad.

This election only needs to be about partisanship, when even old line conservatives cannot support the GOP anymore. They must cross over because of the failed policies of the last eight years and their desire to have history remember them kindly.

That’s right. Few real issues need to be addressed when everything separating the Dems from the GOP has been burnt in the electorate’s mind. Americans need something fresh, like an Easter outfit. Its that simple. Not saying the Dems are the salvation or Obama is so great. Nope! It’s just that the GOP has steered full speed into a clustermuck.

After all, the Dems lag behind the GOP in so many ways, they have to catch up for eight years of tailing the Republicans. The Democrats didnt fight hard enuf to keep those worms out of govt. Even now, the Dems continue to collaborate with the GOP on the Telecom Bill, letting the communications companies off the hook for consenting to illegal government wiretaps.

The Dems have too much fraternizing across the aisles to ever really be effective. Only two stellar black women, Cynthia McKinney and Barbara Lee, stand out from that count. Otherwise, the Democratic Party never separated itself from the neo-con Voodoo economists.

Of economics and budgets, how interesting the nations roads, bridges, water and sanitary systems have fallen into disrepair. The levee system along the Mississippi, particularly in Louisiana as evidenced following Hurricane Katrina, has suffered badly. A levee in Cedar Rapids, Iowa recently failed because of heavy storm waters. The decay of these systems poses a direct — if undetected or ignored — threat to the health and safety of Americans in many places.

Thru such contradictions the basic idiocy of capitalism confronts the puppet-mouth hacks themselves. Neo-con stooges sling around slogans like family values by muttering utter nonsense, encapsulated in presidential statements like, “Catsup is a vegetable.” The very things needed to help families they have undermined.

Yet Americans allow these same crumbs to browbeat them into submission over what is American, patriotic and good.

Now, during the gas crisis, they want to open drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. But this is capitalism. CAPITALISM. You don’t own an oil rig. So you don’t get to make decisions when and where oil rigs go to work. Supply-side economics for all you half-baked Voodoo economists out there. Go back to your sixth grade civics books and learn what the Great Communicator told you. America is a capitalist country and capitalism doesn’t operate on the public dole.

Meanwhile the Fed gives massive liquidity injections to failing banks thru overnight grants because of the subprime mortgage scandal. Having made countless loans based on speculative interest rates (ARMs), many people lost their homes due to foreclosure. Businesses with balloon payments also folded. Nobody bailed out either of these two groups. Yet the banks represent the highest level of business organization in America under the capitalist system. Giving them emergency grants during this period strongly suggests that capitalism is a failure.

Using public funds to assist private business contradicts Maynard Keynes model of the welfare state. Keynes’ theories led FDR to carve out the programs of the New Deal. The Marshall Plan extended Keynes macroeconomic government policy model, whereby the US rebuilt its European allies following WW2. One way their debt was settled, England and France relinquished their colonies so the US could move transnational companies into fresh territory. Such a relationship sealed America’s economic domination for fifty years.

Posing a foil, the Chicago School elucidated on the short life and limited the usages of capital. Milton Friedman taught that government exists to liberate public assets for bourgeois enrichment. His theories on how to rapaciously exploit government power and wealth to line capitalist pockets defines the neo-conservative movement. Out of this school comes the Reaganesque “voodoo economics” that Bush 43s Administration has taken to a whole new low.

Yet public monies and assets are produced by millions of hard working people who should be entitled to them, rather than denied as under the GOP model. Until people understand the dynamics of public policy and what goes on beyond the rhetoric, we will be stuck with a “Crisis in Thinking” as I call it, which makes choices between political parties a Pavlovian nightmare. That time looms ahead when US economic domination bites the dust and Americans get a real wake up call from their leaders.