The Scott Sisters

The Wrongful Conviction of Jamie and Gladys Scott

The Scott sisters, Jamie and Gladys

The Scott sisters, Jamie and Gladys

Jamie and Gladys Scott are sisters who have been wrongfully convicted of armed robbery and received double life sentences each. No one was murdered or taken to the hospital during this robbery, no one was even injured. The transcripts state that 9, 10 or 11 dollars was stolen. Witnesses confessed during the trial, that the sheriff coerced and threatened them to lie on the Scott Sisters. That testimony was obviously not taken into consideration. They have been in prison now for 14 years.

The father of The Scott Sisters moved his family from Chicago, Illinois to Mississippi for a better life. He had no idea what tragedy awaited the family in rural Mississippi. On a cold December morning the Scott Sisters left their modest home to purchase heating fuel as Jamie had run out of gas and had a very young baby in the home. As a result, they experienced car trouble and that lead to being framed for armed robbery.

The transcripts state that one witness (a teenager) testified that the sheriff told him he would be sent to Parchman (the notorious Mississippi Prison), to be made out of a woman (raped by men) if he did not lie on the Scott Sisters. He later wrote an affidavit swearing that Jamie and Gladys had absolutely nothing to do with this robbery. There exists, several affidavits which state that The Scott Sisters had nothing to do with this crime. The witnesses received very short sentences in this crime while Jamie and Gladys have completed 14 years of a double life sentence.

The father of The Scott Sisters passed away of a heart attack, knowing that he could not help his daughters out of the great injustice. Their mother left Mississippi out of fear of additional problems.

Gladys Scott

Gladys Scott

There exists, three affidavits in support of Jamie and Gladys Scott. One of the affidavits reveals that a robbery never took place. All affidavits state that Jamie and Gladys Scott had absolutely nothing to do with this alleged robbery. The Undersigned in Exhibit C states that trustees of the local jail were taken to the spot of the fabricated robbery to look for a wallet by two sheriff deputies. The trustees learned that a robbery never occurred. What actually occurred after Jamie and Gladys’ car broke down that night was a fight between the alleged victims and the defendants of this case, all men. One of the victims lost his wallet during the fight. Jamie and Gladys Scott were not present as they walked home before this fight occurred. Jamie and Gladys were framed for a robbery that never occurred.

The two deputies were trying to gather evidence that would frame Jamie and Gladys Scott for armed robbery, a crime holding a maximum penalty of a life sentence in the penitentiary. Because the sheriff created two victims in this case, the maximum penalty for The Scott Sisters was Double Life. In October of 1994, Jamie and Gladys Scott were sentenced to Double Life for an armed robbery that never occurred.

Jamie Scott, and her sons

Jamie Scott, and her sons

One trustee found a wallet at the scene of the fight. That wallet contained three twenty dollar bills and picture I.D. of the alleged victim of the alleged armed robbery. The trustees were not called to testify in lower court by the two Attorneys representing the Scott Sisters, actually the two attorneys representing The Scott sisters did not present witnesses in behalf of their clients.

Exhibit C goes on to explain that once the trustees returned to jail the deputies called them together and made it clear that anyone who spoke about this would go to Parchman Penitentiary. The trustees felt that this wallet would be used as evidence in The Scott Sister’s case. The Trustees had no idea that The Scott Sisters were being framed for armed robbery. The wallet was not used as evidence during the trial and a gun was never introduced.

The trustees were harassed and threatened just as the state’s witnesses were harassed and threatened. They were all very concerned that the deputies would have them sent to Parchman.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. This is a travesty and gross injustice. I hope there is a way that these sisters can be vindicated and set free.

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