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1969 DECEMBER 4th

Today is the 39th anniversary of the police State massacre of Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton and Defense Captain Mark Clark. Prior to the Special Branch murder of BCM-A leader and revolutionary thinker, Steve Biko, in 1977 South Africa, the US government first dispatched its forces to wipe out the leadership of America’s most revolutionary organization ever, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Chairman Fred was only 21 and fellow Panther Clark were slain in a pre-dawn raid led by the bloodthirsty FBI and local Chicago pigs. Hand-picked killer cops shot thru the door without warning, instantly killing Clark, then leveled a Thompson .45 caliber machine gun at the bedroom, as all the pigs emptied massive volleys of fire into the house.

The significance of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense rests in its anti-colonial character, its community-based programs and its developing theory. The Panthers were part of the world liberation movement which was defeating colonialism in world politics as well as on the battlefield.

From Vietnam to Mozamique and everywhere in between and beyond, people were standing up to the Imperialist juggernaut. The Panthers were considered the greatest internal threat to US national security because they showed how afraid Imperialism was of a handful of African youth with some real ideas in their heads.


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  1. Patrice Lumumba of Congo only wanted Freedom and dignity for his People, he was accused of all sorts of things, CIA got a Fellow Congolese paid $1m to organize a coup against him, the CIA agents and Belgian Agents still talk about how they killed him as if it was an exploit!

    Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso had brought about radical changes, improving the lives of the mass population, he practised what he preached, he ordered his salary and the Government officials to be reduced, he ordered luxury cars of Ministers to be replaced with modest ones including his own, again, France saw this as a threat to its Western African controlled Countries, they got his fellow citizen to do a Coup against him, he was assassinated.

    These are just some of the examples that show the untold stories of the African People in their own Homeland, not to mention when Africans are outside the Continent, the treatment they are having to go through, being labelled as second class citizen.

    Where do we start to fight for our Rights?

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