Despite alcoholism, Bush reflexes still good

Bush ducks as Al Molackey quacks. Islammofascism, still funded by US tax dollars, enrages Iraqi journalist who hurls expensive shoes at out-going US president.

Where's Cheney? Bush ducks, while partner in crime, Al M'lackey, quacks.

US Prez George W Bush came under aerial assault in Bagdad’s supposedly safe Green Zone this past 15 December, when Iraqi journalist Muntazir Al Zaidi hurled two Italian shoes at the lame duck (play the game). While Iraqis complained that Al Zaidi throws like a Pittsburgh Pirate, it was the prez’s quick reactions which saved the day.

Al Zaidi was heard to shout, as he pitched the footwear, “This is a good-bye kiss from the Iraqi people, biotch!”

In Arab culture, to show someone the bottom of your shoes is considered an insult, like getting spit on. And to throw a shoe at somebody is the highest form of insult, especially if they call you a dog. Of course, Dubya chalked this one up to Iraqi anti-islammofascism.

It has been reported that Al Zaidi was heard screaming long after the press conference, from the beating given him by Iraqi security services. He is said to have suffered broken bones.

Gimme some tongue. Bush doesnt hate all Islammofascists.

Gimme some tongue. On the D-L, Bush hardly hates any Islammofascists.

As long as you are on the side of corporate America and profit-making, no matter what kind of Islammofascist you may be, Bush will get you in his corner. Just ask Condoleeza and King WTF (above).

It was with CIA funding that Osama bin Laden imported engineers and equipment from his father’s Saudi construction company to build tunnels for guerrilla training centers and hospitals, and for arms dumps near the Pakistan border. After the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, the CIA and the Pakistani intelligence agency sponsored the Taliban.

Dubya’s dad went from CIA chief to US veep to POTUS (President of the US) over that same twelve-year period. He cemented his ties with the Bin Laden family, one of Saudi Arabia’s big three largest and wealthiest clans.

Taking over countries is a long family tradition stretching back to Big Daddy Bush (41, the CIA prez) and his relationship to the Bin Laden family. Oh, wait a minute, it goes all the way back to Grandpappy Preston Bush, who sold war materiel and munitions to support the Nazi invasion of Poland. Hay, no, that ain’t true! Well, it’s true about Preston, but the family tradition stretches back further than Barbara Bush’s stretch marks to Herbert Walker of the infamous United Fruit Company. That was when he went to Central America and destabilized whole govts just for a monopoly on bananas. Dubya. Just carrying on the legacy. And Barack Obama wants to excuse him.


Seeing Wole Soyinka on Charlie Rose, August 12, 2008


I watched a Charlie Rose segment last August, featuring Wole Soyinka, and the prize-winning poet was the greatest disappointment. His heaping praise over Nelson Mandela posed a moral dilemma for me. If Soyinka can condemn the megalomaniacal behavior of Nigerian despots Abacha and others, how can he justify calling Mandela an avatar, a demiurge, so on. That is reprehensible and irresponsible.

When Mandela became president, he did not rectify one problem for working class blacks. He did not do away with the bantustans. He only opposed restrictive laws preventing his middle class kith from mobilizing upward thru the State. But 87% of historic African soil remains in the hands of the settlers. Not one gold or diamond or platinum mine has been nationalized. Soweto is a place of vicious internecine violence. Mandela rectified no one single problem for the masses. For this Soyinka sees fit to praise Nelson Mandela.

At the same time, Soyinka ignored the so-called “xenophobic outbreaks” which were occurring across South Africa. These attacks on guest workers from neighboring states, particularly Zimbabwe, brought international scorn down upon the ANC ruling coalition. Since that is Nelson Mandela’s party, it would be a problematic for Soyinka to recognize any failings which might be related to Uncle Nelson, his God.

Go ahead, Wole, continue deifying black leaders while black workers suffer despicable horrors. I am glad Charlie Rose was able to expose Soyinka for a hypocrite and a servile flunky of the racist status quo. And if you notice, Charlie hasn’t been so laid back anymore.

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