Our Great Akua!

Don’t tell me!

You fell and cracked

Your thinking seed

Bumped it on a sack of weed

Pleeease tell me!

You smell me because

Who give a damn

What anybody say

You cant treat Akua that way.


A communist a revolutionary

African Internationalist

President chairman CEO

To the Nth ultra-epitome.

Surrounded by too many

Sycophants and appointees

Advanced by co-optation,

Jabbering jaybirds

Directed on orchestration.

Too full of yourself,

You must never ever

Be but first a man

As true as ever you can.

Man-to-man even if

Not at this time face-to-face

There’s a time and a place

For everything. Everything

In its time, and every

Nigger in his place.

Face up to the fact

That criticizing Akua

Aint black. Else YOU aint

‘Bout it on the Freedom

Tip. May the masses

Never shoulder that chip. Aint

Dedan Kimathi’s UHURU!

Assata Shakur, Harriet Tubman,

Yaa Asantewa, Nzinga.

Akua. Put some

Shoes on your feet

Go on the street.

Better ask somebody.

Do you need to hear

Her story? Maybe you forgot

The beating steel within her heart

Her pounding breast like a drum

On that night when po-po come.

Chairman Fred beside her in the bed

Riddled with bullets, still

Not dead. Drugged, and dragged

In a pool of blood so that

Po-po could put one in his head.

Her nite, eight months heavy

With the unborn baby Fred.

Now twice betrayed? Soul’d out

By renegade McDavis and crew

Y’all dog in Philly to avenge her

Honor and redeem Uhuru.

Brotha broke off a good piece of

Those renegades. Now you?

Slandering the great Akua?

Et tu, my brother? Et tu!

Eat your words, heard/

Swallow them whole

The entire foul fenestration

That poured from your soul.


Not a self-criticism

No summation.

Those things it cannot be:

Merely, simply an apology.

Don’t even make it revolutionary

Because if you do it right

Then it will be.

Feel me.

Heal the hurt and the pain

That you inflicted upon that

Woman, from your swollen brain.

Don’t leave that funk between

Uhuru and the great Akua.

Long live Akua!

And Fred Hampton Jr.!


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