Our Black Shining Prince!

Our Black Shining Prince!

Remember the Niggers.
Remember when Cracker Sam
had a fighting and caged Vietnam
boxd into a corner, yeh, remember?
Remember the Niggers, man
because Cracker Sam wants to box
Iran into a corner, and that same Sam
wants to make a “democratized” Irak
its do-boy. Thatz you, boy
playd like a tru toy, like a yo yo
on a string, deluding y’self
while doing your thing, playd.
Revolution in Irak eventually duplicates
results that democracy begat in the West Bank.
In the face of all this, remember the Niggers.
No, no, not “remember the Titans”,
it’s remember the niggers.
We Niggers must always
remember who are The Niggers,
not out of vindictiveness to perhaps
behave intractably when y’all Crackers
deliver slaps, no. We Niggers
must always remember
who are The Niggers
from our relationships.
Our responsibility to
ourselves for our piece of the
World, what little you begrudge.
Our “moral high ground”
our cred, our stake our stead our
scrap for our piece of the World.
One day, like you, we won’t budge.
There was never We Niggers before Slavery
made us be Niggers, before Colonial
plantations before your projects
before your private prisons…
your Imperialism
stole Afrikan freedom
and we Niggers will not cease
to be Niggers until it is dead and done
and tho we might not
pick up the gun, of ways
to fight there exist more than one
which means that We Niggers
will continue to be Niggers
of every stripe and hue
from Mongolia to Peru,
and from Dar to Detroit, too.
We Niggers, over whom you
have appointd leaders,
have no responsibility
to honor treaty
colonial boundary
checkpoints passports visas
given the circumstances
imposed on us by you
tho ninety-nine percent of us do.
Whereas, now tyrants who
look like us installd by you
rule over us, then condemnd and
toppled at your whim, one
regime after another goes as a
procession of so many dominoes
until your program runs thru
the Truce like shit thru a goose
We Niggers still aint cut you loose.
So chill, Cracker Sam,
let’s sit down and talk, man.


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